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  1. 1. F15TEEN at 1900 Locust Ave. What a lovely 3 story solid masonry building with a stone basement constructed in 1902 for the Webber family’s farm implement business. It was turned into an automobile showroom in the “Automobile Row” area of St. Louis City. Each floor is constructed from 2x14 at 12” O.C. with hardwood subfloor and finished hardwood flooring. There was a large elevator used for hoisting automobiles to the second and third floors. Over the decades, many tenants used the building, but little was done to damage most of the historic characteristics of the building. gailsbrody@gmail.com ▪ H: 314-781-7023 ▪ C: 314.265.7089 ▪ 7056 Horner Avenue ▪ St. Louis, MO 63117 With the guidance of a historic preservationist, we remodeled the building. Masonry walls were left intact along with the heavy masonry columns and beams. All windows were removed and replaced with thermal windows with mullions to match the shapes of windows for its period. We created a new restaurant with two Night Clubs and Banquet space on the first and second floors. The third floor is office suites. The basement is used for restaurant offices and restaurant storage. The original elevator was removed and replaced with a grand staircase. Two smaller passenger elevators were installed. Interior egress stairwells were constructed with exits to the exterior. The building was placed on the National Historic Register. Visit www.15stl.com. Front—before construction Front—after construction Banquet—before construction Banquet—after construction GAIL S. BRODY
  2. 2. Moonglow Residence Full update A traditional 2 story house constructed over a crawl space. The owners had decorated with a hodge podge of items collected over the years. The room arrangements were traditional. Enter the front door into the Foyer. Living Room on the left. Dining Room on the right. Family room through the foyer to the rear. Powder Room and wet bar separate the Family Room from the Kitchen. There were lots of walls. gailsbrody@gmail.com ▪ H: 314-781-7023 ▪ C: 314.265.7089 ▪ 7056 Horner Avenue ▪ St. Louis, MO 63117 The first floor was opened up with lovely decorative columns which helped to punctuate the openings. Hardwood flooring was installed throughout to create a monolithic look. The brick fireplace and hearth were encased and the look was modernized. The resulting look, feel and function will last for the years to come with out dating itself. Foyer—before construction Foyer—after construction Fireplace—before construction Fireplace—after construction Kitchen—after construction GAIL S. BRODY
  3. 3. Sanders Residence Add a second story This was a classic GI house for soldiers returning from WW II. It was a two bedroom, one bath house with Kitchen, Dining area and a Living Room. It has a full, but unfinished basement. The client wanted to add a second floor and construct new stairs to the second as an addition on the side of the house. They specifically did not want the addition to look like it was just extended straight up from the first floor. In reality, the second floor was extended from the first floor. A wrap around porch created the transition. The houses in the neighborhood were of a modest size. The roof line of gailsbrody@gmail.com ▪ H: 314-781-7023 ▪ C: 314.265.7089 ▪ 7056 Horner Avenue ▪ St. Louis, MO 63117 the addition needed to “speak” quietly and not be overbearing. The deep overhangs helped to provide horizontality and took away from the vertical condition of the second floor. House—before construction House—after construction GAIL S. BRODY
  4. 4. Marino Residence Mirror the addition This house was built in 1890. With a heavy stone foundation and all wood framing. Wonderfully large windows had never been replaced. The neighborhood is historic in that many of the houses are wood framed and nearly 100 years old. This one had only a 7’-0” high basement. The owners wanted to double the size of the house, construct a 9’-0” deep basement, and wanted to keep the same look. Mirroring the front provide the solution that would keep the house looking as though it had always been the was it was. The basement was piered with helical screws drilled into the earth. The new gailsbrody@gmail.com ▪ H: 314-781-7023 ▪ C: 314.265.7089 ▪ 7056 Horner Avenue ▪ St. Louis, MO 63117 basement walls were then constructed at the depth desired. New stairs were constructed to the basement. The original stair case to the second floor was not replaced when the addition was built. The front foyer was in tact keeping the original look. A totally new Kitchen was built with a Family Room at the rear. The house now fits the early century size for the 21st century. House—before construction House—after construction GAIL S. BRODY
