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English eco box quizz

  1. 1. ARCHAEOLOGICAL VERGINA Where is Vergina? a. Thessaloniki b. Imathia c. Athens Answer: (b) ARCHAEOLOGICAL VERGINA Which archaeological monument can be found in Vergina? a. Temple of Neptune b. Victory of Samothrace c. The grave of King Phillip the II, father of Alexander the Great Answer: (c)
  2. 2. ARCHAEOLOGICAL VERGINA Who discovered King Phillip’s grave? a. Manolis Andronikos b. Evans c. Eric Sliman . Answer: (a) THE ORACLE OF DELPHI Where can the Oracle of Delphi be found? a. Central Greece b. Macedonia c. Crete
  3. 3. THE ORACLE OF DELPHI Who made the prophecies? a. The Goddess Hera b. Pythia c. Ariadne Answer: (b) THE ORACLE OF DELPHI Why did they travel to the Oracle of Delphi? a. For fun b. For therapeutical spas/baths
  4. 4. THE PARTHENON When was it built? a. 5th Century BC b. 4th Century BC c. 6th Century BC Answer: (a) THE PARTHENON Who built it? a. Odysseus b. Agamemnon – Menelaus c. Iktinos – Kallikratis - Phidias Answer: (c)
  5. 5. THE PARTHENON Where is The Parthenon? a. Athens b. Ithaka c. Corfu THE PARTHENON Which Greek goddess was it dedicated to? a. Athena b. Aphrodite c. Dimitra
  6. 6. THE PARTHENON The Parthenon was designed using which form of classical architecture? a. The Doric Order b. The Ioanic Order c. The Corinthian Order THE EPIDAVROS THEATRE Where can it be found? a. Thrace b. Pelopponese c. Epirus
  7. 7. THE EPIDAVROS THEATRE When and by who was it built? a. 300BC- Phidias b. 450BC - Periklis c. 340BC. – Polykleitos Answer: (c) THE EPIDAVROS THEATRE For what reason was the Ancient Epidavros Theatre built? a. for decorative purposes b. for economic purposes c. for the health of people’s bodies and bodies Answer: (c)
  8. 8. THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITE OF KNOSSOS Which archaeological monument is located at the Knossos? a. The Acropolis b. Cape Sounion c. The Minoan Queen’s Palace Answer: (c) THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITE OF KNOSSOS Where can it be found? a. Athens b. Crete c. Thessaloniki Answer: (b)
  9. 9. THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITE OF KNOSSOS Where exactly did the Minotaur live and by whom was this place created? a. The Acropolis – Dias b. Cape Sounion - Heracles c. The Labyrinth - Daedalus Answer: (c) THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITE OF KNOSSOS Which mythical creature is said to have been at the Minoan Palace? a. The Minotaur b. Cerberus c. Lernaean Hydra Answer: (a)
  10. 10. THE PHAISTOS DISC Where was it discovered? a. Phaistos - Crete b. Thermopylae – Sparta c. Amphipolis - Serres THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITE OF KNOSSOS Who discovered the Minoan Palace? a. Theseus b. Evans c. Icarus
  11. 11. THE PHAISTOS DISC Who discovered the Phaistos Disc? a. Evans b. Luigi Perenni c. Sliman