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Nfcm 2010 campaign kit


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Nfcm 2010 campaign kit

  1. 1. mymyHERO HERO Because  every  little  hero  needs  a  big  one. National  Fam ily  Caregiver’s  M onth  2010 Give  Thanks  &  Support  Their  Caregivers   During  National  Family  Caregivers  Month
  2. 2. mymyHEROHERO I  love  that  you  stick  to  me   like  glue  when  I  am  sick. -­‐-­‐  Alex
  3. 3. mymyHEROHERO Thirty  days.  Thirty  children.  Thirty  stories.   During  the  month  of  November,   celebrate  National  Family  Caregiver’s  Month  with  a   gift   that   will   have   a   real   impact:   a   $30   donation   that   will   help   the   caregiver   of   a   catastrophically  or    terminally-­‐ill  child.   myHERO,  an  initiative  of  the  Andre  Sobel  River  of  Life  Foundation,  is  calling  on  you,   mothers,  fathers,  grandparents,  siblings,  and  others,  to  support  caregivers,  who  are  the   heroes   that   makes   things   a   little   easier   and   less   scary   when   a   child   faces   a   serious   illness.   Donations    for  $30  will  go  to  help  alleviate  the  burden  faced  by  single  caregivers.   Follow  myHERO  on  Twitter  @asriveroflife.     Tweet  for  awareness  and  share  your  experiences  by  using  the  hashtag  #myhero.
  4. 4. mymyHEROHEROTheir  Stories Thirteen  year-­‐old  Christopher  has   a  very  aggressive  bone  cancer  and   has   already  endured  a   lower   leg   amputation   to  prevent   the   disease   from   spreading.   Just   when   his   family   thought   his   treatment   was   wrapping  up,  Christopher  had  a  relapse  and  is  now  back  in  the  hospital   because  the  cancer  has  travelled  to  his  lungs.    While  he  bravely  fights   to  overcome  his  cancer,  Christopher’s  mother   is  at  his  bedside  every   day.     Sadly,   like   many   parents   caring   for   a   child   with   a   life-­‐threatening   illness,   Christopher’s   single   mom   lost   her   full-­‐time   job   during   the   intense  treatments   following  Christopher’s   initial  diagnosis.  To  make   ends   meet,  she  has   patched  together  the  family’s  finances  with  odd   jobs.  Now,  working  is  simply  not  viable.  She  must  be  at  Christopher’s   bedside  to  provide  comfort,  love  and  advocacy.       ASRL  has  already  stepped  in  to  catch  the  family  up  on  its  electric  bills,   but   they  will   have  many  more  urgent   financial   needs   as   Christopher   fights  for  his   life.  You  can  be  a  hero   for  Christopher  and  his   mom  by   supporting  them  with  a  financial  contribution  today.  
  5. 5. mymyHEROHERO An   overlooked   population   of   caregivers   gets   highlighted   this   November   during   the   myHERO campaign:   the   caregivers   of   terminally-­‐ill   children,   the   heroes   who   these   children  turn  to  for  comfort  and  protection  when  battling  terminal  illness. November   is   National   Family   Caregiver’s   Month,   but   the   terminally-­‐ill   children’s   caregivers—parents   and   close   relatives—are   not   often   recognized   for   the   care   and   comfort  they  provide.   The   recent   healthcare   cuts   in   hospitals   and   clinics   across   California   alone   had   a   dramatic   effect   on  safety  net   programs   that   provide   relief  to   these   caregivers.  As  a   result,   millions   of  California   children   and   their   primarily  single   parent   caregivers  are   facing  even  greater  problems  affording  the  health  care  they  need.  It  is  not  surprising   that   their   cries  to   the  Andre  Sobel   River   of  Life   Foundation  for  monetary  assistance   have  quadrupled  since  last  year.     Nearly   75%   of   the   households   aided   by   Andre   Sobel   River   of   Life   Foundation   are   headed   by  single   parent   caregivers.   “This   invisible   community  has  few   emotional  or   financial  resources,  and  little  to  no  support,”  observes  Valerie  Sobel,  Founder. Caregivers  Overlooked
  6. 6. mymyHEROHEROLittle  Ways  to  Give,  Big  Impact   Help  A  Caregiver Get  to  the  Hospital     Sometimes   the   simplest   thing   –   like   having   enough  money   for   bus   fare   –   can   keep  a   father   and   child   from   getting   to   the   hospital   for   the   child’s  regular  chemotherapy.    Your  gift  of  $10  will   pay   for   bus   transportation   so  that   the   child   can   receive  critical  medical  treatment.    Help  relieve  a   family’s  financial  burden  so  that  Dad  can  focus  on   his  child’s  healing. $10 Buy  a  Gift  Card   For  Cell  Phone  Minutes,   Gas,  Food When  a  child  is  diagnosed  with  a  life  threatening   illness,  family  finances  get  stressed  fast.  If  mom   quits  her  job  to  stay  with  the  sick  child,  and  dad   is   on   disability,   where   will   the   money   come   from?      Even  the  simplest  purchases  -­‐-­‐  for  food,   diapers,  gas,  medicine  -­‐-­‐  can  overwhelm  a  family   struggling  to  care  for   a  child  with  a  terminal   or   catastrophic  illness.   Your  gift  will  purchase  everyday  essentials  for  a   family   in   need.     Thank   you   for   allowing   the     family   to   focus   on   the   child’s   health   by   easing   their  financial  burdens.   $3o “My   mom  helped   me   get   through  the   hardest  part  of  my  life…she  surpassed the  role  of  mother  and  became  my  best   friend.”