  5. 5. Knebel Residence Addition (pg 2) The Family Room was constructed in the rear of the house. The existing rear wall was partially demolished at the Kitchen and a new beam was installed to carry the load with new clerestory windows in the upper part above the original height of the wall. Open circulation was achieved around the Kitchen counter. A new rear corridor/gallery was made. A 16’-0” wide sliding door was installed to let interior circulation flow to the exterior patio. The roof of the new Family Room was a shed roof which was cost effective to construct and provided extra height to the interior space. The gailsbrody@gmail.com ▪ H: 314-781-7023 ▪ C: 314.265.7089 ▪ 7056 Horner Avenue ▪ St. Louis, MO 63117 ceiling shelf acted as the transition from one ceiling to the other. The Powder Room was constructed from space in the Garage and has a door that opens to the Family Room. A Laundry Room was also created from space in the Garage and has a pair of doors that open to the new Foyer. Existing rear wall of the Kitchen—before construction Close up of Kitchen counter looking into Family Room Rear wall removed—during construction and after construction GAIL S. BRODY
  6. 6. Knebel Residence Addition (pg 1) The program for this house was to create circulation around the Kitchen counter, add a Family Room, Laundry Room and a 3/4 Bath. The first thing that I noticed was that one of the garage doors was always open so that the children and everyone else could enter the house from the Garage. There was storage pad inside the Garage next to the wall separating the Garage from the house. The solution was to convert the storage pad into interior space by constructing a wall in the Garage and removing the existing separating wall. A new door on the front wall was installed. This created a gailsbrody@gmail.com ▪ H: 314-781-7023 ▪ C: 314.265.7089 ▪ 7056 Horner Avenue ▪ St. Louis, MO 63117 new “informal entrance” that everyone uses. It provided new circulation options. House—showing open garage door before construction House—showing “informal door” after construction GAIL S. BRODY
  7. 7. Good Samaritan Hospital Initially a two story hospital in Puyallup, WA that was growing rapidly. A third and forth floor were constructed on top of the existing second floor. An exo-skeleton was constructed wrapping the first, second, and third floors. The forth floor takes on the new look of the addition to the right side in the photograph. The new floors became the oncology departments with new nurses stations and patient gailsbrody@gmail.com ▪ H: 314-781-7023 ▪ C: 314.265.7089 ▪ 7056 Horner Avenue ▪ St. Louis, MO 63117 Officer Housing Fort Lewis, WA Base housing for officers build in the 1920’s needed to be modernized and updated. Front porch canopies were designed for over the front doors. The design had to meet approval from the historic preservationist for the Army Base. The interiors were reconfigured with new Kitchens which met today’s life styles. Mechanical systems updated to meet code. GAIL S. BRODY
  8. 8. Livestock Pavilion Every year the Western Washington Fair in Puyallup is a big attraction where scones slathered in butter and jam are sold by the thousands. A lovely time of the year, the temperature is in the 60’s , maybe as high as 70 degrees. This Livestock Pavilion is constructed from heavy timber. It has the classic barn look and feel. The interior is all exposed timbers and wood. gailsbrody@gmail.com ▪ H: 314-781-7023 ▪ C: 314.265.7089 ▪ 7056 Horner Avenue ▪ St. Louis, MO 63117 Fleet Feet Sports For the active individual who especially loves the running world, Fleet Feet Sports is the retail establishment that will also serve as your training coach. With three locations in the St. Louis area, I have been the designer for each location. Located in shopping centers, each store is individually designed with a consistent theme and color pallet. Shopping is a pleasure as the employees are runners as well. The photos are from the websites. GAIL S. BRODY
  9. 9. Watters Residence A new residence full of old world charm and opulence, ideal for entertaining in the most prestigious way. A master suite with comfort and coziness when it’s just the two of them. gailsbrody@gmail.com ▪ H: 314-781-7023 ▪ C: 314.265.7089 ▪ 7056 Horner Avenue ▪ St. Louis, MO 63117 Spiro Residence Algonquin Golf Club Notice this Garage. It looks like it was always a A new wine cellar and tasting/ dining room was part of the house when it was constructed in squeezed into existing space of the golf club. 1928. It was constructed a few years ago. Members will have their own wine from their Architectural elements were borrowed from the own vineyards. This dining room has Cultured original and connected by a breezeway. stone with faux painting on the walls. GAIL S. BRODY Crabbin Residence Another 1920’s clay block with stucco house having the Garage demolished and a new one constructed with a Master Bedroom Suite. Existing stairs used with creative twist for entrance.