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Unix shell story


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The historical story of Shell in UNIX

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Unix shell story

  1. 1. Quyen Le Van 23rd July 2015 Hanoi, Vietnam Unix Shell Story
  2. 2. Broadlinux | Linux of Things Agenda  History of Shell  About Bourne-Again Shell  BASH Issues 2
  3. 3. Broadlinux | Linux of Things HISTORY OF SHELL 3 The world before Shell
  4. 4. Broadlinux | Linux of Things The Origin of the Shell  “After having written dozens of commands for CTSS, I reached the stage where I felt that commands should be usable as building blocks for writing more commands, just like subroutine libraries”.  Louis Pouzin created for CTSS (The Compatible Time-Sharing System) a command called RUNCOM, which executed a list of commands contained in a file.  The idea of using commands somehow like a programming language, makes him write a paper explaining how the Multics command language could be designed with this objective. And he coined the word "shell" to name it. 4 1964 | RUNCOM 1963 | Start Multics 1965 | Multics shell 1977 | Bourne shell by Stephen Bourne 1971 | V6 shell 1st UNIX Shell by Ken Thompson 1969 | Start UNIX 1960s | CTSS 1991 | LINUX by Linus Torvalds
  5. 5. Broadlinux | Linux of Things ABOUT BOURNE-AGAIN SHELL 5 Go deeply inside BASH Shell
  6. 6. Broadlinux | Linux of Things BASH Shell Architecture  Bash processing is much like a shell pipeline: after being read from the terminal or a script, data is passed through a number of stages, transformed at each step, until the shell finally executes a command and collects its return status. 6
  7. 7. Broadlinux | Linux of Things Shell Built-in Commands  These builtin commands are part of the shell, and are implemented as part of the shell's source code to maintain or modify the shell's internal state.  The shell recognizes that the command that it was asked to execute was one of its builtins, and it performs that action on its own, without calling out to a separate executable.  Different shells have different builtins, though there will be a whole lot of overlap in the basic set. 7 <> $ echo $SHELL /bin/bash $ which printf /usr/bin/printf $ printf printf: usage: printf [-v var] format [arguments] $ /usr/bin/printf /usr/bin/printf: missing operand Try `/usr/bin/printf --help' for more information.
  8. 8. Broadlinux | Linux of Things Simple Command Execution  Simple commands are the ones most commonly encountered.  When presented a command name that is not the name of a shell function or builtin, bash searches the filesystem for an executable file with that name  The value of the PATH variable is used as a colon-separated list of directories in which to search.  Command names containing slashes (or other directory separators) are not looked up, but are executed directly.  If bash finds a file to execute, it forks and creates a new execution environment, and executes the program in this new environment. 8 Shell environment Subshell environment I/O redirection Spawns/fork /sbin/chmod 777 foo chmod(“foo”, 777)
  9. 9. Broadlinux | Linux of Things BASH ISSUES 9 Weakness of BASH Shell
  10. 10. Broadlinux | Linux of Things Shellshock (AKA Bashdoor)  A family of security bugs in the widely used Unix Bash shell (< 4.3.028), the first of which was disclosed on 24 September 2014.  Vulnerability in Bash executes trailing string after environment variable definition  To exploit simply insert malicious commands as part of a string that will be put in an environment variable given to Bash  Current exploits in the wild downloads rootkits, command and control servers, DoS and download malware  Attack Vectors: HTTP, DHCP, SIP, FTP, SMTP, SSHD, OpenVPN, Reverse DNS 10
  11. 11. Broadlinux | Linux of Things BASH Injection via HTTP  Injection is an entire class of attacks that rely on injecting data into a web application in order to facilitate the execution or interpretation of malicious data in an unexpected manner. 11 abc http:// <div> <value>abc; cat /ect/passwd;</value> </div> system(“echo %s > /some_file”, value); echo abc; cat /etc/passwd; > /some_file 1 2 3 lighthttpd
  12. 12. Copyright© 2014 DASAN Networks, Inc. ”It became possible to go home in the evening while leaving behind long runcoms executing overnight.” LOUIS POUZIN 1931, France
  13. 13. Broadlinux | Linux of Things Reference  Introduction to the Unix shell history,  The origin of the Shell,  Evolution of shells in Linux  The Bourne-Again Shell,  Explain Shell website,  Unix,  The IBM 7094 and CTSS,  What are built-in commands in linux, linux  Some nifty shell tricks,  Shellshock Explained,  Inside Shellshock, 13
  14. 14. Broadlinux | Linux of Things 14 Thank you!