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Grooming & personal hygiene


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Published in: Leadership & Management
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Grooming & personal hygiene

  1. 1. Image Projection • Factors – Appearance – Helpfulness – Efficiency – Warmth
  2. 2. Appearance • How do you Look ? • Poised Untidy • Elegant Hassled with • Confident no style • Charming • How do you talk ? • Softly Loud & strident
  3. 3. Appearance • How does your office look ? • Clean & uncluttered Untidy, disorganized • Room well painted Pealing Plasters • Well lit Hanging Wires • Drinking water Fused tube light • Clean Glass Chipped cups
  4. 4. Helpfulness • Do you know ? • Which dept does what I’ll just find out • Where it is situated Pls ask someone else • Who’s in charge Sorry I am new / busy When you give directions ? • Do you include landmarks Turn right, left & right
  5. 5. Warmth  Do you Smile ?  Do you look him in the eye while talking?  Do you use customers last name?  Use soft & clear voice  Use your voice with feeling
  6. 6. Efficient  Do you attend the call immediately?  Is your work space neat & compactly arranged?  Are your reports free from errors before submitting to your boss?  During slack time do you think of “sort out” areas?
  7. 7. To keep yourself clean, neat & tidy in appearance. Grooming
  8. 8. •Hair •Nails •Ornaments •Footwear •Uniform Grooming Standards
  9. 9. What are the grooming standard for hair for men? Not fall on forehead, touch ears or collars, neatly combed, not oily or permed, conservative hair style. Grooming Standards
  10. 10. What are the grooming standard for hair for men? Moustaches •Neatly trimmed •Should not cover upper lip. Grooming Standards
  11. 11. What are the grooming standard for men? Face •Clean shaved •Sideburns •Beards Grooming Standards
  12. 12. HAIR SHORT Trimmed regularly SHOULDER LENGTH Trimmed regularly. Neatly pinned to keep away from face. Grooming Standards for Ladies
  13. 13. HAIR LONGER THAN SHOULDER LENGTH Cut to even length Straight Tied up at the centre of the nape. Bun secured at the back of the head or above the nape with a black net. Grooming Standards for Ladies
  14. 14. HAIR Always neatly combed, in place. Do not use coloured/plastic bands. Clean, non greasy, free of oil and dandruff. Ponytail, braid not longer than 9” Keep permed/curly hair neat & restrained. Grooming Standards for Ladies
  15. 15. NAILS Trimmed and well maintained Neatly cut, clean and dirt free, No nicotine, carbon, ink stains. Grooming Standards
  16. 16. Grooming Standards FINGER NAILS Well Maintained and clean. •Neatly cut, shaped & clean. •No excessively long nails. •Only light & neutral coloured nail polish. Cover entire nails, with no gaps or cracks.
  17. 17. Grooming Standards TOE NAILS Well Maintained and clean. •Nail Polish should match finger nail polish. •Not cracked.
  18. 18. ORNAMENTS Only one simple ring, on any one hand. No fancy bracelets or bands. (Except for religious reasons). Grooming Standards
  19. 19. ORNAMENTS WATCHES Conservative, not flashy, or too large Leather Strap Black, Brown or Tan Metallic Strap Gold or silver Grooming Standards
  20. 20. Grooming Standards OTHER JEWELLARY Earrings Only one set of earrings Not dangling or flashy or large. Bangles Two thin bangles, gold or silver.
  21. 21. Grooming Standards OTHER JEWELLARY Chain One, thin, gold or silver chain. Nose stud Only a small nose stud.
