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Swamp fox real estate & land management


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Swamp fox real estate & land management

  1. 1. Swamp Fox - Real Estateand Land Management Company
  2. 2. Eastern North Carolina has millions of acres of wetlands. Because of looser standards in the past, thousands of private property owners Our Services: have a piece of this • Hunting Club treasure which they are Rentals / Sales not allowed to develop using conventional • Wildlife Refuge means. We help people • Wetlands make value with these Remediation properties. • Conservation Easements • Eco Tours • LoggingWildlife RefugeWe help with sales or rentalto private conservationgroups or to local, state orfederal use as a park orwildlife refuge. We pair theinterests of these groups witha situation beneficial to bothparties.
  3. 3. Hunting Clubs We can match you up with local or outside hunting clubs who will lease your land for either a hunting season, yearly or multi-year periods. We can help with the rental agreements and rules for use. Wetlands Remediation/ Our contacts with hunting Conservation Easement clubs can help you sell the land if you wish. We can match your land with projects thatFarming and Logging require wetlands swap or restoration for theirWe will pair you with farmers, implementation. Yourfishermen or oystermen who land can help bringneed the type of wetlands beneficial projects toyou own for their crops. fruition.We will assess and help youdetermine if logging on theproperty is a viable option.We can also find loggers whowould use the land for a treefarm, planting trees andrestoring the wetlands formultiple years.
  4. 4. Eco Tours We can help you with promotion, use rules and waivers for tourism.It is no longerresponsible to drainwetlands fordevelopment. People,plants, animals andthe environmentdepend on wetlandsto improve water andair quality for theirsurvival. However,most believe thatthere is no way torecoup this benefiteconomically at thesame time. We arenot among those. Webelieve that we canhelp you draw valuefrom your wetlandswhile helping topreserve its specialplace in the world. Atthe very least, we canhelp you earn enoughfrom your land tobreak even on thetaxes.