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10lbs of Features in a 5lb App: Tips On Creating Simple Yet Robust Experiences For Mobile Devices

  1. ©Gail Swanson @practicallyux©Gail Swanson @practicallyux 10lbs of Features in a 5lb App TIPS ON CREATING SIMPLE YET ROBUST EXPERIENCES FOR MOBILE DEVICES BY GAIL SWANSON
  2. ©Gail Swanson @practicallyux How do you get IT ALL in THERE? Jim Vtoons
  3. ©Gail Swanson @practicallyux COMPONENTS OF EXPERIENCE brand context interaction
  4. ©Gail Swanson @practicallyux It starts with DESIGN STRATEGY …now more fun and effective!
  5. ©Gail Swanson @practicallyux COMPLEXITY EFFORT PERCEPTION reduce minimize craft TECHNIQUES
  6. ©Gail Swanson @practicallyux 1 reduce COMPLEXITY
  7. ©Gail Swanson @practicallyux©Gail Swanson @practicallyux ruthless prioritization ©Gail Swanson @practicallyux
  8. ©Gail Swanson @practicallyux©Gail Swanson @practicallyux What do they need? ©Gail Swanson @practicallyux
  9. ©Gail Swanson @practicallyux©Gail Swanson @practicallyux mental model ©Gail Swanson @practicallyux
  10. ©Gail Swanson @practicallyux©Gail Swanson @practicallyux feedback loops ©Gail Swanson @practicallyux
  11. ©Gail Swanson @practicallyux 2 reduce EFFORT
  12. ©Gail Swanson @practicallyux©Gail Swanson @practicallyux flow ©Gail Swanson @practicallyux
  13. ©Gail Swanson @practicallyux©Gail Swanson @practicallyux disclosure ©Gail Swanson @practicallyux
  14. ©Gail Swanson @practicallyux©Gail Swanson @practicallyux layering ©Gail Swanson @practicallyux
  15. ©Gail Swanson @practicallyux©Gail Swanson @practicallyux structured choice ©Gail Swanson @practicallyux
  16. ©Gail Swanson @practicallyux 3 craft PERCEPTION
  17. ©Gail Swanson @practicallyux GESTALT principles Max Wertheimer, Wolfgang Kohler, Kurt Koffka, Kurt Lewin
  18. ©Gail Swanson @practicallyux©Gail Swanson @practicallyux closure continuation ©Gail Swanson @practicallyux
  19. ©Gail Swanson @practicallyux©Gail Swanson @practicallyux common fate ©Gail Swanson @practicallyux
  20. ©Gail Swanson @practicallyux©Gail Swanson @practicallyux proximity & similarity ©Gail Swanson @practicallyux
  21. ©Gail Swanson @practicallyux©Gail Swanson @practicallyux reduce interface noise ©Gail Swanson @practicallyux
  22. ©Gail Swanson @practicallyux©Gail Swanson @practicallyux aesthetics ©Gail Swanson @practicallyux
  23. ©Gail Swanson @practicallyux©Gail Swanson @practicallyux reduce COMPLEXITY minimize EFFORT craft PERCEPTION ©Gail Swanson @practicallyux
  24. ©Gail Swanson @practicallyux thank you Gail Swanson Associate Director, UX MANIFEST DIGITAL @practicallyUX