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How to Use Maps to Answer your Strategic Questions


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Discover how taking advantage of maps in your analytical and business processes (known as Location Intelligence) can help you answer your strategic questions and make better informed decisions - no matter if you are experienced with geomapping concepts or completely new to it.

During this webinar, you will learn:
- How to take advantage of the location dimension contained in your data
- How new mapping technologies enable any users to create meaningful maps in a self-service fashion
- How fast it is to roll out Location Intelligence in your company
- Which type of Location Intelligence solution is geared for your business

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How to Use Maps to Answer your Strategic Questions

  1. 1. Use maps to answer your strategic questions Galigeo | 2018
  2. 2. Maps are known to be one of the best communication vector And that’s why we are using them on a daily basis to make our life easier
  3. 3. But when at work softwares and apps we are using lack mapping and spatial capabilities? While some crucial questions can only be answered using maps Where should I open my new store? Where do my most loyal customers live? Where are the target areas where security field forces should patrol? Where are the incidents affecting my network located? …  Not data-backed, intuition-made decisions
  4. 4. « Spatial », the missing component in organizations. Why? People think it’s meant for experts “Geographic Information Silo” Drowned under too many applications  Hopefully, solutions exist! No access to location data
  5. 5. Location Intelligence, the concept behind improving your business using maps Location data are mainstream: 80% of yours contain a spatial dimension. It’s an unexploited goldmine. It’s time to make advantage out of it. Faster time to insights Improved user experience, adoption and communication Unveiled proximity relationships and data trends Faster ROI Faster time to actions
  6. 6. At Galigeo, we believe that empowering any users with Location Intelligence will help businesses grow faster and healthier
  7. 7. This is why we have developped great Location Intelligence solutions geared for every business Why we are different from other Location Intelligence vendors Self-service Any users can create and consume spatial analysis and map visualizations without being an expert. Smart All the complexity inherent to spatial is abstracted so users focus on their business. Feature-rich Geocode addresses, create spatiotemporal analysis or generate attraction areas by isodistance, … all out-of-the-box! Data Agnostic Blend any type of operational, exogenous and geographic datasources all together on the same place.
  8. 8. Stories from the real world The French Police is leveraging Location Intelligence with Galigeo to analyze crimes, predict the risk areas and optimize the deployement of their field forces. Spatiotemporal series from 10 years of geolocated crime data Correlation between risk areas and contextual data such as average revenue by district, poverty rate, … Spatial features and predictive modelling to identify risk areas to focus on Optimized field forces deployment Better crime preventions % Decrease in some crime types (car theft, …)
  9. 9. Stories from the real world Stanford Children’s Health, a renowned health care system, take advantage of Galigeo Location Intelligence solutions to improve their territory coverage in the San Francisco Bay Area to ensure the best access to care. Spatiotemporal series based on patient locations segmented by gender, age, illness, … Correlation between where the patients live and physician offices Spot uncovered areas and areas at risk More efficient physician partnerships Faster reporting to board and ministries
  10. 10. Stories from the real world Infrabel, owner of the Belgian railway network, leverage Location Intelligence with Galigeo to prioritize efficiently maintenance operations. Complete network overview with all incidents correlated to assets locations Spatial features to identify assets at risk and perform preventive maintenance Incidents and planned operations spatial grouping to reduce technician routes and downtimes Reduced downtimes on network Reduced operation time
  11. 11. Product Demonstration Case Study – Analyzing Bike Incidents
  12. 12. Stand-alone Location Intelligence solutions Organizations lacking strong reporting and analysis tools Complex or really specific use-cases such as Territory Management, … GIS Departments that want to get self-service technology stack When to choose to introduce a brand new tool to your users  Galigeo Location Intelligence Standalone, Web-based Location Intelligence Software
  13. 13. Embedding Location Intelligence into existing softwares and applications more to come! Organizations already having reporting and business softwares in place  Galigeo Connectors All Galigeo features accessible from your business and reporting softwares
  14. 14. An API to leverage Location Intelligence wherever you want Organizations that have custom softwares and applications Integrators working on projects with spatial requirements  Galigeo API Embed all Galigeo spatial features wherever you want with a low-code API « you focus on coding the integration, we bring all the features out-of-the-box » Average-time to integration: 2 days
  15. 15. A complete set of Location Intelligence solutions to solve all spatial-related challenges API Galigeo Location Intelligence Core Technology Stand-alone Web-based Embedded Common core technology One product embeddable anywhere 100% the same features available Works on Mobile Available On-Premise or Cloud
  16. 16. Trusted by hundreds of leaders all around the globe
  17. 17. Going further − Get in touch Vincent Dechandon − Start for free 30-day trial for all our solutions