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If you haven't checked out the upcoming big data business forum, take a minute to look over the agenda. For more info:

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Big Data Business Forum

  1. 1. is proud to present Accelerating Growth through Analytics November 12-14, 2012 • Hotel Nikko, San Francisco, CA A think-tank of marketers, analysts and IT strategists sharing the tools, skills and insights needed at each stage of the data-to-value journey. Extraordinary Stories from the Real-World NEW KEYNOTE - THE Rayid Ghani ORIGINAL GAME-CHANGER Chief Data Scientist Billy Beane Obama for America General Manager 2012 Campaign Oakland As and Subject of Moneyball Philip Shelley Dan Marks Chief Technology Officer Chief Marketing Officer Sears First Tennessee Bank CAPTURE INSIGHTS REAL-TIME the tools, technologies and infrastructure to enable the data ANALYZE & PREDICT OPPORTUNITIES the methodologies, knowledge and know-how to extract insights from structured and unstructured data STRATEGICALLY UNLOCK NEW VALUE where marketing, customer management, human resources and product development leaders drive action Sponsors: Media Partners: Produced by:FAST TRACK YOUR BIG DATA PLAN TODAY
  2. 2. WHO SHOULD ATTEND? If you’re involved in any aspect of the big data continuum, this event is for you. IT Strategists: Enable the Data The lure of big data has many IT strategists moving quickly to consolidate and mash up their data assets to otherAccelerating Growth through Analytics relevant information. The tools are here and the processes are in place to help guide successful data enablement.November 12-14, 2012 • Hotel Nikko, San Francisco, CAWelcome to the event you’ve been asking for... Analysts: Unlock the ValueWith so much hype around big data, it’s time to turn the promise into a reality, which is exactly You hold the key to unlocking thethe mission of this event. With the “business value” rooted in every session, the Big Data insight yet data the former analystBusiness Forum provides the tools, insights and practical advice – no matter where you are in techniques no longer work in a worldyour data-to-value journey. rich with unstructured data. This is your chance to rise to expectations.The sheer volume of data being generated is a global phenomenon. The dizzying amountsof customer records, sound recordings, text messages, Facebook comments and technicalinformation coupled with behavioral and transactional data can paralyze even the mostagile organizations. Marketers: Drive BusinessThe fact is, many leading organizations are already succeeding in using big data analytics as Resultstheir competitive advantage. The application for real-time analytics and predictive modelinglends itself to every business strategy – marketing, customer lifetime value, fraud detection, Never before have business leaders beenprocess improvements, new product development, call center performance – just to name a able to understand their customers onfew. The value is enterprise-wide. such a microscopic level as today. Learn how to use real-time analytics toWhat we heard from research is the unprecedented need for IT and marketers to work optimize your marketing and innovation.together. For that reason, we’ve scoured the nation to bring you the smartest technologists,analysts and marketers – who collaborate and problem-solve under a unified vision. To benefit the most, attend as a team. See page 9 for more details on group pricing.There are so many compelling reasons to attend including:• The original game-changer - Billy Beane in a live moderated Q&A on how he forever changed the game of baseball and how he approaches baseball analytics today.• The untold story – be the first to hear the back story of the most watched big data case Speak, Sponsor or Exhibit study of the year - Obama’s Chief Data Scientist Rayid Ghani.• Real-stories from corporate practitioners using analytics as a platform for change.• Customizable learning – personalize your experience by choosing between two unique This event will be rich with key decision tracks – Data Mining/Advanced Analytics & Actioning the Insights. makers looking to make new investments• Cross-industry speakers – Listen to a diverse group of speakers. with organizing and analyzing their data and• Skills-based workshops – to ensure you dive deep on methodologies and tools.• Get a year’s worth of technology vendor research done in a matter of three days. driving business initiatives. The Big Data Business Forum provides a perfect venue toThis event does more than just talk big data. It engages, provokes, inspires and demonstrates meet those who are actively seeking newthe HOW and WHY and WHAT. ideas and solutions to tap into big data.This isn’t a fad, the big data movement is here to stay. Don’t get left behind.I look forward to seeing you this November in San Francisco. There are only a limited number of opportunities left. For more information on sponsorship and exhibiting opportunities, NEW KEYNOTE ANNOUNCED contact: Simon Copcutt at THE ORIGINAL ANALYTICS GAME-CHANGER - BILLY BEANE or call 1-212- Were pleased to announce Billy Beane as the headline keynote at the event. Hear how he changed the way 885-2771.Amanda Powers baseball, sports and now businesses today use data analyticsProgram Director to make smarter decisions. In this live moderated Q&A, youllBig Data Business Forum have the chance to ask him your specific questions. Connect with CommunityAbout The Organizer Take advantage of year round networking. Customer Management IQ provides news, research, training and networking to over 50,000 customer management executives. It’s a forum for sharing ideas, best practices and solutions within the business community. For more information visit, • 1-800-882-8684 • 2
