ACCL Focus Groups Summary


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Results of 4 focus groups conducted with library stakeholders as part of the Athens-Clarke County Library's strategic planning processs

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  • Groups of library users and partners
  • It is a gift to have the input of non-users.
  • Let’s think now about trends that you see in this community or in the wider world. Trends might include a shift or change in the population or community needs; competition for our services; political, social, economic, or technological changes. What trends, from your perspective, could create opportunities for the library system or impact our future?
  • Suppose the library were given a bequest of $1M with no strings attached. How would you advise them to use the money, keeping in mind the library’s mission and the community’s needs?
  • ACCL Focus Groups Summary

    1. 1. Athens-Clarke County Library Focus Groups Summary Prepared By Gail Griffith August 2012 1
    2. 2. Purpose of Focus GroupsTo collect data from keystakeholder groups (patrons and partners)for input into the Strategic PlanTo enhance relationships and opportunities for collaboration 2
    3. 3. Four GroupsTeens 8 teens, ages 12-17, including 2 homeschooled studentsParents of Young Children 6 mothers (and their infants)Baby Boomers Grant Advisory 6 people, including 2 authors andCommittee grant staffers from Library and Lyndon HouseAdult Patrons from Athens Library 7 adults, including 1 homeschooling parent, a homeless individual, and a former volunteer 3
    4. 4. What They Use and EnjoyTeens Parents Boomers Adults•Books •Books •Place holds, order •Books•Staff actually call books •Place holds, order •Internet andto tell them their •Activities for computersbook is in! books grandchildren•Computers •DVDs •Computers (for 5- •Downloadables•Live Action Role year-old) •Large TypePlay (LARP) •Passport •Infant Storytime •Magazines•DVDs •Cultural events,•Contests •Music time movies•Variety of •Galileoprograms •Little ones like to play here •Heritage Room•SummerReading—would •Resources forlike to have for writers—reference,older kids writers conference•Ticket to Read forlittle kids 4
    5. 5. What They’d ChangeTeens Parents Boomers Adults•Have every book in •More opportunities •Anxious to see •Filters sometimesa series available for parents of young renovation finished block wrong things•Have children to meet •Shelve all fiction •Private study spacerecommendations and interact together, not by •Improve behaviorof books to read •Wonder if parents genre of other patrons,•More graphic who most need •Libraries in general get security tonovels library are coming buy too much intervene more here? rubbish, need to effectively•Video gamecollection improve readers, •Can’t figure out provide more prize- how to request•More new movies winning books purchase of a book•Language learning •Improve online and bevideos cleanliness of public notified when it’s•Sports instruction computers? availablevideos •Better interior •Want access to•Music and cooking building older editions ofprograms about maintenance magazines anddifferent countries •Provide quiet areas ability to do wordand cultures searches (like Nexus) 5
    6. 6. TrendsTeens Parents Boomers Adults•Technology: •Economy—people •Environmental •Community canheadphones, borrow more, need awareness becomeKindles and e- more than 2 weeks fragmented, librarybooks, text or email •Increasing can be a hub towhen book is due, •International diversity—library help peopleself-checkout, community, want can help us learn connectonline renewal tapes in other and enjoy languages •Technology •Death of the•Computer classes •ESL, mostly for physical book— •Cell phoneon how to do Hispanic people need e-readers etiquette isanimation, movie nonexistentand photo editing •Full Bloom closed, •Self-publishing everywhere library has•Want to learn opportunity to •So polarized in •There is less civilitymore about become place talking about everywherescience and where parents issues—libraryspace—make meet each other could encourageNOVA accessible? discussion, not shouting 6
    7. 7. How else could library improve?Teens Parents Boomers Adults•More programs: •More Infant •Need lots more •Longer hoursmovies, crafts, book Storytimes—crowded publicity—radio PSAs? •Can’t get a computer iftrivia, Battle of the Events for press? not here earlyBooks, board games, •Tag items with a kid’sJeopardy, heavy recommendation •Longer hours on •Show independent andmetal jewelry show, Sundays classic filmshow to type •Music Jam for infants •Would pay a library •Show online lectures from tax universities and host•After school program: •Website needs discussions. NASA, Cornellread, homework, improvement, glad to •Help people improve have good sciencehangout—have bus presentations see prototype employmentbring us here •Have all books in a series •Run literacy programs •Blog specific to J or•Send customized or refer to partners •Cleaner restrooms YA department so wealerts based on a could know more? •Community needs to •Metal detector at theprofile we create door? know more about •Newer, more Pinewoods•Library more mobile— •Need more than 2 hours interesting and varied on a computer. Timersdelivery by truck or baby videos •Space for writers don’t all work right, maymail? groups to meet more need to have batteries on frequently motherboards replaced•Longer checkouts 7
    8. 8. How do you hear about library services or programs?Parents Adults•Other moms •Written material around service desk•Facebook •Bulletin boards downstairs•WUGA •Home page•Athens conscious parents •Newspaper, if you’re lookinglistserv (?) •Would like to see libraries•Newspaper--Flagpole connect their local heritage programs around the country to make access easier 8
    9. 9. Partnership Opportunities the Library Should Pursue?Parents Boomers Adults•Schools •UGA Library—want to •UGA Library—want to place hold on their use my ACCL card•Senior groups, council books and have them there, use theiron aging sent here computers and extended hours for •Business community— study•Museums, like the ex. Banks might fund annatural history museum ongoing ad campaign •Need coordination ofon campus to show their info for homeless investment in people•UGA—involve their community; would alsostudents in demonstrate value toprogramming as a way elected officialsto offer more programslike infant storytimes 9
    10. 10. Keep at All Cost…Parents Adults•Programming, it gets people in •Don’t cut books at all (3)the doors •What library does now is basic•Computers are important for and essential, don’t want tothe community—not everyone surrender anything really (2)has internet at home 10
    11. 11. $1,000,000 Gift, No Strings!Parents Adults•More books! More titles and •Bookscopies •E-readers, and coordinated•More staff way to request something for•Multimedia your Kindle, or use one only in the library•Suggestion box at front desk oronline to get ideas •Book groups—remembers they had a Jewish lit discussion•Getting the word out about group. Are there otherthings opportunities for these? 11
    12. 12. Anything Else?Teens Parents Boomers Adults•Would like to work or •Listen to the •Appreciates art •More family-orientedvolunteer at library— patrons—things keep books at Lyndon movies, don’t covershelve books, check changing House rating with a stickerholds, etc.—but don’t •Continue to increase •Partner withwant their •Likes regular schedule online presence of programs businesses for rewardsvolunteering to put for kidsanyone out of a job •We LOVE the library! throughout the year Has lived here forever •Library can help and looks at library a •Authors and writers people find whole new way since are natural partners government info becoming a parent. with library •How often do you Invaluable! conduct inventory? •Promote local authors? •More training on how to set up and use •Partner with computers businesses to get 10% off coffee when you •Keep up the good show library card? work! •A fine library system! 12