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Create Geo-Driven Applications with SAP Lumira Designer


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Learn the core concepts to create powerful geo-driven applications by combining the scripting capabilities of SAP Lumira Designer with GeoAnalytics features of Galigeo.

Allow your business users to answer all their location-related questions and face all the challenges with meaningful, geo-driven applications accessible from the SAP BI Platform.

Download 30 free-trial of Galigeo For SAP Lumira Designer:

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Create Geo-Driven Applications with SAP Lumira Designer

  1. 1. Create Geo-Driven Applications with SAP Lumira Designer and Galigeo May 2019 WEBINAR • HOW-TO SERIES
  2. 2. May 2019 SAP Lumira 2.x State of the Art Lumira Discovery Self-Service BI Agile Data Discovery Replaced by Analytics Cloud as solution of choice Lumira Designer Mobile-Friendly Custom Applications Controled Data Interactions SAP Solution of Choice 2.3 out since mid-April Clear Roadmap & Improvements Interoperability Different use-cases
  3. 3. Agenda May 2019 1 Why create Geo-Driven Application 2 Core concepts of Geo-Driven Applications 3 Product Showcase 4 The Geo-Driven Program 5 Q&A
  4. 4. Introduction SAP Lumira Designer lets you create dashboards and applications with custom, personalized behaviors May 2019 + Define custom logic with the scripting capabilities Very limited geomapping capabilities + Can be extended with powerful GeoAnalytics solution -
  5. 5. Improving Your Business Why create Geo-Driven Applications? May 2019
  6. 6. Geo-Driven Applications are for Anyone Every industries and departments benefit from using Geo-Driven Applications May 2019 Logistics Optimization Fraud Detection Risk Assessment Site Planning Geomarketing Predictive Maintenance Resources Allocation … Bank & Insurance Public Sector Transport & Logistics Retail & FMCG Telecom & Utilities Oil & Gas … Energy
  7. 7. A map as the centerpiece of the application Core Concept #1 User-friendly+ + Highly Interactive May 2019 + Information at a Glance
  8. 8. May 2019 Everything happens somewhere Core Concept #2 Overlay different sources of information (weather, economics, social, business, …) + + Understand the WHERE factor
  9. 9. A map alone isn’t enough… #bidirectionality Core Concept #3 Use maps to explore and filter data+ + From WHAT to WHERE May 2019
  10. 10. Creating Geo-Driven Applications Showcase May 2019
  11. 11. Introducing the Geo-Driven Program May 2019 Learn step by step how to create meaningful geo-driven applications with Galigeo for SAP Lumira Designer Available in Q3 • 100% online & free Access the program
  12. 12. Galigeo A complete and consistant GeoAnalytics suite for SAP BI May 2019 Lumira Discovery embed Galigeo everywhere ! Galigeo API now available for free 30-day free trial 30-day free trial Web Intelligence Lumira Designer
  13. 13. Galigeo Let’s talk about your needs and projects May 2019 @galigeo company/galigeo Vincent Dechandon Product Manager Benjamin Levaillant Head of Sales