  3. 3. Agenda at a Glance Speaker FacultyPRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP & OPENING KEYNOTE DAY Monday, November 12, 2012 KEYNOTES11:00 Registration for Workshops11:30-1:30 WORKSHOP A: Data Visualization: Turning Large Data Sets into a Compelling Story (box lunch will be served) Billy Beane1:30-3:30 WORKSHOP B: Big Data Bootcamp General Manager LINKEDIN Oakland As and Subject of Moneyball3:30-5:30 WORKSHOP C: Strategic Planning for Enterprise Big Data THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY Rayid Ghani5:45 Opening Night Keynote Opening Your Eyes to a Data-Driven World Chief Data Scientist, OREILLY MEDIA OBAMA FOR AMERICA6:30 Monday Night Meet-Up 2012 CAMPAIGNMAIN CONFERENCE DAY ONE Tuesday, November 13, 2012 Jonathan Bruner Data Journalist & Editor-at-7:30 Registration & Coffee 9:45 Big Data Getting Bigger 1010DATA, INC. Large7:50 Chairperson’s Welcome 10:30 Profiting from Big Data: From the Trenches OREILLY MEDIA Chairman from 1010data to the Boardroom8:45 KEYNOTE Moneyball: The Art of Winning an UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA Unfair Game 11:15 KEYNOTE Data Analytics for the CORPORATE LEADERS Oakland as and subject Of MOneyball Presidential Elections Joseph Adler, Sr. Data Scientist, LINKEDIN9:00 Morning Networking & Refreshment Break (Big OBAMA FOR AMERICA 2012 CAMPAIGN Joseph Arsenault, Senior Manager, Data Technology Showcase) 12:00 Lunch Analysis/Metrics/Reporting, Breakout sessions begin. Youre welcome to move between tracks. TIME WARNER CABLE K.C. Bradley, Manager, Integrated Talent Track 1: Track 2: Management, CONAGRA FOODS DATA ARCHITECTURE & MINING ANALYTICS & ACTIONING THE INSIGHTS Sara Roberts, Ph.D., Team Leader, Advanced1:00 Big Data Architecture: What to Know before APPLICATION: PRICING STRATEGIES Competing with Analytics, Human Resources, CONAGRA FOODS You Get Started Big Data: The Power of Near-Real-Time at Scale Sameer Chopra, VP, Advanced Analytics, GAP DIRECT SEARS ORBITZ WORLDWIDE1:45 Delivering on Expectations: Core Competencies APPLICATION: CUSTOMER SERVICE Gary Class, SVP, Enterprise Customer Analysis, for Data Scientists Customer Loyalty Resurgence: Using Structured and WELLS FARGO ORBITZ WORLDWIDE Unstructured Data to Uncover Customer Desires Patrick Deglon, Director of Global Traffic Analytics, DIAMOND RESORTS INTERNATIONAL EBAY2:30 Afternoon Networking & Refreshment Break Reto F. Matter, Director, Enterprise Data Architecture, GAP DIRECT3:15 Large Data Methods: Keeping it Simple on the A Big Strategy to Securing Big Data Dan Marks, CMO,FIRST TENNESSEE Path to Big Data VOLTAGE SECURITY MINTED.COM Roberto Medri, Group Manager, Analytics, ETSY4:00 Large-Scale Search, Discovery and Analysis in Making Sense of Social Data John Mulholland VP, Enterprise Data Architecture & Action Center of Excellence, LUCIDWORKS FANNIE MAE Yin Nawaday, Director of Analytics & Process5:30 PANEL DISCUSSION Who Owns Big Data? The People Side of Weaving Big Data into the Organizational Fabric Management, DIAMOND RESORTS Moderated by: CLEARSTORY DATA INTERNATIONAL Panelists include: FIRST TENNESSEE, MACY’S, US ARMY, ALTERYX Mason Nelder, Director of Social Media & Digital Strategy, VERIZON COMMUNICATIONS6:15 Close of Conference Day One Jim Porzak, Senior Director, Business Intelligence, MINTED.COMMAIN CONFERENCE DAY TWO Wednesday, November 14, 2012 Philip Shelley, Chief Technology Officer, SEARS7:30 Registration & Coffee 10:15 The Power of Coalescing Mixed Data Types to Form a Kerem Tomak, VP of Marketing Analytics, MACY’S8:00 How to Organize a Crime Ring and Commit 360 Degree View of your Customer Mortgage Fraud WELLS FARGO LEXISNEXIS 11:00 Delivering Business Value and Growth with Big ACADEMICS, PUBLIC8:45 KEYNOTE Going from Numbers to Knowing: Data Integration SECTOR & THOUGHT- SYNCSORT Transforming Data into Stories & Insight LEADERS NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY 11:45 Instant Intelligence: Transforming Big Data into9:30 Morning Networking & Refreshment Break Business Insights at Speed, at Scale, for Ramakrishna “Ram” Akella, Professor and Competitive Advantage Director, Center for Large Scale Analytics and VMWARE Smart Services & Professor of Informatics, 12:30 Networking Luncheon UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY, SANTA CRUZ & STANFORD UNIVERSITY Breakout sessions begin. Youre welcome to move between tracks. Laura Allen, CRM, US ARMY CORP OF Track 1: Track 2: ENGINEERS DATA ARCHITECTURE & MINING ANALYTICS & ACTIONING THE INSIGHTS Mark Bower, VP of Product Management,1:30 Enabling the Value of Big Data through APPLICATION: CUSTOMER LIFETIME VALUE VOLTAGE SECURITY MetaData Achieving Customer Lifetime Value through Kristian Hammond, Co-Founder, The Intelligent FANNIE MAE Predictive Modeling Information Laboratory, McCormick School of ETSY Engineering & Applied Science, NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY2:15 Using Non-Traditional Techniques and Emerging APPLICATION: HUMAN RESOURCES Technologies for Customer/Market Research Addressing the Baby Boomer Retirement Tsunami: Grant Ingersoll, Chief Scientist, LUCIDWORKS TIME WARNER CABLE A Strategic Approach to Workforce Planning Karthik Kannan, Senior Director, Product CONAGRA FOODS Management & Marketing, VMWARE Keith Kohl, Director, Data Integration Product3:00 Afternoon Networking & Refreshment Break Management, SYNCSORT3:30 From the Big Bang to eCommerce: A Journey in Making Sense of Big Data at CERN and at eBay Stephanie McReynolds, Vice President of Products EBAY and Marketing, CLEARSTORY DATA4:15 BRINGING IT ALL TOGETHER – CONCLUDING KEYNOTE Rick Schultz , Senior VP of Marketing, ALTERYX Morphing into a Social Business: Moving from Strategy to Actualization Jo Prichard, Architect, LEXISNEXIS VERIZON COMMUNICATIONS Sandy Steier, CEO, 1010DATA, INC.5:00 Close of Conference 3
