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A new way to define a productive worker


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This slideshow follow the excellent Meet Charlie from Scott Gavin. More to come.

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A new way to define a productive worker

  1. A new way to define a productive worker [with Enterprise 2.0]
  2. This slideshow is intended to show what I think productivity is in Enterprise 2.0 environment
  3. He’s David …
  4. … and she’s Jessica
  5. David begins at 7am and leaves at 6pm… and his boss, really likes it that way His boss doesn’t care about what he’s doing… but he’s there !
  6. For Jessica and her boss, hours doesn’t matter, only results are important
  7. David lives for emails, he’s in his inbox more than 4 hours a day He has to answer instantaneously to each email
  8. Jessica uses the appropriate tools to get the right information at the right moment She can focuses on what’s really productive
  9. She’s using IM [instant messaging] if she wants instant answer
  10. … a wiki to archive what would be usefull for her team
  11. Jessica and her team are using a blog to make announcements
  12. … and they are all using RSS feeds to keep an eye on what’s happening
  13. David is always at his office He also often fake working
  14. Jessica use presence detection like Twitter to show everybody what she’s doing right now
  15. For David, information flows are hierarchical
  16. But for Jessica, lateral connexions inside and even outside the enterprise are mainstream
  17. Sharing is a real lever in her organization
  18. David gets recriminations when he’s surfing too much
  19. Jessica surfs on the web to understand the present and anticipate the future
  20. For David, reflection and long-term planning are the rule
  21. According to Jessica, everything changes very quickly , then she’s trying different projects and focuses on now
  22. They won’t all succeed, but some will be incredible
  23. Enterprise 2.0 made simple by Pascal Veilleux and Caroline Gagnon