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Mood tunes

  1. 1. Rakeem, Raekwon, Dinah, Whitney & Gerraud
  2. 2. Who, What, When, Where, Why  Our Target Audience: A lot of people would find this useful however its mainly for music lovers  What is the purpose of this app: The purpose of this app is to play songs that reflect your mood and not songs that will make you feel worse.  When & Where: Somewhere where you get internet access.  Why: If you want to listen to music that suits your mood
  3. 3. Problem  When you are upset or angry etc… and you want to listen to some music ,you press shuffle on your song list but a happy song comes on , this doesn’t reflect your mood so you use MoodTunes.  Our app will create a playlist that will relate to your mood , then gradually improve your mood
  4. 4. Question How Can We Improve Other People’s Moods ? How Can We Reflect Other People’s Moods Through Music ? How Can We Use Music To Portray peoples’ emotions ?
  5. 5. Key Insight Statements Mood Tunes is designed to try cheer you up through music (if you are upset, angry or depress) or find music that will suit the mood that your in. e.g. if your happy it will find happy music, if your feel like dance Mood Tunes will find dancing tunes. So mood tunes helps you !
  6. 6. Mini Elevator Pitch Our team, [ANEW’G], has developed an app called mood tunes to help people who feel a certain emotion ,listen to music that reflects their mood. This will then put them in a good mood or they will feel the emotion they want to feel.
  7. 7. User Profile  The users of the app are emotional and have a love for music due to the app can help if your in an emotional wreck through the power of music
  8. 8. Competitors or alternative solutions. That already exist in the market  Our team has searched all the app stores for apps that are similar to what we are creating (MoodTunes), here is a couple of apps we have found and why our app is better :  SoundCloud: This app is a playlist maker , this app doesnt create the playlists on its own,you have to go through every song and add it to a playlist yourself  SoundHound: This app has the same features as Soundcloud , but looking at the reviews this app crashes very often which is bad for business because most customers want a smooth running app
  9. 9. MVP user stories and feature chosen  The apps main feature is for the app to create a playlist of songs to reflect your mood. It then will give you the option to download that songs in that playlist
  10. 10. Flow of app & user feedback integrated MoodTunes MVP is it’s ability to find the music need to suit the mood your in and to cheer you up though the power of music when your in a bad mood.
  11. 11. Key wireframes 1/3
  12. 12. Key wireframes 2/3
  13. 13. [Key wireframes 3/3]
  14. 14. Feasibility Data, Content, Technical Our app will need to be able to easily access the internet to get songs to be put onto the playlist.  The app will also need to be able to access the songs already stored on the device & import them into the playlist
  15. 15. Business Case & Customer Pledges  Our business model : We think this app will sell due to everyone having feelings for songs. On the app you can relate to nearly every single mood, therefore this is an app that will appeal to many people.  The plan: The app will be sold on all markets for free, we will have advertising on our app, we will promote our app on social media websites however, we will charge for music but a reasonable amount.
  16. 16. Marketing Strategy We will promote our app on social media websites. Such as twitter, Facebook etc. Advertise our apps on other apps
  17. 17. Wildcard  The first playlist you download, you get all the songs free!