  4. 4. Pre-Conference Workshops • Monday, November 12, 2012Get a head start on your learning experience by attending a hands-on interactive workshop. Register for an all-access pass for the best value.11:00 Registration for Workshops 11:30 - 1:30 (box lunch will be served) A Data Visualization: Turning Large Data Sets into a Compelling StoryData visualization can be a powerful way to simplify complexity. Big Data has the promise to contain valuable information that will drive insights, innovationand discoveries, but it can be difficult to access, digest and communicate. This workshop will show how data visualization, can be used to simplify complexdata insights and drive a deeper understanding of the context in which we operate. 1:30 - 3:30 B Big Data BootcampOver the past few years, many companies have engaged in data hoarding and • Data acquisition and cleaningsifting the astronomical amounts of information from a variety of sources, • Building practical data storage, analysis, and production systemsunstructured, fragmented, and randomly search around for patterns. As you • Visualizing data for exploration and presentationmight suspect, this approach hasn’t been successful as it lacks clear direction. • Learning from dataThis workshop offers a basic introduction to practicing data science. We’ll walk • Building a data science teamthrough several typical projects that range from conceptualization to acquiring Joseph Adlerdata, to analyzing and visualizing it, to drawing conclusions. We assume Sr. Data Scientistfamiliarity with the command line and the ability to use libraries and code. LINKEDINTopics covered include: 3:30 - 5:30 C Strategic Planning for Enterprise Big DataOrganizations today are developing business-value-oriented approaches to Topics addressed include:incorporating big data techniques into their enterprise architecture (EA). This • How to developing a holistic approach to information architecture.requires your business to shift its thinking about business data from a cost to an • Information architecture strategies that incorporate the special characteristicsasset. It also requires that IT avoid the temptation to view big data as a point of candidate big data sets.solution in its own silo. Effective enterprise architecture is the key to enable the • Key attributes required for analysis and develop a sourcing strategy to answerenterprise to address orders of magnitude increases in complexity and orders of important questions about where the data will come from (organic growth ormagnitude increases in the rate of change. EA can be the linchpin to bridge the acquisition); how fast it must be captured; how good it is; and where it will bebig data strategy to execution. maintained.This workshop will explore the role of enterprise architecture as a strategic Brian H. Cameron, Ph.D.planning mechanism for enterprise big data and will discuss approaches and Executive Director, Center for Enterprise Architecture,structures for effective enterprise architecture. College of Information Sciences and Technology, THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITYOpening Night Keynote • Monday, November 12, 2012 • 5:45pm Opening Your Eyes to a Data-Driven World Monday Night Meet-Up Jon Bruner, Data Journalist & Editor-at-Large, OREILLY MEDIA & Monday, November 12, 2012 • 6:30pm • Contributor, FORBES MAGAZINE Location TBA Big data is transforming all aspects of business and society, shifting the problem This is your chance to tap into the wisdom and solving approach from experience and intuition to data and analysis fact-based. experience of your peers. Enjoy “off the This form of data-driven management thanks to improved business intelligence record” conversations with speakers, industry tools and data gathering has become easier and cheaper. This exciting presentation, will exemplify ways data-driven management has been used outside experts and fellow attendees. Get a head start of the private sector—in managing the dams on the Columbia River and keeping on networking by participating in this traffic moving in Los Angeles, for instance. You don’t want to miss this tour around casualyet productive activity. (Cash bar event). the globe demonstrating the versatility and value of data-driven revolution. • 1-800-882-8684 • 4
  5. 5. Main Conference Day One • Tuesday, November 13, 20127:30 Registration & Coffee 10:30 Profiting from Big Data: From the Trenches to the Boardroom Ramakrishna “Ram” Akella8:00 Chairperson’s Welcome Professor and Director, Center for Large Scale Analytics and Smart Services & Chairperson address delivered by : Professor of Informatics UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY SANTA CRUZ & STANFORD KEYNOTE UNIVERSITY Have you noticed that now there’s big data about “big data?” Not only is big8:00 Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game data increasing dominating in both consumer and trade media, but it’s winning mindshare in the C-suite across all industries. Yet, the reality of implementing Billy Beane strategies to ensure the proper storage, management, analysis and usage of General Manager, unstructured and structured data is much more complex than the conversation Oakland As and Subject of Moneyball spotlights. It requires the alignment of key stakeholders, development of a model and the investment in tools and training. Using real-world examples, this session will Go behind the scenes of Michael Lewis best-selling book illustrate how some companies have accelerated their path to achieving top and Moneyball (now a major motion picture) and discover Billy Beanes bottom-line growth showing business examples in marketing, product development, statistical methodology that inevitably led the Oakland As, one of crisis identification and customer engagement. We’ll explore a variety of tools the worst teams in baseball, to four consecutive playoff available including search engines, text mining, social gaming and customer service. appearances and three American League West Division Titles. Billy