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Easter in romania


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Published in: Spiritual, Business
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Easter in romania

  1. 1. Easter inRomania By Macarena Rivera 6B
  2. 2. The celebration of theResurrection of Christ isan interesting experiencefor anyone who wants tocome to know Romania.
  3. 3. Where is Romania in EuropeMap of Romania
  4. 4. The beauty and uniqueness of the Easter in Romaniahas been particularly celebrated in the villages.
  5. 5. Fascinated bythe peasants, beautifully dressed in their natinal costumes.
  6. 6. Children are the happiest of alllooking for their gifts and colored eggs in the newly grown grass.
  7. 7. Photos of Easter Eggs They are the citizens who own their eggs are produced, they can do At the end of the with real party make a better eggs or egg contest done.
  8. 8. Tables filled with all kinds of good food and beautiful painted eggs create a festive atmosphere.
  9. 9. Typical foods of Romania
  10. 10. Everywhere around the churches, inthe hills or theplains, people light bonfires and singpraises to our Savior.
  11. 11. They usually makemasks to wear themat night in the fires
  12. 12. The origin of the eggsEaster eggs represent the origin of life.
  13. 13. So Easter is celebrated in Romania