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PDL Mastery Timeline

  1. 1. Mastery Journey 2014 Garret E. Albritton Business Intelligence Master of Science Full Sail University
  2. 2. Mastery Goal To gain a better understanding of myself and the journey ahead. • Read Robert Greene’s Mastery. • Read Malcolm Gladwell’s David & Goliath. • Reach out to guide and mentors at Full Sail. FS Media Resources Leading Change course on lynda.com http://www.lynda.com/Business-Business-Skills-tutorials/Leading-change-your-organization/133350/153239-4.html Mastery Timeline
  3. 3. Foundations of Business Intelligence Goal To gain an understanding of the core skills, knowledge and technologies used in the business intelligence world. Maintain a constant, daily pulse check on business intelligence news. • Begin the process of implementing knowledge gained in this course in my department. • Interview Lloyd Irizzary, Manager of BI for Full Sail Admissions Operations to gain a better understanding of the foundations required to run a BI team. • FS Media Resources Agile Project Management course on lynda.com http://www.lynda.com/Business-Project-Management-tutorials/Agile-Project-Management/122428-2.html
  4. 4. Enterprise Data Management Goal To gain a 30,000 foot view of data management, systems, security, technologies and applications. Interview Isis Jones, CIO of Full Sail University to gain a better understanding of the board level view of data. • Practice delivering technical data to non-technical audience once per week in team meetings. • • Research evolution of cloud technologies. FS Media Resources Read Stat-spotting: a field guide to identifying dubious data http://fullsail.bywatersolutions.com/cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=10032&query_desc=kw%2Cwrdl%3A%20big%20data
  5. 5. Business Intelligence Technologies Goal Develop a working knowledge of systems and architecture used in creation of data warehouses. Interview Anne Meleshenko, Director of Full Sail Admissions Operations to gain a better understanding of the challenges of implementation. • Research successful and unsuccessful real world implementation of data warehouses. • Design and implement a data warehouse for Full Sail Leadership Academy. • FS Media Resources Foundations of Programming: Databases on lynda.com http://www.lynda.com/Programming-tutorials/Foundations-Programming-Databases/112585-2.html?srchtrk=index: 1%0Alinktypeid:2%0Aq:data%2Bwarehouse%0Apage:1%0As:relevance%0Asa:true%0Aproducttypeid:2
  6. 6. Business Intelligence Analytics Goal To further develop knowledge and skill with statistics, including predictive analysis, modeling and decision making. Interview Luis Garcia, VP of Full Sail Online to gain a better understanding of predictive analysis in forecasting growth. • Develop predictive analysis tools for use in Full Sail Leadership Academy future courses. • • Research use of predictive modeling in higher eduction. FS Media Resources Web Analytics Fundamentals on lynda.com http://www.lynda.com/Business-Data-Analysis-tutorials/Web-Analytics-Fundamentals/ 123562-2.html?srchtrk=index:1%0Alinktypeid:2%0Aq:Web%2BAnalytics%2BFundamentals %0Apage:1%0As:relevance%0Asa:true%0Aproducttypeid:2
  7. 7. Data Mining Goal Develop knowledge and skills in data mining through use of practical techniques. Research machine learning and make note of advances/trends to follow. • Apply data mining tools and skills to Full Sail Leadership Academy data. • Research data mining tools and the use in relation to higher education. • FS Media Resources R Statistics Essential Training on lynda.com http://www.lynda.com/R-tutorials/R-Statistics-Essential-Training/ 142447-2.html?srchtrk=index:1%0Alinktypeid:2%0Aq:data%2Bmining %0Apage:1%0As:relevance%0Asa:true%0Aproducttypeid:2
  8. 8. Patterns & Recognition Goal Through use of advanced data mining, gain an understanding of statistically meaningful patterns. Interview Eric Noteboom, VP of Full Sail Education Operations to gain a better understanding of pattern recognition in higher education data. • Analyze relative historic data regarding Full Sail Leadership Academy to identify patterns and trends. • • Read Mastermind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes http://www.amazon.com/Mastermind-Think-Like-Sherlock-Holmes/dp/0670026573? &tag=io9amzn-20&ascsubtag=[referrer|www.google.com[type|link[postId|5973200[asin| 0670026573[authorId|5717795175536518860 FS Media Resources Performance Review Fundamentals on lynda.com http://www.lynda.com/Business-Business-Skills-tutorials/Performance-Review-Fundamentals/149840-2.html? srchtrk=index:1%0Alinktypeid:2%0Aq:data%2Banalysis%0Apage:1%0As:relevance%0Asa:true%0Aproducttypeid:2