will share his inspiring underdog story of how he changed the This session will illustrate: game and how businesses everywhere can implement statistical • Goal setting: How to focus on effective and integrated metrics for success methodology to gain a competitive advantage. • How to identify the data components you need to avoid getting lost in a sea of data • How to develop a model that illustrates strategy and guides effective9:00 Morning Networking & Refreshment Break implementation9:45 Big Data Getting Bigger KEYNOTE Sandy Steier 11:15 Data Analytics for the Presidential Elections CEO 1010DATA, INC. Rayid Ghani When most people think about Big Data, they think about data Chief Data Scientist collected or generated by a single organization and, more often OBAMA FOR AMERICA 2012 CAMPAIGN that not, used by that same organization. With obvious examples like social media sites and telecoms, there is no question that the This year’s reelection campaign took a page out of the private sector, by hiring data from one organization can be big. Looked at in this way, the veteran data scientist, Mr. Ghani to serve as the “Chief Data Scientist” for the challenge of Big Data is primarily a technological one: How can Obama campaign. Mr. Ghani along with his team of analysts had the task of an organization collect and manage Big Data and make it sifting through reams of data available through the Internet and feeding it to accessible to users? hundreds of staff members on the ground in all 50 states. In this exciting keynote address, you’ll get a first hand look inside the walls of the campaign and But what if we expand our thinking to allow organizations to how they used social, text and real-time analytics along with predictive modeling share their Big Data with other organizations? We now are to identify voter patterns, sentiment and other opportunities. Taking place just confronted with even greater technological hurdles and new one week following the election, you’ll be amongst the first to hear how big data challenges with regards to how data is accessed, explored and analytics was applied at an unprecedented scale. analyzed. In this session we will discuss some of the benefits, use cases and challenges of sharing Big Data. 12:00 Lunch Breakout sessions begin. Youre welcome to move between the tracks to create your optimal learning experience. Track 1: Track 2: DATA ARCHITECTURE & MINING ANALYTICS & ACTIONING THE INSIGHTS1:00 Big Data Architecture: What to Know before You Get 1:00 APPLICATION: PRICING STRATEGIES Started Competing with Big Data: The Power of Near-Real-Time at scale Check out his recent Reto F. Matter podcast interview in Director, Enterprise Data Architecture Dr. Philip Shelley the resource center GAP DIRECT Chief Technology Officer SEARS If you’re new to big data and want to know how to get started, this session is for you. Reto Matter will share what you need to In this session, youll learn how Sears identified that while they had brand know as you build out a roadmap as well as include tips on how recognition, they wanted to improve customer-specific rewards and offers: to ensure your information architecture matches us with They wanted to be sure that their best customers are treated as their best business needs. customers. Hear how Sears tackled this challenge using a Hadoop-based platform to gain a deep understanding of their customers and how they used Topics to be covered include: insights to create an award-winning loyalty program. • How big is your Big Data? • Who is the audience for Big Data? Phil will introduce the emerging approach to convert legacy mainframe and • Big Data does not have to translate to Hadoop distributed workload to Hadoop, even in more traditional companies where • Real Time vs. Right Time Data Needs Hadoop may not have previously been considered. • The NoSQL Landscape – it’s crowded • How to use big data analytics to create a personalized customer experience • The (hidden) cost of Big Data • Transforming from a legacy company to a big-data driven company • What to expect in the next few years • How to modernize your computing system using less expensive, more effective options • How to realize substantial cost savings by leveraging Hadoop for heavy batch processing • 1-800-882-8684 • 5
  6. 6. Main Conference Day One • Tuesday, November 13, 2012 continued Breakout sessions continued... Track 1: Track 2: DATA ARCHITECTURE & MINING ANALYTICS & ACTIONING THE INSIGHTS1:45 Delivering on Expectations: Core Competencies for 1:45 APPLICATION: CUSTOMER SERVICE Data Scientists Customer Loyalty Resurgence: Using Structured and Sameer Chopra Unstructured Data to Uncover Customer Desires VP, Advanced Analytics Yin Nawaday ORBITZ WORLDWIDE Director of Analytics & Process Management The McKinsey Institute predicts a need for 1.5 million additional DIAMOND RESORTS INTERNATIONAL mangers and analysts in the United States who can ask the right With more than 200 managed and affiliated resorts worldwide questions and consume the results of the analysis of big data and half a million owners, Diamond Resort International is a effectively. This session is geared for statistical modelers and advanced global hospitality company and a leader in the vacation analytics professionals. You’ll learn about the changing landscape and ownership industry. This session will examine how Analytics has the skill sets required for data miners in the new era of Big Data. driven improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. How do we • While statistical modeling is not going away, analytics groups make BI part and parcel of the Business? We will discuss how to are advised to leverage machine-learning approaches as well. make data actionable and how transactional, behavioral, • While traditional statistical modeling software packages are not psychographic and demographic data are used to build a 360 