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Galigeo G19 - Location Intelligence - Product Release


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Find out what's new in Galigeo G19, the #1 Location Intelligence solution for businesses to make better decisions and improve their performance.

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Galigeo G19 - Location Intelligence - Product Release

  1. 1. Galigeo G19 What’s New Feb. 2019
  2. 2. Map Manager THE POWER OF GIS DEDICATED TO YOUR ANALYTICS Stop paying dearly for your GIS server just to publish your map services. Galigeo now embed its own GIS server, and manage a catalog of layers and geographic services from multiple sources: Shapefile, ESRI, WMS, WFS, PostGIS, Oracle, … Feb. 2019
  3. 3. A product that literally looks like your business Theme Manager One of the most requested features is now live! You can now customize the way the Galigeo UI looks like, to better stick with your corporate graphic charter for example. This customization, done from a simple and intuitive interface, helps to improve the adoption of the product thanks to a better visual integration. Feb. 2019
  4. 4. Locate your objects from a network of lines Dynamic Segmentation* Create and manage dynamic segmentation analysis on linear networks, such as roads, railways, pipelines, .... *Available as an option  Discover how our early-tester customers already leverage this feature Feb. 2019
  5. 5. Feb. 2019 Query your geographic data easily with the new SQL Query Builder Query Builder A simple but complete access to your geographic data is essential make sure your analysis are relevant. You can now connect directly to your databases through our intuitive interface, then type your SQL queries while being guided by syntax highlighting.
  6. 6. Add actionable filters directly from the map New Built-in Filters Our customers using our products integrated within SAP, IBM or through our API, now benefit from the ability to add filters directly on the map, as it was already possible to do in our stand-alone product. Add filters with ease based on any data source (BI, Excel, ...) Select the type of your filters and benefit from an integrated text search Choose to filter one or more data sources per set filter Feb. 2019
  7. 7. Create and manage your territories in a simpler and more intuitive way Territory Manager We continually try to make our products always easier to use. That's why we have rethink the way to create sectorization and catchment area projects, to make it faster and more intuitive. Users can also now define a hierarchy directly during the project creation to avoid having to create it manually afterwards. Feb. 2019  Learn more about Galigeo Territory Manager
  8. 8. Feb. 2019 Improved User Experience for of a Better Adoption Improvements & Performance We have optimized the way Galigeo maps are brought up to the users by reducing their load time by 30-40%, and avoiding unwanted reloads that could occur in SAP and IBM environments, or through our API.
  9. 9. Feb. 2019 Meaningful features that meet the needs of our users What else? • Annotations – Annotations are now by default private by user • UX – Open or closed state of the widgets (search, legend, time series) is preserved when the map is refreshed • Data – Added an aggregation operator« Count » • IBM Cognos – Support of version 10.0.13 • SAP BO – Support of versions 4.2 SP5 et SP6 • …  Check out the changelog
  10. 10. is transforming New Website To better reflect our positioning and highlight our new offers, we have completely rethought our site Do not hesitate to take a look, and share your feedback with us! Discover our new website Feb. 2019
  11. 11. Galigeo G19 Download the product (30-day free trial is included) Feb. 2019 Stand-alone for IBM APIfor SAP Contact us
  12. 12. Galigeo G19 Let’s talk about your projects Feb. 2019 @galigeo company/galigeo