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What Traffic Generating Techniques are Best For You?


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What Traffic Generating Techniques are Best For You?

  1. 1. What Traffic Generating Techniques are Best For You? Gail Buckley Regardless of what technique you use to drive traffic to your website, once it gets there, you have to convert it for it to be worthwhile. And some traffic will convert better than other traffic. You see, better or worse is a relative term. If traffic converts better but costs more - then maybe it really isn’t a better traffic source for you, it is just a higher-converting source for you. So it is really important that you think about what good or better means to you. Personally, I very much prefer more expensive, higher – converting traffic to less expensive, lower converting traffic. Of course I can buy much more of the low-cost traffic, and get the same total conversion (not percent, just total), for the same price, or perhaps even less, but I prefer to get the higher conversions. I would rather have 100 subscribers who are good buyers than 1000 who are not good buyers. I would rather sell 10 books at $100 each, than to sell 100 at $10 each. The total dollar volume is the same – but it is much easier to service the $100 customers than the $10 customers. So for each of us, there are different types of traffic that might make you the most amount of money. I rank my personal traffic sources by how much money they make me, not by how well they convert to subscribers. You may have a different focus with your list or your products. So my top 4 list might not be the same as yours. But this is mine: Article marketing, joint ventures with other emailers, ezine advertising, and search engine traffic. These are the 4 types of traffic that work best for me. I have spent a lot of time testing, tracking, tweaking, and improving these sources of traffic. IN short, I have done a lot of research and work to get to the point that these sources of traffic convert well for me. If I were to have spent the same time tracking, testing, tweaking, and improving some of the other sources of traffic I have mentioned in this book, then perhaps I would instead be better at those sources than these. All of that to say – you have to pick some sources of traffic that you would like to work with, and become very good with those sources of traffic. Become better than anyone you know. Become #1. Be the best.
  2. 2. My area of expertise is article marketing. I honestly believe, and I have seen the hard evidence to back this up, that I create some of the very highest income levels online primarily with article marketing. Others have much higher incomes than I, but have used other forms of traffic. For me, becoming the best was important to me. Another thing to note: it is hard to be #1 in more than one area. I am not #1 in joint venture emails or ezine advertising, or search engine traffic. Nowhere near it. But I am in article marketing. And not only to I intend to stay there for some time (until one of you takes over!) but I intend to continue to widen the gap between me and the next guy down. For you, you have to choose some area of traffic generation to genuinely become an expert at. Maybe it will not be possible for you to be #1 – but certainly you can become an expert. How to Determine What are the Best Traffic Generating Techniques for You Now that I have shared with you which traffic works best for me, what about you? What traffic source will be best for you? One of the first things to think about is tracking and testing. You simply have to track and to test each source of traffic you use. That is how I found article marketing. When I first got started in the internet marketing niches, I set up a number of different tracking campaigns – probably 25 in total. One of those was article marketing, the others were some of the ones I have included in this book; some of the others are so amateur and I have not included them in this book. They were horrible sources of traffic, and therefore I have chosen not even to share them with you. But the bottom line is I tracked every source of traffic. I created an email campaign right up front, right at the beginning, and I put maybe 7 emails in my autoresponder. And I sent traffic to my squeeze page, monitored the results, and found that only one source of traffic was consistently purchasing from me – people who came to my list after reading one of articles – namely, article marketing. Once realized that, I stopped spending money on just about every other traffic source, and just continued to write articles. And I wrote prolifically – I knew that if articles were driving my traffic, and at this point I could already quantify how much money I was making per article I wrote – that I should simply write more articles.
  3. 3. One of the things that I did that was revolutionary to me and is one of the propelling things that took me from a beginner online to making real money is the way I would think about income. By this time, I was averaging over $100 per day online, and some days would be more or less than others. At that time I probably had $0 days, and days when I made $300. But I didn’t think of it as $0 or $300, I thought of my income in terms of how many articles I wrote. Because think about this: the money I receive today in my paypal account or my merchant account, I didn’t really earn it today. I really earned it 30-60 days ago, when I wrote the ebook I sold or I wrote the article that generated the traffic. So I studied my numbers, looking at the dollar volume of business I was doing, and correlated that with how many articles I had online, and came up with a figure of about $20 per article. I estimated that this was the average amount of business I would do from each article I wrote. Now keep in mind, my articles had only been online for a short period of time, so this did not reflect the total amount an article will produce after it has been online for many months or even years. My current estimate of the future revenue of my articles is around $50, and I even think that will climb. Basically, the mindset I would put myself into is that my daily earnings were $20 per article I would write. So if I wrote 10 articles, I considered myself as earning $200 that day, or if I wrote 20 articles, I would assume that I earned $400 that day, rather than my actual earnings. It has been said that if you want to make more money, work as if you are actually earning the higher amount of money, and soon you will be. In my case, that has certainly been true. At the time of this writing, I am up to $11,000 per month in revenue, and am attempting to work as if I am earning several times that. My prediction is that my income will triple or quadruple by the end of the year, as I continue to write ebooks and articles.