going away, analytics groups need to actively embrace new degree view of the customer. In addition, this session will skill-sets in emerging software such as open-source tools (e.g., provide concrete examples of how data moves the needle at R, MongoDB) and Big Data tools (e.g: Hadoop). Diamond Resorts International.2:30 Afternoon Networking & Refreshment Break 2:30 Afternoon Networking & Refreshment Break3:15 Large Data Methods: Keeping it Simple on the Path 3:15 A Big Strategy to Securing Big Data to Big Data Mark Bower Jim Porzak VP of Product Management Senior Director, Business Intelligence VOLTAGE SECURITY MINTED.COM Big Data provides a powerful ability to gain deeper insights and Let’s face it, doing big data is hard. Sure, if you are Facebook or eBay make more intelligent decisions in how you analyze and manage big data is your world. Most of us are not there yet, but we would your business. However, regulatory constraints and security risks like to be. In the meantime, we owe it to our business partners to can limit the extent of adoption and the value that it can deliver. answer their data driven questions as quickly and efficiently as Traditional security defenses, including firewalls and access possible. Can we start using traditional DBMS tools on our “large controls, reduces the ROI on your Big Data investment by data” and keep open a migration path to big data systems? constraining analytics to only non-sensitive information, and You will learn: ultimately lack the ability to adequately protect your data. • Why chose to stay with traditional DBMS tools. • How we do what’s thought of as big data problems: log file Taking a new, bigger security strategy can have a dramatic analysis, sessionization of site visits, and segmentation of our impact in allowing you to realize the value of Big Data, while member base. ensuring your data is completely protected across its entire life- • What our migration paths are to scale up to big data. cycle. This presentation will review some of the challenges and opportunities in securing sensitive corporate, financial and4:00 Large-Scale Search, Discovery and Analysis in Action customer data in Big Data systems, including: • How to close the current security gaps and reduce exposure Grant Ingersoll • How to ensure compliance to critical security and privacy Chief Scientist regulations LUCIDWORKS • How a data-centric strategy can help reduce fraud, and Building Big Data applications that offer the ability to obtain new mitigate risk and unique business insights -and also scale to meet the most demanding environments requires an echo-system of services that seamlessly cooperate. Many open source tools exist where 4:00 APPLICATION: DIGITAL MARKETING each plays a key role in the overall Big Data development Making Sense of Social Data challenge. By tightly integrating these tools, a comprehensive Digital data from growing customer interactions is growing at an Big Data development platform emerges that takes advantage of exponential rate. You have information about your customers, the needed services, is low cost and extensible. prospects, influencers and competitors. Yet, it’s not until this data • How to effectively leverage open source tools like Hadoop, Solr, is analyses through linguistic and social sentiment analysis that Mahout and others to better enable user access to big data. you’re able to extract actionable insights. In this session, you’ll • The importance of discovering interesting information based on hear how JPMorgan Chase has harnesses this data in a cost- a variety of features like recommendations, summaries and effective way and identified patterns and opportunities which other insights. they’ve applied to get the most from their marketing efforts. • Understanding the value of both ad hoc and real time access to large volumes of semi-structured content. PANEL DISCUSSION5:30 Who Owns Big Data? The People Side of Weaving Big Data into the Organizational FabricModerated by Stephanie McReynolds, Vice President of Products and Companies everywhere are turning to analytics to gain a competitive edge. As they do,Marketing, CLEARSTORY DATA they must resolve unique demands on their information technology, their structure, Panelists: their process and their culture. Most critical is diversity of people at all levels and across functions to turn data into business value. Yet, this works against traditional business Dan Marks Laura Allen models where functions operate in silos and marketing and technologists have typically Chief Marketing Officer CRM not collaborated. This panel will discuss the enterprise-wide commitment and FIRST TENNESSEE US ARMY CORP OF ENGINEERS organizational shift that is needed to weave analytics into the organizational fabric. You don’t want to miss this provocative and candid conversation with key leaders Kerem Tomak Rick Schultz who’ve sailed these waters already. VP of Marketing Analytics Senior VP of Marketing Did you know? First Tennessee Bank achieved an ROI of more than 600% using MACYS ALTERYX predictive analytics to more intelligently target offers to customers6:15 Close of Conference Day One 6
