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Trip to poland luís raposo


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Trip to poland luís raposo

  1. 1. Trip to Poland The trip to Poland was great! All students and teachers liked it .
  2. 2. First Day • In our first day, everyone woke up early and went to Auschwitz. • Everyone knows that it was a very sad visit but at the end of the day everyone liked it because it is very important to know the history of our world.
  3. 3. Second day • In our second day we went to visit the school. It is a big school and it has many special students. We presented our country and we gave some presents to the headmasters of their school.
  4. 4. Third Day • In the third day we visited the school again . And in the afternoon we did a street game. We had tasks and we needed to complete them.
  5. 5. Last Day • In our last day we went to the terms (pool with hot water) all together , teachers and students from Poland and teachers and students from other countries.
  6. 6. My opinion • For me it was great to be in Poland. It’s sad we didn’t stay more time . • I hope that some day the Polish families will come to Portugal or that I can return there in another Comenius project.
  7. 7. I LOVED MY VISIT TO LODZ Luís Raposo