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Galen Maddy on Eligibility of Veterans Benefits


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Galen Maddy on Eligibility of Veterans Benefits

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Galen Maddy on Eligibility of Veterans Benefits

  1. 1. Galen Maddy on Eligibility of VeteransBenefits
  2. 2. Who is eligible for veterans’ benefits from theDepartment of Veteran Affairs? Generallyspeaking, certain members of the military withan honorable discharge are eligible for VAbenefits. The same applies to National Guardmembers. Veterans in prison or on parole arenot eligible, and no veteran with anunresolved felony warrant is eligible forbenefits.
  3. 3. Spouses of qualified veterans are alsoeligible for benefits, including health care,burial costs, and career benefits. Spouses ofveterans may also be eligible for benefits ifthey were married to a veteran. Dependentsof qualified veterans may also be eligible forbenefits.
  4. 4. About the Author: Galen Maddy is anentrepreneur in Carlsbad, California, and thefounder of The Veterans Friend, a servicethat helps veterans understand and claimtheir benefits.