  7. 7. mymyHEROHEROLittle  Ways  to  Give,  Big  Impact   $90 $120 Buy  Groceries   When  a  Child  is  Sick   When   a   child   is   catastrophically   ill,   things   happen  fast.  Medical  bills  add  up.  It's  expensive   to  travel  to  the  hospital,  and  soon  enough  the   money  runs  out.    It's  stressful  enough  to  have  a   child   with  a   life-­‐threatening   illness.   Having  to   worry   about   how   to   feed   siblings   back   home   adds  more  stress.  Your  gift  will  soften  a  family's   burden  and  let  Mom  or   Dad  focus   on  the  sick   child.   Just   knowing   that   the   refrigerator   is   stocked   for   the   family   back   home   helps   a   parent  cope  better  during  a  traumatic  time. Bring  a  Grandparent  to   Care  for  Brothers  & Sisters  Back  Home When  a  child  is  diagnosed  with  a  life  threatening   illness,   life   changes   in   an   instant.   Siblings   especially  need  love  and  comfort   during  such  a   scary   time.  Your   gift   will   help   with   gas,   a   long   distance   bus   fare   or   a   plane   ticket   so   that   a   grandparent  can  come  to  care  for  them.     Not  only  will  you  give  these  brothers  and  sisters     the   support   they   need,   but   you   will   give   Mom   peace  of  mind  knowing  that  she  can  stay  at  the   hospital  to  focus  on  the  sick  child’s  healing.   “My  dad  told  me  that  I  could  not  give   up,  and  I  decided  that  if  I  was  going to  live,  it  was  going  to  be  for  him.”
  8. 8. mymyHEROHERO “Pediatric  disease  happens  to  an  entire  family.”   Valerie  Sobel,  Founder Andre  Sobel  River  of  Life  Foundation The  Andre  Sobel  River  of  Life  Foundation  was  created  in  the  wake  of  founder  Valerie   Sobel’s  loss  of  her  teenage  son  Andre  from  an  inoperable  brain  tumor.  She  realized  that   it   had   been   a   blessing   that   she   was   able   to   care   for   her   son   and   not   worry   about   finances  and  other  resources.  Upon  discovering  that  many  single  parents  with  critically-­‐ ill  children   are   forced  to  chose   between  working  to  provide   basic  needs  and   staying   with  their   terminally  ill  child,  she   created  the  foundation  to  relieve  this  financial  and   emotional  burden.  Now  in  its  tenth  year,  the  foundation  pays  urgent  expenses  so  that  single  parents  can   stay  by  the  bedsides  of  their  catastrophically  ill  children.  Since  2000,  ASRL  has  provided   $4  million  in  urgent  assistance  to  9,300  family  members  in  22  states.     Share  in  Our  Story
  9. 9. mymyHEROHERO Donate  Online  at Mail  donations  to: Andre  Sobel  River  of  Life  Foundation P.O.  Box  361460,   Los  Angeles,  CA  90036 T:  310-­‐276-­‐7111     F:  310-­‐276-­‐0244 For  media  inquiries  and  other  information,   please  contact  Christina  Gagnier. T:  909.576.1411    E: Contact  Us