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Take ithome


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Take ithome

  1. 1. Design  Thinking  Ac-on  Lab:     Assignment:   Apply  Design   Thinking     Team:   NextStep     Submi<ed  by  Gail  Richards  
  2. 2. Design  Thinking  Ac-on  Lab:  Prototype     Overview  of  Assignment     •  Three  Take-­‐Aways  from  the  Course     •  Process  map         •  Reflec<on    about  how  design  thinking  skills  and   mindsets  could  be  applied  in  (my)  real  life      
  3. 3. Take-Away #1 Don’t make assumptions, solicit real information and perspectives from stakeholders. Design  Thinking  Ac-on  Lab:     Apply  Design  Thinking    
  4. 4. Take-Away #2 Stakeholder motivations, preferences, and opinions are at the heart of an effective solution. Design  Thinking  Ac-on  Lab:     Apply  Design  Thinking  
  5. 5. Take-Away #3 Don’t discount any ideas. “Crazy” ideas often have a kernel of brilliance that will complete a solid, but not exceptional, idea. Design  Thinking  Ac-on  Lab:     Apply  Design  Thinking  
  6. 6. Design  Thinking  Ac-on  Lab:       Process Map
  7. 7. Reflections I work for a very small company. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement or cleverness of an idea, or worse yet, an idea that works well for us but maybe not our customers, vendors or strategic partners. By working to solve a problem outside of my work context in this course, I have gained valuable insight and information into where we are falling down on the job of creating and evaluation solutions. We ALWAYS include the position of our stakeholder into our thought process, not just our own. And, we must test out ideas to see---not just guess, where they will lead. Design  Thinking  Ac-on  Lab:     Apply  Design  Thinking