  9. 9. Process Modeling & Analysis Goal To understand how business intelligence informs and affects business processes, risk modeling and business simulation. • Develop a risk modeling simulation for Full Sail Leadership Academy. Second interview with Luis Garcia, to better understand risk analysis and modeling in higher education. • • Develop and test KPI’s related to Full Sail Leadership Academy. FS Media Resources Preventing Scope Creep on lynda.com http://www.lynda.com/Business-Business-Skills-tutorials/Preventing-Scope-Creep/128286-2.html? srchtrk=index:1%0Alinktypeid:2%0Aq:risk%2Bmanagement%0Apage:1%0As:relevance%0Asa:true %0Aproducttypeid:2
  10. 10. Data Visualization & Creative Reporting Goal To refine and enhance existing skills with reporting and presentation with new tools designed to better deliver data. Second Interview with Lloyd Irizzary to better understand dashboard development • Create and implement dashboards and reports for Full Sail Leadership Academy • Interview Don Larson, Program Manager of Full Sail’s MDMFA degree to better understand what makes an effective info graphic • FS Media Resources Creating Infographics with Illustrator on lynda.com http://www.lynda.com/Illustrator-tutorials/Creating-Infographics-Illustrator/119011-2.html?srchtrk=index: 1%0Alinktypeid:2%0Aq:infographic%0Apage:1%0As:relevance%0Asa:true%0Aproducttypeid:2
  11. 11. Business Intelligence Leadership & Communication Skills Goal To improve communication and presentation skills in relation to delivery of complex technical data to non-technical audiences. Interview Bryant Hamilton, Manager of Oursource Relations at Full Sail to better understand communication of complex BI concepts to non-technical stakeholders. • Build a Pinterest focused on innovative motion graphics and info graphics to draw inspiration from. • Practice delivering data to a live audience once per week and elicit feedback to improve delivery and presentation skills. • FS Media Resources Infographics: Visualizing Relationships on lynda.com http://www.lynda.com/Infographics-tutorials/Infographics-Visualizing-Relationships/89312-2.html?srchtrk=index: 1%0Alinktypeid:2%0Aq:infographic%0Apage:1%0As:relevance%0Asa:true%0Aproducttypeid:2
  12. 12. Business Intelligence Case Studies Goal To place the information gained over the last 10 months in context through the study of real world examples of BI implementation. Second Interview with Eric Noteboom to better understand the history of Full Sail’s use of business intelligence • Develop the framework for a case study around the creation and first year of Full Sail Leadership Academy • Identify and study one Online and one Brick & Mortar higher education institution to study in detail • FS Media Resources Pitching Projects and Products to Executives on lynda.com http://www.lynda.com/Presentations-tutorials/pitching-projects-and-products-to-executives/ 73563-2.html?srchtrk=index:1%0Alinktypeid:2%0Aq:innovation%0Apage:2%0As:relevance%0Asa:true %0Aproducttypeid:2
  13. 13. Business Intelligence Capstone Goal To bring everything learned over the last 11 months together into a cohesive, impactful and meaningful presentation. • Have first version of all assets completed prior to day one of class • Practice presenting multiple times a week to perfect final presentation Interview stakeholders to ensure that information presented is relevant to their needs • FS Media Resources Public Speaking Fundamentals on lynda.com http://www.lynda.com/Business-Business-Skills-tutorials/Public-Speaking-Fundamentals/102701-2.html?srchtrk=index: 1%0Alinktypeid:2%0Aq:presenting%0Apage:2%0As:relevance%0Asa:true%0Aproducttypeid:2
  14. 14. Business Intelligence Master of Science February 2014 January 2015 Degree Goal: To gain a working knowledge of business intelligence, analytics and big data in order to enhance my career and bring further value to Full Sail University