  7. 7. Main Conference Day Two • Wednesday, November 14, 20127:30 Registration & Coffee richer set of information on the Customer, as most interactions were only available as unstructured data, if at all.8:00 How to Organize a Crime Ring and Commit New data processing technologies now make practical the Mortgage Fraud ability to create a common topography of Customer-to-Firm Jo Princhard interactions by coalescing structured (administrative), semi- Architect structured (machine-machine communication) and unstructured (voice & video) data. LexisNexis Fraud in the financial services sector is rampant costing the 11:00 Delivering Business Value and Growth with Big economy billions of dollars. Fraud schemes are constantly Data Integration evolving in the mortgage sector. Socialized and Crowd Sourced Keith Kohl Fraud operating in organized networks is extremely difficult to detect. This presentation will discuss how to organize a crime Director, Data Integration Product Management ring, how fraud is scaled through social networks along with how SYNCSORT to detect mortgage fraud leveraging Big Data. The presenter will Successful Big Data initiatives require data integration cover the following: environments that are high-performing and highly-scalable to • Showcase a big data mashup involving 600 million deeds turn data into actionable insights — fast. In this environment, records, 4 billion person to person associations, 270 million many organizations are realizing that conventional data active identities and mathematical graph magic (not a map- integration approaches are not up to the challenge posed by and-reduce process). Big Data; using them is too costly and complex to manage. As • Through visualizations discuss the many insights gained about a result, alternative solutions are gaining momentum among schemes like equity stripping, strategic premeditated defaults those who rely on Big Data to drive real business value. and more. • comScore has built and defined a market by leveraging • Show how to translate these insights into enterprise product Big Data to help its customers succeed in the digital world. and growth opportunities. The company monitors, collects, and analyzes over 32 billion records a day — amounting to terabytes of information —8:45 Going from Numbers to Knowing: Transforming to provide unique insights about users’ online and offline Data into Stories & Insight behavior. Kristian Hammond • Attend this session to discover how comScore leverages Co-Founder Syncsort DMExpress and Hadoop to uncover the fourth THE INTELLIGENT INFORMATION LABORATORY, McCormick “V” of Big Data, Value, while allowing them to reduce costs, School of Engineering & Applied Science, NORTHWESTERN support business growth, and maintain competitiveness. UNIVERSITY 11:45 Instant Intelligence: Transforming Big Data into Conventional wisdom says that in order to understand anything Business Insights at Speed, at Scale, for in business, you need to track it and amass the data associated Competitive Advantage with business processes, But this data is meaningless unless it can be converted to insight and communication. Karthik Kannan Senior Director, Product Management & Marketing In this talk, you’ll learn about new Artificial Intelligence VMware technology that is able to transform data into stories and insight. The core technology, developed by Narrative Science, is able to It is no secret that broadband speeds and connectivity are generate evidence-based reports that are both insightful and driving hyper growth in customer’s social conversations, indistinguishable from those written by people. Given any data mobile interactions and location-based applications in repository, the system can generate a wide variety of reports unprecedented ways. These actions are producing very large (long form reports, executive summaries, or even tweets) aimed volumes of data mostly unstructured (text, photo, video, at the goals and communication needs of different stakeholders. audio) in a variety of ways and arriving at different velocities • Transforming data into stories and insight at the enterprise. In this session, you’ll learn how Cetas is • Automatic content generation enabling businesses to transform Big Data into business • A data driven approach Artificial Intelligence insights in real-time for a competitive advantage: • Learn to Discover new customer patterns and trends for9:30 Morning Networking & Refreshment Break monetization • Know how to Analyze and correlate events from multiple10:15 The Power of Coalescing Mixed Data Types to Form a data sources as they arrive 360 Degree View of your Customer • Determine how to Predict events just before it really Gary Class happens Senior Vice President, Enterprise Customer Analysis • Close the loop by Acting on insights that maximize returns WELLS FARGO 12:30 Networking Luncheon The 360 degree view of the Customer’s relationship to the Firm is a noble and illusive goal. Historically, the analyst and decision- Breakout sessions begin. See next page for details. maker in the Firm was hampered by the inability to gather aVENUE INFORMATION The Hotel Nikko 222 Mason Street, San Francisco, CA 94102 Group Rate-$299 + 15.65% tax 415-394-1111 • Please identify you are part of the IQPC – Big Data Business Forum group to ensure the special rate. Note that you are eligible for this rate three day Experience the fine art of hospitality and the ultimate in prior and three days post the event. personal service set in the midst of a city world-famous for its Reservations Telephone- (415) 394 – 1111 or 800 – 248 - 3308 charming history and its cutting-edge style. Hotel Nikko, just steps from Union Square in the heart of San Francisco, is an Please make your reservation before October 26, 2012 in order to ensure ideal destination for business travel or a special getaway. you are eligible for the group rate. • 1-800-882-8684 • 7
