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Project on Solar Energy


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Presentation relating to Seminar on Environmental Issues...

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Project on Solar Energy

  3. 3. ENERGY FROM THE SUN IS ABUNDANT….  A world map showing current sunlight and cloud cover, as of Nov 01 2011 14:00 UTC.
  4. 4. INDIA’S SOLAR PROFILE…. India has emerged asthe worlds number one,along with United States,in annual solar powergeneration. McKinsey & Company, inits survey ended in May2009, has stated that Indiahas one of the worldshighest solar intensitieswith an annual solarenergy yield of 1,700 to1,900 kilowatt hours per Solar radiation on Indiakilowatt peak of the Source: TERIinstalled capacity.
  5. 5. WHAT IS SOLAR ENERGY? Photovoltaic Energy produced by (solar) panel the sun. Clean , renewable source of energy. Harnessed by solar collection methods such as solar cell Converted into usable Sun and energy such as electrical power electricity. lines Set of solar panels
  6. 6. SOLAR CELLS ARE CONVERTERS OF ENERGY… Light energy Solar cells are devices that take light energy as input and convert it into electrical energy Electrical energy (carried through wires)Solar cell - converts light energy to electricity
  7. 7. WHAT ARE SOLAR PANELS?• Solar panels collect heat energy from the sun. We call this heat solar thermal energy. A simple example of a solar panel is a closed box with a top made of a transparent material such as glass or plastic. In some cases the inside of the box is painted black so that it absorbs more heat.
  8. 8. HOW SOLAR ENERGY PANEL WORKS..?  Generate electricity direct from sunlight..  2 Main types:  Single crystal silicon (Traditional) • Widespread • Expensive to manufacture • Fragile , rigid , thick  Dye sensitized solar cells • Thin, lightweight, flexible • Inexpensive and simple to manufacture.
  9. 9. MANY USES OF SOLAR ENERGY….Solar panels to heat airSolar panels to heat waterSolar electric power generationIndustrial usesVehicles running on solar powerHeating living spacesPractical applications through solar cookers
  10. 10. SOLAR PANELS TO HEAT AIR… • A transparent top is attached to a box. The box has an inlet pipe for cool air. The cool air can be pushed into the box using a fan. The cool air moves through the inlet pipe into the box. Inside the box the air is warmed by the heat energy from the sun rays.
  11. 11. SOLAR PANELS TO HEAT WATER…• Solar panels that are designed to heat water work almost the same way as ones designed to heat air.
  12. 12. SOLAR ELECTRIC POWER GENERATION….• Thanks to the technology of photovoltaic cells, it is now possible to convert energy from the sun directly into electricity that can be used in the home. With solar electric systems, you can enjoy free, inexhaustible, renewable power that is environment friendly as well.
  13. 13. INDUSTRIAL USES OF SOLAR POWER… Welding helmets. Remote systems Water circulators Self powered sensors
  14. 14. VEHICLES ON SOLAR POWER…• Solar cars depend on PV cells to convert sunlight into electricity to drive electric motors. Unlike solar thermal energy which converts solar energy to heat, PV cells directly convert sunlight into Ned, constructed in 1999 by the South Australian Solar Car Consortium, can electricity. speed up to 120 km/h.
  15. 15. HEATING LIVING SPACES….. • A passively heated home uses about 60- 75% of the solar energy that hits its walls and windows.
  16. 16. OTHER APPLICATIONS…. Calculators Solar security system Cam Solar watches Charging phones
  18. 18. Punjab Energy Development Agency was formed in Sept. 1991 as a state nodal agency for promotion and development of renewable energy programmes/projects and energy conservation programme in the state of Punjab. PEDA is registered as aSociety under the Societies Act of 1860
  19. 19. Indias first solar power PLANT OPENS IN PUNJAB…
  20. 20. Punjab allots 5 solar powerprojects to Punj LLOYD…
  21. 21. Punjab Energy Development Agency (PEDA) has allotted five solar power projects to construction major Punj Lloyd…Atul Punj (chairman of Punj lloyd)
  22. 22. PUNJAB GOVERNMENTto set up solar power plant in collaboration with U.S BASED SUNPOWER CORPORATION and ENTERPRISE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS (EBS)…
  23. 23. Collaboration to set up solar power plants….
  24. 24. The eco-friendly project will be set-up under the INDIAN GOVERNMENTSJAWAHARLAL NEHRU NATIONAL SOLAR MISSION (JNNSM) programme…
  25. 25. THE INSTITUTIONS ARE:  Central university, Bhathinda  Guru Gobind Singh Educational Trust, Ludhiana  Gian Sagar Medical College, Banur  Shivali Public Schools in Mohali and Chandigarh.
  26. 26. Centre unveils new plan to boost solar power in PUNJAB….• After inaugurating a workshop-cum-exhibition on ‘Deployment of Solar Thermal Systems in Northern States’ under UNDP/GEF Solar Water Heating Project organized by Punjab Energy Development Agency (PEDA) here Friday, Deepak Gupta, Secretary, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Government of India said that under the National Solar Mission it was proposed to declare Chandigarh, Amritsar and New Delhi as solar cities .
  27. 27. PUNJABI UNIVERSITY to tap solar energy at lower costs…• Punjabi University’s Department of Physics has moved a step closer towards converting sunlight into electrical energy and making it available to the consumers at a cost nearly one-sixth of the present cost.• While inaugurating the newly created Solar Energy Research Laboratory for running the project, Vice-Chancellor, Dr Jaspal Singh said that the effort to covert sunlight and making it available to the masses at an unimaginably lower price constitutes a landmark achievement of the University.
  28. 28. Disadvantages of Solar EnergyHigh initial capital outlayDubious reliabilityAvailability of sunlightPolluting materials used in solar panelsThe efficiency question
  29. 29. CONCLUSION• The Sun provides a very abundant supply of energy that is available to all of us. This energy from the Sun is completely under used. If we covered only 4% of the worlds desert area with solar panels, this would supply the same as all the worlds electricity today. Considering how much we rely on fossil fuels this is far under utilized. Solar energy from the Sun is available almost anywhere on the planet. Though it is not always available depending on the obvious weather conditions and time of day. It could drastically change the way we make energy. Especially combined with other forms of renewable energy such as wind energy. There is so much potential energy to be gained from using solar energy. The amount of solar energy that reaches our planets surface is so abundant that in a year it provides around twice as much as we will ever be able to obtain from all of the Earths finite resources. These finite resources include coal, oil and natural gas. This resource is not just available to businesses and major energy companies. It is also available to the every day people who would like to utilize energy from the sun in their own backyard. Back yard and roof top solar panels are being seen more and more all over the world. From professional installation with manufactured panels to home made with do it yourself installation. If your looking to move down the do it yourself path, this is by far the easiest, simplest and most inexpensive way I have found to get started with utilizing the infinite supply of energy from the sun. The supply is unlimited so it really just depends on how much of it we want to use. Run a small appliance or two, or produce enough to replace your entire electric bill. Its all up to you.