  22. 22. FOOTWEAR Well maintained, well polished, in good repair NO loafers What colour ? black. Grooming Standards
  23. 23. FOOTWEAR SOCKS ? •No pattern. •Odourless & clean •Elastic intact. Grooming Standards
  24. 24. FOOTWEAR for ladies •Closed shoes or sandals, •well polished & in good repair, •black or brown leather, •no flat shoes. Grooming Standards
  25. 25. Remember Shoes are the reflectors of your grooming & hygiene
  26. 26. MAKE UP Simple and basic Foundation Use foundation to avoid oily look Lipstick Matte finish, sober, match uniform colour Grooming Standards
  27. 27. MAKE UP Simple and basic Eye Shadow Subtle & not excessive Eyeliner Thin, straight, applied neatly. Grooming Standards
  28. 28. UNIFORM Immaculate, Spotless, well ironed, no unnecessary creases Appear fresh, not faded, Perfect fit, No loose threads or broken buttons Cuffs and collars clean and stain free. Grooming Standards
  29. 29. UNIFORM BELTS Not cracked or dull Simple, non flashy buckle Not more than 1.5” wide. Grooming Standards
  30. 30. UNIFORM Always wear a vest. Name tags to be shining and visible. Pen, keys and pagers should not be visible. Grooming Standards
  31. 31. Remember “Your clothes are conveying messages about you.” They say whether you have good sense and taste They say you have self respect & respect for those you deal with
  32. 32. Personal Hygiene Body •Bathe everyday, without fail, before coming on shift •Scrubbing your skin completely is the surest way to get rid of body odor.
  33. 33. Personal Hygiene • Deodorants & powders are advisable than perfume. • Any type of smell which stands out is Body
  34. 34. Personal Hygiene Hair •Hair must be trimmed and clean all the times •Hair must not touch the face •Hair must not be greasy or oily •Use Shampoo everyday.
  35. 35. Personal Hygiene Teeth •Brush your teeth immediately before coming to duty •Do not eat onion, garlic or smoke before shift. If you smoke, use mouthwash •Bad breath breaks business deals, relationships.
  36. 36. •Bad breath breaks business deals, relationships. •Volatile Sulphur compounds known as VSC are the byproduct of the bacteria found in the mouth. •Tongue bacteria increases the mouth odour. •Look for toothpaste that contain stabilized chlorine dioxide, silica or zinc. Personal Hygiene Teeth
  37. 37. A healthy body & Clean mouth produce fresh breath Personal Hygiene
  38. 38. • Brush your teeth & gums with chlorine dioxide toothpaste. • Scrape your tongue daily. • Drink plenty of water or mint lemon water. • Avoid alcoholic or drinks that contain caffeine as they dry your mouth. • Eat fresh breath herbs like parsley, dill, basil or peppermint. Tips for Fresh Breath
  39. 39. Personal Hygiene Face •Males should shave everyday, before coming to shift •Moustache, if kept must be neatly trimmed in such a way that the upper lips are clearly visible.
  40. 40. Personal Hygiene Face
  41. 41. Personal Hygiene Face •Ladies should wear only light make-up. • Do not use heavy perfumes •Use Cold cream for dry face.
  42. 42. Personal Hygiene Hands •Always wash hands with soap, before coming on shift •Keep your nails short and clean
  43. 43. Personal Hygiene Hands •Hands must always be clean, free of any stains and skin breaks •Always wash hands with soap, immediately after using toilets, eating, smoking or handling refuse
  44. 44. Personal Hygiene Uniform Uniform should always be clean, laundered and ironed Change uniform whenever it is soiled Change socks and undergarments everyday Always carry a clean handkerchief, and change it daily Uniform must be worn only on duty and not for personal use
  45. 45. Personal Hygiene Feet Feet must be washed regularly and toenail kept trimmed
  46. 46. Personal Hygiene Shoes •Wear comfortable closed toed shoes. Do not wear high heeled or open toed shoes •Air your shoes regularly. •Use socks that absorb moisture •Buy socks with a percentage of cotton & a low nylon content. •Use talcum powder or a medicated powder between the toes
  47. 47. Personal Hygiene General •Sufficient sleep, adequate and healthy food and regular exercise will keep you healthy •You should always look alert and attentive on duty •Do not bite your nails •Do not run your hands through your hair •Do not touch your nose, ears or rub your eyes
  48. 48. Personal Hygiene General •Always cover your mouth with a handkerchief, while coughing or sneezing •Do not scratch your face •Do not chew gum
  49. 49. •Cuts and burns must be covered with correct water proof dressing Personal Hygiene Burns Cuts
  50. 50. Personal Hygiene Illness Do not report for work if you suffer from: •Fever •Diarrhea •Upset stomach, nausea or vomiting •Sore throat or sinus infection •Coughing or sneezing •Dizziness •Conjunctivitis