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  • From their perspective as key leaders in the communityTrends that could create opportunities for the library or impact its futureImprovement in terms of additional, more effective, or more efficient services to the community Wanted to learnTheir relationship with the libraryStrengths and weaknesses of the libraryTrends Unmet community needsOpportunities for improvementAdvice for us$1,000,000
  • It is a gift to have the input of non-users.
  • One partner said they weren’t really clear on the library’s story—would like to know more.
  • Later, see how many used library computers or wi-fi over the past year—it’s a lot higher
  • 90% do
  • Satisfied = very satisfied + somewhat satisfiedLower rates of satisfaction correlate with high NA responses in these categories: Quality of programs and events, downloading ebooks and audio, and wait time to use computers
  • Small group discussion, then report out
  • ACCL Steering Committee July 16, 2012 data

    1. 1. Steering CommitteeAthens-Clarke County Library Strategic Plan July 15, 2012 Gail Griffith
    2. 2. Athens-Clarke County Library Planning Process OverviewAthens-Clarke County: The Comprehensive Plan Library Board Input Session Our wiki is a place to share and learn: Library Steering Committee Board Confidential project hotline: Meeting #3: Adopts Review and react Plan to draft documents Steering Committee Meeting #2: Learning more about the library and best practices; gap analysis Gail L. Griffith for Athens-Clarke County Library
    3. 3. Three MeetingsToday July September•Provide information •Learn more about the •Review projectabout community Library and what it is findings andneeds well-positioned to do recommendations•Participate in a trends •Learn about trends inanalysis libraries•Help build a vision of •Help to identifythe community and prioritiesthe library‟s role inmeeting that vision
    4. 4. What We Heard in MayBoard, Steering, Staff SWOT Visions
    5. 5. Organizational Strengths and Weaknesses (From Board, Staff) Strengths Weaknesses•Staff! •Shrinking resources/need financial independence•Youth programming •How to engage non-users?•Access and inclusiveness •Technology upgrades•Technology needed/mobile presence•Collection, including newer •Patron behavior issues and howformats they affect perceptions•Leadership and advocacy, •Stronger programming for adultsincluding at the State level •Internal communication improvements
    6. 6. Trends that Bring Opportunities and ThreatsCommon to the Lists of Board, Steering, and Staff Groups1. High poverty level2. Becoming international, multicultural, and multiracial community— still segregated3. E-books and changes in the publishing industry4. Growing population of seniors5. Education system facing large cuts, flight of affluent families6. High dropout rate7. Technology changing rapidly—what and when to acquire?
    7. 7. Vision ThemesSteering: Ideal Athens Staff: Library of the Year, 2016  Diversity  Libraries can‟t operate in a bubble. Much more partnering is needed. Some of our uniqueness has been  Opportunity lost—so we need to work on that.  Connectedness  The library is an unlimited and inclusive resource for the community,  Caring dedicated to public service with person-to-person interaction, and focusing on learning.  Empowerment  Serving the community by developing  Progressive internal and external relationships, bringing people into the library, and improving the community‟s quality of  Prosperous life  Educated
    8. 8. Stakeholder InterviewsSummary (8 of 13—Interviews still in progress) July 2012 8
    9. 9. Purpose of InterviewsTo collect data from keystakeholdersfor input into the strategic planTo enhance relationships and opportunities for collaboration 9
    10. 10. Who we interviewedBarbara Dooley, businesswoman and motivationalspeaker  Valdon Daniel, Principal ofDoc Eldridge, President and CEO, A-CC Chamber of Oglethorpe Middle SchoolCommerce (retired)Kay Giese, attorney and retired Municipal Court Judge  Phil Pollock, former head of UGA Institute of Government, TalkingCommissioner Kelly Girtz Book volunteerDon Nelson, Communications Coordinator, Athens  Mary Quinn, former City Council,Technical College Friends of the LibraryDr. William Gray Potter, UGA Associate Provost and  Commissioner Harry SimsUniversity Librarian  Julie Walker, Deputy StateDiego del Pozo, UGA Lecturer, Romance Languages Librarian, Athens residentAmanda Tedrow, Agriculture and Natural ResourcesExtension Agent, Cooperative Extension Service 10
    11. 11. Relationship with the LibraryAll positive!Some worked closely with the libraryEven non-users felt positive about the library and its importance to the community 11
    12. 12. StrengthsLibrary  Outreach (3)  Is a presence in the community, makes itself accessible (2)  Levels the playing field, providing opportunities to all  Involves the community  Provides good community meeting space  Provides broad range of services—programs, collection, public meetings, literacy 12
    13. 13. StrengthsTechnology Staff  Helpful and knowledgeable overall Computer access for public, well-used (2)  Provide good service  Children‟s department staff Keeps up to date especially strong  Leadership and Advocacy—Kathie is Online access to one of the strongest Directors in the state PINES and account  “Kathryn and her staff have done an incredible job with limited resources Computers important of providing what the community needs. “ for job seekers 13
    14. 14. StrengthsPrograms Collection Youth programs excellent  Good collection overall (2) and important, help introduce children to  Book collection well-used reading (3)  Galileo Community programs (2) Library is a good partner for programs—handles logistics well and attends to partner‟s needs 14
    15. 15. Weaknesses or Limitations More current e-Books—  Wish we still had bookmobiles— hard to find anything both a symbol and a way to provide access both interesting AND available (2)  More social networking  More activities to draw in the More books on CD (2) whole community? Example— Would love to see a film festival around cultural significant branch with issues great children‟s services  More computer access for on the east side of town disadvantaged? Website could be more  Expand Heritage Room, provide access to statewide user-friendly digitized materials (or promote if already doing) 15
    16. 16. Trends Shift to digital and online (6)  Must be online to participate in the world; can‟t even find a job without it  Technology influences how people read, learn, are entertained  Free access to downloadable books, music, and movies could attract a group of non-users  Easy to get so much from home and office, need to work harder to draw people in  It‟s everywhere—plants at Botanical Garden will have QR codes Economic turnaround—when? (2) Caterpillar plant coming, with jobs (2) 16
    17. 17. Trends High poverty rate (2) Athens is a music town—could the library tie into it? (2) High teen pregnancy rate Latino population growing 17
    18. 18. Unmet Community Needs Bifurcated community in terms of education, jobs, wealth— need to serve both parts of the community (5) Need to engage children in their own education Tremendous resources exist (UGA, Athens Tech); need to do more to determine what synchronicities are possible 20% of public school population is Hispanic, many come from homes where only Spanish is spoken Community always needs space to come together and engage in activities 18
    19. 19. Ideas for Partnering Local history/genealogy programs with UGA Special Collections Library More digitization projects with UGA Orientations for AT students Full-day conference with multiple speakers from CES—maybe a fundraiser for the library? Hold more community events that appeal to broad range of people—not just literature-based programs Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UGA (OLLI) Whatever It Takes: Athens Community Plan for Children 19
    20. 20. Opportunities to Improve Relationship “You are doing it now by reaching out to me! I feel like I need to get involved now.” Be more visible participants in events like those of the Chamber of Commerce, where many potential partners come together. Many expressed interest in creating more links to the community themselves—seemed to be waiting to be asked! 20
    21. 21. Ways to Tell Story Outreach (3)  Go to schools and talk to students  Visit large employers and tell them what‟s in it for their employees  Distribute online newsletter to partners, have them link or distribute within their network Create relationships with opinion leaders and use their word- of-mouth; face-to-face works here (2) Social media—does library have a Facebook page? (2) Get a consultant, skilled volunteer, or marketing intern to help analyze your promotion. Community has large group of retirees with expert knowledge. (2) 21
    22. 22. Ways to Tell Story Need a new marketing campaign with new attitude to go along with the new building. “We‟re here—we rock and roll.” (2) Seek out opportunities to have events like candidate forums that could be broadcast from the library Library Board is key—they should be connected and use their connections 22
    23. 23. Advice for Us Continue to think about how to leverage resources and keep them going Make sure you have marketing and technology expertise on your Board Serve everyone, including the disadvantaged Look for ways to draw non-users in Work with leaders of the Hispanic community Ask for suggestions from the public and show how you‟re acting on them 23
    24. 24. Advice for us It‟s all going digital, you have to be there! “Don’t give up! Think of yourselves as a crucial community resource. Don’t lose sight of this—you are education and learning at the core. And don’t be afraid to say it!” 24
    25. 25. Keep at all Costs… Basic collection (2) Facilities in lower-income neighborhoods Keep technology alive “Children‟s services are the most critical. Nobody else is doing what you are doing for children.” 25
    26. 26. $1,000,000 Improve the lives of the  Outreach—go into the disadvantaged (5) community with books and  Partner with social programs workers and educators to raise their sights  Keep up with trends  Ensure access to technology  Keep collection as strong as possible Put together a dynamite marketing campaign that  Improve technology, makes people think of the including resources library as exciting (2) accessed remotely Put some in an endowment for future needs (2) 26
    27. 27. Library Staff Survey Summary of Feedback July 2012 27
    28. 28. Survey Online Zoomerang survey Sent to all staff Received 54 responses Response rate =? Questions covered  Programs and services  Suggestions for change 28
    29. 29. Demographics: Length of ServiceLess than one year 11%1-5 years 44%6-10 years 19%11+ years 26%Total 100% 29
    30. 30. What would entice the public to use the library more often? Number PercentEasier to use PINES database to find and request books and other materials 45 70%Have the books and media I want available when I want them 41 64%Easier to download books from the librarys website 40 62%Better selection of books, music, and other media 36 56%Knowing more about what services and resources are available 36 56%More computers in the library 34 53%Offer drop-off boxes at other locations in the community so I can return my booksmore easily 23 36%Have staff available to help me when I need it 21 33%Make it possible for me to check out and check in my own materials 20 31%Staff assistance more proactive--staff roving or maintaining constant awarenessand availability to help me 11 17%I am completely satisfied with the services and resources available at the Library 9 14%Staff assistance more courteous 4 6% 30
    31. 31. What else? Small group meeting spaces (3) Better, faster computers and wi-fi throughout building (2) Easier to search PINES Way to pay fines online or by phone More tutorial options for job seekers More staff More computer training Better organized web page, easier to find what services are available Way to keep sleeping patrons from discouraging use by others—solution unknown 31
    32. 32. Select up to Four Critical ServiceResponses 32
    33. 33. If You Could Choose Only One… 33
    34. 34. Top 3 Improvements with LargestImpact on Public Service Be creative and systematic in the recruitment, training, and use of volunteers Provide programs and services (like computer classes) off-site Offer more opportunities for people to enrich their lives. Examples: book discussions, digital content creation labs, programs including music, arts, crafts 34
    35. 35. Community Survey Summary of Feedback July 2012 35
    36. 36. Survey Online Zoomerang survey available on website June 5— July 8 Also distributed in hard copy English and Spanish Received 1097 responses (9 in Spanish) Questions covered  Programs and services  Suggestions for change 36
    37. 37. Where are you completing this survey? Number PercentAthens-Clarke County Library (Athens-Clarke County) 918 84%Online, from somewhere other than a library 139 13%On paper, from somewhere other than a library 8 1%East Athens Resource Center (Athens-Clarke County) 1 0%Lay Park Resource Center (Athens-Clarke County) 2 0%Pinewoods Library & Learning Center (Athens-ClarkeCounty) 8 0%Winterville Branch Library (Athens-Clarke County) 4 0%Lavonia-Carnegie Library (Franklin County) 1 0%Royston Public Library (Franklin County) 3 0%Madison County Library (Madison County) 5 0%Bogart Branch Library (Oconee County) 2 0%Oconee County Library (Oconee County) 4 0%Oglethorpe County Library (Oglethorpe County) 2 0% 1088 100% 37
    38. 38. Demographics: Gender 38
    39. 39. Demographics: Age 39
    40. 40. Demographics: Computer withinternet access at home 40
    41. 41. How often do you visit the library orthe website? 41
    42. 42. Do you have a PINES card? 42
    43. 43. Primary Reason for Visiting the Library or Website TodayBorrow, use, or reserve library material such as books, CDs, DVDs 529 49%Use library computers or wi-fi 211 19%Specifically to complete this survey 84 8%Other, please specify* 69 7%Attend a program or event for children (ages birth-10) 40 4%Get information from the librarys resources, including online research tools 35 3%Use library web site to find information 32 3%Prepare a resume or look for a job online 24 2%Get homework help 9 1%Conduct genealogical research 6 1%Use the photocopier or fax machine 7 1%Borrow an e-book or learn more about e-books 15 1%Attend a program or event for adults 5 0%Attend a program or event for families 5 0%Attend a program or event for teens 2 0%Attend a Friends of the Library meeting or work with the Friends of the Library 4 0%Attend a computer training session 2 0%Apply for or get information about a U.S. passport 2 0%Obtain information from a library staff member 4 0% 43
    44. 44. Other Reasons For Visit Read, study, work using my own laptop Use printer Return items Summer program info 44
    45. 45. How satisfied are you with your visittoday? 45
    46. 46. I would have been more satisfied…If I could have found the material I wanted in the library 95 45%Other, please specify* 50 24%If there were more computers available to use in the library 35 17%If the PINES database had been easier to use 28 13%If there were more electronic resources available 25 12%If the library’s website had been easier to use 17 8%If the website had the information I needed 11 5%If staff were more helpful and courteous 8 4%If there were more staff available to help me 8 4%If the program were more stimulating 6 3% 46
    47. 47. “Other”—I would have been moresatisfied if… Specific subjects, titles  I could request media from were available other libraries There were quiet rooms  E-book downloads were more user-friendly There were more parking  Your hours were longer I could renew my library card online  I could get a job here I could check out books using my smartphone 48 comments 47
    48. 48. Which of the library‟s services have you used in the past year?1. Borrow, use, or reserve library material such as books, CDs, DVDs 824 80%2. Use library computers or wi-fi 474 46%3. Use library web site to find information 290 28%4. Get information from the librarys resources, including online research tools 243 24%5. Obtain information from a library staff member 200 19%6. Attend a program or event for children (ages birth—10) 183 18%7. Use the photocopier or fax machine 174 17%8. Attend a program or event for adults 143 14%9. Attend a program or event for families 131 13%10. Borrow an ebook or learn more about ebooks 125 12% 48
    49. 49. Which of the library‟s services have you used in the past year? (continued)11. Prepare a resume or look for a job online 99 10%12. Apply for or get information about a US passport 47 5%13. Conduct genealogical research 54 5%14. Get homework help 44 4%15. Attend a program or event for teens 40 4%16. Other, please specify* 42 4%17. Attend a Friends of the Library meeting or work with the Friends of the Library 36 3%18. Attend a computer training session 23 2% 49
    50. 50. Other Services Used Host an event  Came on a field trip Tutor  Meet friends Use digital scanner  Donate books Apply for jobs  Attend book sale Get tax forms 37 comments 50
    51. 51. In my experience with the library, I am satisfied with the following:1 Helpfulness/courtesy of staff 942 Overall satisfaction with my most recent experience at the library 913 Hours of operation 844 Availability of the books, movies, and music I want to borrow 835 Ease of using the website to find hours, services, and access online research tools 786 Ease of using the PINES database to find materials, place holds, or renew 72 materials online7 Quality of reference services 708 Access to online research tools 649 Speed of library internet connection 5810 Waiting time to use computers 5011 Quality of programs and events for children 4912 Quality of programs and events for families 4513 Quality of programs and events for adults 4514 Ease of locating and downloading e-books and e-audio 3515 Quality of educational programs, such as computer training 3516 Quality of programs and events for teens 33 51
    52. 52. “Other” Changes Longer hours ($)  Branch library on east side More e-books  Tutorial on the library Finish construction  Longer checkout for DVDs, renew online More fun and free events, including for adults  And many compliments Less noise Require better behavior of patrons 142 comments 52
    53. 53. How do you hear about local community events?1 Friends or family 429 44%2 Newspaper stories 388 40%3 Radio 338 35%4 Newspaper advertisements 308 32%5 Posters and flyers 273 28%6 Email from the sponsoring organization 208 21%7 School 167 17%8 Local television news 158 16%9 Social networks like Facebook or Twitter 160 16%10 Websites of local news organizations 124 13%11 Other, please specify* 87 9%12 Television advertisements 81 8%13 Sponsoring organizations website 72 7%14 RSS feeds or blogs 25 3%15 Text message alerts via cell phone 34 3% 53
    54. 54. “Other” ways to hear aboutcommunity events UGA staff listserv  calendar Community volunteers who visit my neighborhood  Yahoo! Parenting groups Flagpole  We need an Athens web page for cultural events! 78 comments 54
    55. 55. What else would you like us to know? 322 comments! Still being analyzed, but we see:  Lots and lots of kudos, including compliments for individual staff  Requests for specific materials or specific changes to programs  Comments desiring a more „quiet, safe, and pleasant‟ experience 55
    56. 56. What stood out for you?What ideas for changing or emphasizing services do you get from the survey results?
    57. 57. What delights or surprises you?
    58. 58. What other ideas would youlike to see in the mix?
    59. 59. What are the top 3 ideas youthink the Athens-ClarkeCounty Library should pursue?
    60. 60. Next Steps