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VoterPool. Everybody In.


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VoterPool is the free and easy way to arrange carpools to the polls.

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VoterPool. Everybody In.

  1. 1. Everybody in. VoterPool is the free & easy way to arrange carpools to the polls. SPONSORSHIP & PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES
  2. 2. EVERYBODY IN. Calling all Riders. Calling all Drivers. VoterPool is the free and easy way to arrange carpools to the polls. VoterPool’s easy to use interface allows both voters in need of a ride and voters with cars to connect to go to the polls. Using both an online platform, integrated with mobile applications and other capabilities, VoterPool provides multiple ways to connect to get citizens to the polls on Election Day.
  3. 3. HOW IT WORKS + = VOTERS VoterPool provides an easy to use interface that allows both voters in need of a ride to the polls and voters with rides to link up. VoterPool wants to be the missing link in the voter mobilization world, building an online community to make voting, a key to participating in the political process, more accessible.
  4. 4. IF YOU ARE A RIDER A rider has the ability to set up a quick profile, entering just their name, email address, and general location. We keep the sign up short and sweet. By creating a username, password, and identifying their polling place by entering in their address in our handy database, in a less two minutes, riders put up their request for a ride.
  5. 5. IF YOU ARE A DRIVER Registering to be a driver is just as simple. In addition to creating a username, password, and polling place, drivers can list how many riders they can take through a drop down menu. As riders sign up, drivers adjust their drop down menu to let other riders know how many seats are left in their car.
  6. 6. WHY VoterPool? The voter education and registration field is filled with organizations engaged in powerful work to get citizens registered and educated on the issues. As a team comprised of former grassroots organizers and campaign workers, one of the things we noticed was missing was a focused effort to mobilize people to the polls the day of the election. There are a variety of reasons why registered voters do not make it to the polls. They cannot locate their polling place, push it off until the end of the day when it may be too late, or they lack transportation to the polls.VoterPool works to solve all three of these problems. VoterPool also provides a way for even the busiest people to remain civically engaged in their communities, helping fellow citizens take part in one of the most important civic exercises someone can take part in: casting their ballot.
  7. 7. EXPANSION PLANS VoterPool is right now in a private beta stage. ✓ In October and November 2009, private beta invites will be sent out for select users to use and provide feedback on the site. ✓ The VoterPool iPhone application will be available by December 2009. ✓ The official public launch of VoterPool will be in January 2010. ✓ Other mobile applications, such as Blackberry, will be launched by February 2010. ✓ In early 2010, VoterPool will expand to states with Gubernatorial primaries. ✓ By August 2010, VoterPool will be available in all fifty states.
  8. 8. Partners VoterPool is seeking cross-promotional partnership opportunities. Since getting our fellow citizens to the polls takes a few steps, VoterPool seeks to work with pre-existing causes and organizations in the voter education and mobilization space. VoterPool is strictly non-partisan. Our goal is to get people to the polls. Period. VoterPool will be building out a comprehensive list of voter resources on its website and featuring its partners prominently in different areas within both the online platform and the various mobile applications. VoterPool is looking for partners willing to share VoterPool with their supporter base, feature VoterPool on their own websites and help promote the availability of the tool.
  9. 9. Sponsors VoterPool is looking for sponsors to provide financial support for the growth and sustainability of VoterPool. VoterPool provides product and brand placement opportunities through both the online platform and mobile applications. Pop-up ads are available for both platforms as well as placement opportunities in VoterPool video and other media used to spread the word. VoterPool taps into a large market of potential consumers and citizens who are already engaged. Our audience is an audience ready and willing to try new products and serve as brand ambassadors of your product. The interactive nature of VoterPool also allows us to make of your sponsorship dollars more affective. Users will interact with your brand as they use VoterPool versus having to dig for a static logo on our website or in print materials.
  10. 10. We’re just getting started The team behind VoterPool also makes it unique. VoterPool is a project of REALPOLITECH, a group of under-30 Millennial social entrepreneurs. We love helping causes do what they do better and building tools that will help people become more politically and socially active. The strategists and developers work with non-profits and small businesses on the service side of this hybrid business. This work helps to support the development of free, cause-based public projects like VoterPool. We are just getting started...but we need your help.
  11. 11. Partner. Sponsor. Connect. For more information, please contact the VoterPool crew at REALPOLITECH. Christina Gagnier 909.576.1411 We will be available at in the next two months. Visit the site to request an invite to our private beta launch.