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Car free day 2011 con musica wav


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It is a video about our celebration
Car free day in Luis Cernuda School

Published in: Education
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Car free day 2011 con musica wav

  1. 1. Car free day 2011 CEIP Luis Cernuda Comenius projectHow school children can contribute keeping Earth clean and green
  2. 2. In our school we celebrated European Movility Week We go to school on foot ,by bike, by bus We want our school free of noises and smoke
  3. 3. We drew and createddifferent slogans and noticesthat we show in the walls of our school
  4. 4. We play the traffic game in a traffic circuit
  5. 5. Our students took photographs about how they come to school everyday, and made a poster to concienciate all the schoolstudents and parents to come to school in a helthier way
  6. 6. Other ways to come to school
  7. 7. We will try along this course toconcienciate our educational comunity ina healthy way to come to school CEIP LUIS CERNUDA C/ Maestro Victor Manzano s/n 41950Castilleja de la Cuesta Tel: 0034955622572-4 Email : 41601437.averroes@juntadeandalucia.e s Web: uiscernuda