  8. 8. Main Conference Day Two • Wednesday, November 14, 2012 continued Breakout sessions begin. Youre welcome to move between the tracks to create your optimal learning experience. Track 1: Track 2: DATA ARCHITECTURE & MINING ANALYTICS & ACTIONING THE INSIGHTS1:30 Enabling the Value of Big Data through MetaData 1:30 APPLICATION: CUSTOMER LIFETIME VALUE John Mulholland Achieving Customer Lifetime Value through VP Enterprise Data Architecture & Center of Excellence Predictive Modeling FANNIE MAE Roberto Medri Group Manager, Analytics The effective branding of Big Data has brought many service ETSY providers to the marketplace with a primary focus of rapidly advancing IT tools and solutions. Unfortunately data issues cannot be addressed by IT alone. Successful implementation of Big Data Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is one of the most frequently challenges can only be realized when technology is effectively referenced and misinterpreted metrics in data-driven marketing. aligned with business processes, underlying data and its lineage to This talk will introduce a formal and understandable definition internal and external data models. The odds are that many for CLV and will illustrate an approach to estimate it at the initiatives will come up short unless programs include the core individual customer level in a non-subscription business like Etsy. foundational enablers provided through Meta Data management. Individual-level estimation enables businesses to answer fundamental questions like Who will be my best customers? or From this presentation you will learn: Who are the customers that I am about to lose?. We will • Why Meta Data management is such a critical success factor to provide examples of initiatives Etsy has pursued following CLV all data initiatives, regardless of industry sector • How firms are addressing their data challenges and reaping the data, and what results they brought to the company. benefits from leveraging the core foundational Meta Data programs. • What is going on across industry sectors, legislation, and within the regulatory communities globally that is bringing this issue to the forefront2:15 Using Non-Traditional Techniques and Emerging 2:15 APPLICATION: HUMAN RESOURCES Technologies for Customer/Market Research Addressing the Baby Boomer Retirement Tsunami: A Joseph Arsenault Strategic Approach to Workforce Planning Senior Manager, Analysis/Metrics/Reporting K.C. Bradley, Manager Sara Roberts, Ph.D. TIME WARNER CABLE Integrated Talent Management Team Leader, Advanced Analytics, CONAGRA FOODS Human Resources This session will utilize facilitated moderation to explore how CONAGRA FOODS non-traditional methods and technologies can be leveraged across massive data sets to gain customer and market insight. In At ConAgra Foods, approximately 40% of its employees will become this interactive session, you will participate in exploring strategies retirement eligible in the next ten years. This will require to organize to for: fully mobilize its resources to fill these vacancies with high caliber talent. • Using customer satisfaction survey responses to drive new In this session, you’ll learn how data mining, forecasting and predictive client innovations analytics are being used to ensure that the organization is effectively • Social media as a catalyst for real-time marketing feedback managing workforce planning. Specific areas addressed include: • Leveraging database and predictive analytics to drive • Defining data requirements – how to get what we needed to make performance management meaningful decisions. • Optimizing qualitative and quantitative measures • Determining the process to effectively forecasting for a workforce of 25,000 employees. • Implementing the model – how to engage the organization in the work to be done. • Realizing the benefits – how to dollarize the impact to the organization.3:00 Afternoon Networking & Refreshment Break3:45 From the Big Bang to eCommerce: A Journey in Making Sense of Big Data at CERN and at eBay Patrick Deglon Director of Global Traffic Analytics EBAY Reflection on similarities and differences between big data analysis at CERN (the European Laboratory for Particle Physics), studying the creation of the Universe, and at eBay, studying customer behaviors to optimizing marketing, site and pricing. • How complexity can spark innovation, but also kill effectiveness • Why an embedded or client-centric Analytics organization is not necessarily a great idea • Why analyst creativity is antagonistic to executive reporting BRINGING IT ALL TOGETHER – CONCLUDING KEYNOTE4:30 Morphing into a Social Business: Moving from Strategy to Actualization Mason Nelder In this interactive session, we will explore challenges and approaches to how businesses are changing to embrace Director of Social Media & the future of social insights, internally and externally. Here are a few topics to seed this exploration. Digital Strategy • Breaking data down to consumable value that maps to business priorities VERIZON COMMUNICATIONS • Organizational structuring for collaboration • Balancing collaboration with the urgency of business • Internal focus for external success5:15 Close of Conference • 1-800-882-8684 • 8
  9. 9. Special Thanks To Our Sponsors LexisNexis® Risk Solutions offers a proven, data-intensive supercomputing platform designed for the enterprise to process and solve Big Data analytical problems. As a superior alternative to Hadoop and legacy technology, HPCC Systems offers a consistent data-centric programming language, two processing platforms and a single, complete end-to-end architecture for efficient processing. Customers, such as financial institutions, insurance carriers, insurance companies, law enforcement agencies, federal government and other enterprise-class organizations leverage the HPCC Systems technology through LexisNexis® products and services. For more information, visit HPCC Systems at Cetas by VMware provides Real-time Big Data analytics for online businesses and enterprises to help executives, strategists, marketers, business analysts and IT to extract insights, take action and influence business outcomes. In short, Cetas by VMware provides the fastest path from data to business insights. Cetas’ next-generation platform is designed to scan, index, and process over a billion events per day and correlate them from a variety of data sources including live data streams and provide insights in seconds or less. This high performance platform also provides advanced analytics capabilities including – clustering, recommendation, automatic pattern extraction, predictions