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Designer in the Machine

Big organizations have a reputation as stifling and lonely places where design careers sputter. The structure required to become successful on a large scale traditionally left little room for creative exploration. These places are awakening to the value of design. They are looking to designers to transform their cubicled caverns into design led enterprises. Changing culture is hard, especially when you bring people who think differently together. But we already have the skills to get this done. Using the same user centered tactics that we use to design products and services, designers are creating change. Gail will show how to extend design thinking, empathy, and collaboration to thrive as a designer and be a happy part of something big.

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Designer in the Machine

  1. 1. Designer in the Machine Gail Swanson | @practicallyUX
  2. 2. Welcome
  3. 3. Design defence
  4. 4. Design for the user
  5. 5. Beyond persuasion
  6. 6. Design is change
  7. 7. Human centered change
  8. 8. Pre-contemptation
  9. 9. Contemplation
  10. 10. Preparation
  11. 11. –Scott Berkun “Ideas are made of other ideas.”
  12. 12. Work Differently
  13. 13. Build upon the work of others
  14. 14. Self organize
  15. 15. Best practices are a fallacy
  16. 16. An inclusive process yields better design
  17. 17. Let go
  18. 18. Work with others
  19. 19. Enable non- designers
  20. 20. Talk about risk
  21. 21. Spark divergence
  22. 22. Appreciate progress
  23. 23. Spend time with jerks
  24. 24. The work to create the design is as valuable as the design itself
  25. 25. Be a part of it
  26. 26. Thank you @practicallyUX Gail Swanson