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free products


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just check this pdf and get 25 backlinks everyday to shop for absolutely Free

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free products

  1. 1. 25 Backlinks Everyday As the title say with this site you will get 25 backlink everyday. You don’t have to add any reciprocal link to your site. Just submit your form everyday and get free backlinks Step 1 : Register Here. Step 2 : Now you have to ad a Firefox plugin. [Don’t worry they are providing a guide] Step 3: As a free member you can get 25 Backlink everyday. Means 750 backlink per month. Step 4 : Everyday fill the submission form. For more You can also trace the backlink because they are provide a submission report after submission. Most people do not execute this steps. But let me tell you one more step. Getting backlink is not enough. You have to inform search engine that you are here.  Step 5: Open your report and copy all that links. Step 6: Go to Pingfarm. Noe paste that all link and press button of mass pinging. Here your job gets finished. Do this things everyday and in this way you will get free backlinks.
  2. 2. If you have any question than post on my thread. I will answer you. I am using this every day. It really help to gain backlink.