and real-time navigation. Syncsort is a leading provider of high-performance data integration solutions ideally suited for today’s complex Big Data environments. For more than a decade, Syncsort DMExpress® software has been used to integrate, optimize and migrate data in thousands of applications around the world. DMExpress solutions enable organizations to maximize the value of Big Data through the application of fast, efficient, simple, cost-effective data integration technology. Independent analyst research has shown that DMExpress typically delivers up to 65% lower TCO compared to convention data integration solutions, with a 200% ROI and nine-month payback period. For more information, visit 1010data provides a unique, cloud-based platform that unifies Big Data and analytics. It is used by hundreds of the world’s largest retail, manufacturing, telecom, and financial services enterprises because of its proven ability to deliver actionable insight from very large amounts of data more quickly, easily andinexpensively than any other solution. The company combines ultra-fast database technology, a broad array of built-in functions for advanced analytics, and an intuitive spreadsheet user interface, and delivers them as a managed service. There is no hardware or software to buy, no technical skills are required, and setup is fast and easy The Teradata Aster MapReduce Platform is the market-leading big data analytics solution. This analytic platform embeds MapReduce analytic processing for deeper insights on new data sources and multi-structured data types to deliver analytic capabilities with breakthrough performance and scalability. Teradatas solution utilizes Asters patented SQL-MapReduce® to parallelize the processing of data and applications and deliver rich analytic insights at scale. Companies including Barnes & Noble, Intuit, LinkedIn, and Gilt Groupe use Teradata Aster to deliver applications such as digital marketing optimization, social network and relationship analysis, and data science. For more information, visit or for more about Teradata, visit Voltage Security®, Inc., is the leading data protection provider, delivering secure, scalable, and proven data-centric encryption and key management solutions, enabling customers to effectively combat new and emerging security threats. Powered by groundbreaking encryption innovations, including Identity-Based Encryption™, Format-Preserving Encryption™, and Page- Integrated Encryption™, our powerful data protection products allow any company to seamlessly secure all types of sensitive corporate and customer information, wherever it resides and however it is used, while efficiently meeting regulatory compliance and privacy requirements. For more information, visit LucidWorks is the trusted name in Search, Discovery and Analytics, delivering the only enterprise-grade embedded search solutions built on Apache Lucene/Solr open source search. The LucidWorks Product Suite consists of two development platforms – LucidWorks Search and LucidWorks Big Data. LucidWorks Search delivers unmatched scalability to billions of documents, with sub-second query and faceting response time. LucidWorks Big Data tightly integrates key Apache projects needed to build and deploy applications needing access to multi-structured data. Leveraging the scalable power of Apache projects such as Lucene/Solr, Hadoop, Mahout and Zookeeper enables organizations to meet Big Data requirements: Volume, Variety and Velocity. ClearStory Data makes it easy to gather and explore big, diverse, dispersed data for faster and more intuitive insights. ClearStory Data’s application enables business users to find, combine, and explore data from private Big Data, web, and premium data sources for converged insights. ClearStory Data’s solution is architected for high performance, scalable, interactive analysis of data derived from multiple sources. The New York Times has called ClearStory Data “Big Data for the Rest of Us.” Alteryx, Inc. provides indispensable analytic solutions for enterprise companies making critical decisions about how to expand and grow. Our product, Alteryx Strategic Analytics, is a BI and analytics solution designed for Data Artisans and business leaders that brings together the market knowledge, location insight, and business intelligence todays organizations require. For more than a decade, Alteryx has enabled strategic planning executives to identify and seize market opportunities, outsmart their competitors, and drive more revenue. Customers like Experian Marketing Services and McDonalds rely on Alteryx daily for their most important decisions. Headquartered in Irvine, California, and with offices in Boulder and San Francisco, Alteryx empowers 250+ customers and 200,000+ users worldwide. Get inspired today at or call 1-888-836-4274. Alteryx is a registered trademark of Alteryx, Inc. Other products named herein may be trademarks of their respective owners and are hereby recognized. Factual provides access to definitive global data for powering web and mobile apps, mobile advertising, and enterprise solutions. Using its sophisticated big data stack, Factual builds data products that leverage contributions from partners, user communities, and the web. Factual’s first offering is its Global Places suite of data and APIs, which provides access to more than 63 million places in 50 countries along with entity mapping, resolution, and geo ad-targeting services. Its second offering is its Products suite of data and APIs. Factual is funded by Andreessen Horowitz and Index Ventures. For more information on Factual, go to If youre interested in exploring sponsorship and exhibiting opportunities, please contact Simon Copcutt at If youre interested in exploring media partnership opportunities, please contact Gahwui Kim at • 1-800-882-8684 • 9
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