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Gaither Qualitative Credentials Q15


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Our Qualitative Credentials

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Gaither Qualitative Credentials Q15

  1. 1. Gaither International Qualitative Research Division 2015
  2. 2. Why choose Gaither International? We have what it takes. One-stop shop. World-class field department. Unmatched quality control department. We take our job very seriously.
  3. 3. About Gaither Qualitative… We have the expertise. We have a roster of highly qualified and experienced moderators. Specialized logistics team. In-house Recruitment Department. Ability to host and manage Special Projects and Large Panels .
  4. 4.  Focus Group Facility  Focus Group Recruiting  Moderating  Moderating Online and Mobile Platform  Moderating In-Depth / One-on-One  Moderating Ethnic Groups  Taste Test Facility  Test / Commercial Kitchen  Test Bar  Exhibits Facility  Video & Audio Recording  Video Conferencing  Video Streaming  Conference Facility  Training Room Facility
  5. 5. • Screener is developed by Gaither in accordance to client specifications PARTICIPATION CLEARING Screener RECRUITMENT ATTENDANCE OUR RECRUITMENT PROCESS – OVERVIEW • Once screener is approved, our in-house recruiters will begin process* • Participant Incentives vary per project specifications Once potential participants show up, they must be taken through the screener guideline to ensure compliance before participating in the sessions OUR IN-HOUSE RECRUITMENT DEPARTMENT ENSURES ADEQUATE PARTICIPANT PROFILES BY STRICTLY ADHERING TO A 4 – STEP PROCESS: 1 2 3 4
  6. 6. WE HAVE THE NECESSARY LOGISTICS EXPERTISE… 6 Description of Recent Engagements: • We have conducted large qualitative studies in the following industries: • Automotive • Pharmaceutical • Consumer goods • Government • Politics LARGE QUALI • We have conducted large panels in the following industries: • Consumer Goods • Pharmaceutical • Banking & Finance • Government & Politics PANELS • Projects such as: • MIDA – Chamber of Food and Commerce • Working their annual convention • Satisfaction surveys for all conference events using the latest instant polling technology, as well as Tablet PCs • Ran the signature study of the convention, The Consumer Radiograph PR • Handled information booths, day-time & night-time activities CONVENTIONS EXPERIENCE 1 2 3 We complement our logistics services with the latest instant polling technology to quantify participant insights • Energy • Gasoline • Oil & Lubricants • Insurance • Media • Media • Telecommunications 14-25 Participants 26-200 Participants
  7. 7. Our Facilities  Test Kitchen, glass all around, which gives the ability to watch everything  Three Simultaneous Focus Group Rooms / each with floor to sealing one way mirror viewing room. Fully equipped with audio & video recording, streaming, and the ability to show any visual or sound that clients need without interfering in the group session  Waiting area with entertainment  Control Room  Theater  20 Feet Long Bar, design for taste testing
  8. 8. Waiting Room  Seating area for participants prior to sessions  Flat Screen LED TV with Apple TV. Gives you the ability to video project your computer’s / cell phone’s information to the TV
  9. 9. Beach Room  Relaxing beach design to help make participants more confortable  Floor to ceiling, one-way mirror  Flat Screen LED TV to project or show stimulus materials without interfering with the session  High quality microphones & camera for the best video & audio recording possible
  10. 10. Client Viewing Room  Theater design  Floor-to-ceiling, one-way mirror  Light dimmer  Brand new sound system for the best quality  One for each sessions room
  11. 11. Bamboo Room  Lounge setting to ease participants  Floor-to-ceiling, one-way mirror  Flat Screen LED TV.  High quality microphones
  12. 12. Executive Room  More formal design ideal for professionals  Floor-to-ceiling, one-way mirror  Flat Screen LED TV.  High Quality microphones & camera  The Executive Room has a private entrance for clients
  13. 13. Test Kitchen  4 GE Industrial Ovens  3 GE Conventional Ovens  3 Stoves  GE Dishwasher  3 Sinks  180º viewing glass  Pop-up electrical outlets  Monogram Freezer  Stand Up Freezer  Bottle & Beer Cooler
  14. 14. 14 Test Bar  Professional bar  Fully equipped with cooler and fridge and bar supplies  Ideal for creation of drinks and tastings  Setting designed for on- premise promotions testings
  15. 15. 15 Theatre/Auditorium  Sits 75 comfortably  A/V equipped  Projector and screen  Floor plan is flexible  Side doors may be opened for viewing from client rooms
  16. 16.  Our goal here at Gaither is to conduct research that fits all of our customers’ needs.  If you have any questions or comments, or if there is any other way we may be of help, please let us know.  Thank you for considering us and we hope to have this opportunity to be of service. Sincerely, The Gaither Team
  17. 17. Client Service Department Gaither International, Inc. (787) 728-5757 Search for us, Gaither International on: