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The Not So Nuclear Family - Life Insurance Needs for Single Mothers


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The American family has changed so dramatically over the years. Single mothers need to consider their life insurance needs for their families. What would happen to the children if something were to happen to the single mother?.
Some of the things to plan for include:
* A final expense benefit for you and the children. We do not like to think about these things, but there are so many dangers in raising children with accidental deaths, mass murderers and kidnapping. These things could also leave orphans as mothers could be victims, too.
*If you were to pass away today, would your children be able to attend college?
*Who would take care of the children and how would the adoptive parents care for them?
*Have you planned for the children's education while you are still living? How will you finance the education?
There are so many things to consider and whatever you plan, it will take the burden off of the family..

Contact me for a plan of insurance for your family.

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