Amzing box portugal answers


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Amzing box portugal answers

  1. 1. The legend tells that a long time ago, in Barcelos, a dead cock, came to live to prove the innocence of a man who was falsely accused and sentenced to death.Barcelos
  2. 2. This man, a pilgrim, askedfor Saint James’ help andswore he was innocent andhe exclaimed: "It is as certain that I am innocent as it is certain that this rooster will crow when they hang me." 
  3. 3. At night, the dead cock got up andstarted to crow. The pilgrim didn’t diedue to a loose knot. And the cock has become a national emblem of Portugal.
  4. 4. This wine is produced in the oldest demarcated wine region ofPortugal.It is called Douro.Douro´s boarders were demarcated in 1756. The Douro River Valley and the Port wine vineyards
  5. 5. One of the most popular wines servedis port wine. Port wine is a sweet redwine that goes wonderfully as adessert wine.
  6. 6. There are, in fact, several types of Port Wine – someare aged in wooden casks and others in bottles.
  7. 7. Amália was a Portuguese Fado singer and actress. She was bornon the 1st July 1920 and died on the 6th October 1999. She wasconsidered the greatest example of the Fado music style.
  8. 8. She was proclaimed as the voice of Portugal and the most brilliant singerof the 20th century.All over the world she was known as the Queen of Fado . Therefore she isone of the best representative personalities of the portuguese culture inthe world.
  9. 9. Fado is a music genrecharacterized by sad tunesand lyrics.The singer is accompaniedby two guitarists, oneplaying a Portuguese guitarand the other playing aclassical guitar Portuguese guitar Classical guitar
  10. 10. Fado means fate, destiny.It also means “saudade”, which is a portuguese wordthat has no translation and it refers to the feeling ofloss.
  11. 11. a typical object from Alentejo
  12. 12. The “tarro”, which is made of cork, was used by shepherds from Alentejo to take their food when they went out with their flocks.This container has thermicqualities and it can keep thefood at their originaltemperature for many hours. Cork tree
  13. 13. Her first apparition took place inCova da Iria, Fátima, Portugal. Sanctuary of Fátima About four million pilgrims visit the basilica every year
  14. 14. She appeared to threelittle shepherds: Jacinta,Francisco and Lúcia ,in 1917. She confided to the children three secrets, now known as the Three Secrets of Fátima.
  15. 15. Pastel de Nata, also called  Pasteis de Belém, is a Portugueseegg tart pastry.It is believed that pastéis de nata were created before the 18thcentury by Catholic monks at the Jerónimos Monastery.
  16. 16. It is said that Portuguese people know more than 365 ways to cookthe codfish! Here are some of the most popular Portuguese dishes: Bacalhau com Natas Bacalhau no Forno Bacalhau à Brás Bacalhau à Lagareiro Bacalhau à Gomes de Bacalhau à Zé do Sá Pipo
  17. 17. Drying and salting are ancientPortuguese techniques, used by ourfishermen, to preserve nutrients andthe process makes the codfish tastier.This system has lasted until nowadays.
  18. 18. That’sAll !