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  • C4 C Media Kit

    1. 1. Gas Food Bus Fare Medicine Cell rds Ca re 4 Ca Presented by the Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation In partnership with Give the gift of compassion. All it takes is one gift card. And one tweet to pass it on.
    2. 2. Campaign Many of us can dig into our purses, wallets or desk drawers and find unused gift cards we never intend to use. Cards 4 Care lets you find value in these unused cards by letting you redeem them to help a family in need. Participating is as easy as 1-2-Tweet! 1) Visit CardPool.com and click on the Cards 4 Care icon. 2) Trade in or purchase a card for groceries, gas, clothes or other basic needs for our network of families. 3) Tweet! Get your friends, family and followers involved. Hashtag: #cards4care EX: I just donated to the @asriveroflife #cards4care campaign @cardpool. Donate now!
    3. 3. Campaign Donate today at: cardpool.com/donate/andre-sobel-river-of-life
    4. 4. Partners The Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation (a 501(c)(3) public charity) provides emergency assistance within 24 hours to single caregivers of children with catastrophic or life threatening illnesses who face financial crises. Working in partnership with 12 pediatric hospitals nationally, ASRL has helped over 10,300 family Contact: members. Without ASRL’s support, Anne Swire, CEO many children with life threatening T: 301.365.1137 illnesses would be facing pain, E: aswire@andreriveroflife.org treatments, fear, and at times, even their death, without a parent by andreriveroflife.org their side. The Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation was created in the wake of founder Valerie Sobel’s loss of her teenage son Andre from an inoperable brain tumor. She realized that it had been a blessing that she was able to care for her son and not worry about finances and other resources. Upon discovering that many single parents with critically-ill children are forced to chose between working to provide basic needs and staying with their terminally ill child, she created the foundation to relieve this financial and emotional burden.
    5. 5. Partners Cardpool was founded by Anson Tsai and Timothy Wong in 2009 on the belief that no gift card should ever go unused. We created this service to solve the frustrating problem of having unwanted gift cards. While we love getting gift cards from our family, friends, and coworkers, sometimes we Contact: end up with an unwanted gift card that Anson Tsai, Founder we never end up using. Even worse, we T: 415.269.6147 know someone else would enjoy these E: anson@cardpool.com gift cards, but we have no good way of finding them. After talking to our cardpool.com friends about this problem, we realized many people felt the same way and we decided someone had to fix this problem. We created Cardpool to solve this problem by creating a service where anyone can buy, sell, or trade their gift cards in a safe and secure environment. By gathering all the gift card buyers and sellers from around the world into one place, we think we can create a service that lets everyone end up getting exactly what they want, whether it's a discounted gift card or simply cash Cardpool is very proud to be backed by Kapor Capital and Y Combinator, the same firms that backed the companies that are now part of Google, Facebook, IBM, and Firefox.