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Irctc ticket booking


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Nowadays people are tired of booking ticket via the usual method i.e standing in queue for long time.This presentation shares the new method of booking ticket online in easy steps from the government owned IRCTC.CO.IN .
Now no need to stand in queues, you can now even book your tatkal ticket easily.
Have a look and enjoy your freedom.

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Irctc ticket booking

  2. 2. 1)Make account on Click on signup and fill your details. • The basic details will be like your name,address,mobile number etc. • These details are useful as they will be saved in your profile and you don’t have to use them again and again. • Once you created your account proceed to login. • Enter your username and password.
  3. 3. Step 2: Enter your details. • The details will be like: • Enter Source (From Station) i.e from where you want to start your journey. • Enter Destination (To Station) i.e where your journey ends. • Enter journey date. • Select E-ticket/I-ticket. • You can also book tatkal ticket by selecting tatkal option in Quota block. • And then click on Submit.
  4. 4. Step 3: After clicking on submit,you will see the various options.
  5. 5. • After all the details are shown , you can choose between the quota, train types, class and stations. • Now if you are travelling from Bandra terminus to New Delhi. • You can select any one of the trains according to your preferences. • Lets take Paschim Express for detailed explanation. • Now in the same window select class you want to travel in and click on that. • I’ve taken 3AC.
  6. 6. Step 4: Choose your journey date. • Now Once you clicked on the Class option. • A new window will open indicating the Availability and journey date. • Suppose if you want to travel on 02/08/2014, Click on the Book Now option in the availability section.
  7. 7. Step 5: Enter the credentials. • Enter your Name as in Pan card/Passport or in any ID Card. • Enter your age. • Select the Gender. (M/F) • Select Birth preference i.e. if you want lower birth/upper birth/side birth. • Select accordingly. • If you are Senior citizen or any of your family member is senior citizen, Check the box. • Click on Ok to proceed further.
  8. 8. Step 5 : Make payment • Proceed to payment. • But before select your gateway i.e internet banking, credit card or debit card. • Choose accordingly as many people have debit cards rather than internet banking. • Select your bank from the drop down menu in case of internet banking. • If you are paying through Debit card you need to give your ATM pin and date of expiration, the 4-digit pin on the backside of ATM card, Name of the card holder. • It is better and secure to use Internet Banking. • Then click on Make Payment.
  9. 9. Congratulations, Your ticket is booked and you must have received your pnr number on your registered mobile.
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