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  • Some MBA programs require internships instead so this is a valuable elective you will be competing with some students whose schools require this instead.Study abroad is seen as valuable because the world is becoming so diverse and it hard to learn about globalization and other cultures without international study programs. You can NOT isolate yourself from the world this ignores a responsibility to prepare yourself for globalization.
  • Paramount Study Abroad

    1. 1. About Us Paramount Study Abroad is an India based education consultancy which provides consulting services to students in India who would like to go abroad for higher education. Our Consultants always keep in touch with foreign Universities and Colleges, with whom we are associates, and understanding of Indian Student’s requirements help us to give proper guidance to student. We are one of the reputated educational Consultancy. With helping branches in Lucknow and Mumbai we give you path for world class qualifications. Paramount Study Abroad is Education Mall for all your educational needs. If you are looking for any college or IELTS Coaching or Visa Assistance, you will always find our consultants with you. We provide Educational Solutions for UK and New Zealand. Both are not only International Hub for education but also hallmark for quality education. Our mission statement is “Guide students to the best possible institutions and enabling them for their bright future.”
    2. 2. Career VISA Counseling assistance IELTS EducationTraining Loan Our Services-
    3. 3. COUNSELINGWe are determined to give practical and real example based counseling.We called it Honest and Ethical counseling. Counseling is free for anyof our services.Paramount represents reputed Universities/Colleges and courses fromU.K. and Newzealand. Hence, Students have options to select theiruniversities/Colleges where they would lik0 to study. Universities andcolleges in U.K. and Newzealand associate with us offer students a widerange of courses and options.We assist student in selection of right university/college and coursesaccording to Ranking, Location, Courses offered and within the budgetof the student. We provide them all the information they are lookingfor about the recourses, facilities and accommodation that help themto choose the university/college considering their ability, interest andavailable funds.
    4. 4. BANK LOAN ASSISTANCEForeign education means availability of good funds. We assist thestudents in availing of high-value education loan schemes ofnationalized banks.A student can avail Student Loan up to the sum of Rs. 20 lakhs onpresenting the correct set of papers required by the bank tosanction such loans.VISA APPLICATION AND DOCUMENTATION After receiving admission letter from university/college, next partis preparation of the Visa Application file. Visa may be granted orrefused on the base of this document. Hence, We make sure thatVisa process like, filling up applications, preparing financialstatements must be accurate. Apart from this we also giveguidance and training for mock interviews
    5. 5. IELTS TrainingProbably, most important factor in oversees educationis IELTS Score. We provide IELTS training for thestudents by dedicated and professional Faculty.
    6. 6. Study Abroad Benefits Ultimate Personal Growth Experience  Step outside your comfort zone  Explore a new country  Become more well-rounded Better Understanding of the World  See the “BIG” picture  Question your views Develop Foreign Culture Skills  New culture  Business culture
    7. 7. Significance of Study Abroad Study abroad provides different world views & willingness to take risks. 16% of HR professionals have studied abroad and like students who have studied abroad. Recognize the value of study abroad experience and look favorably upon candidates who take the opportunity to broaden their horizons. Study abroad can be used to “beef up” your chances of getting a job. 119 employers were surveyed by University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and 59% said that Study Abroad, other than an Internship, would be valuable in an individual’s career later on with their organization.
    8. 8. Earn and Learn - Candidates are allowed to work part time up to 20 hours in week. Earn up to 55000- 65000 pm* Learning : Experience , Confidence, Contacts
    9. 9. Popular Courses MBA/BBA Engineering/Computer & IT Hospitality Medical Bio Related Courses Media/Animation/Film Making.. Photography  And much more
    10. 10. People Are Talking New York Times says…  To d a y s t u d y a b r o a d i s m o r e i n t e g r a t e d i n t o the curriculum and for some schools it is n o w a m a n d a t o r y p a r t o f o n e ’s c o u r s e wo r k . College Campus News says…  Study abroad programs are more necessar y than ever before!
    11. 11. Contact US:Radheyharipuram Khadakpur DevipuraKashipur, UttarakhandPh: 05947-262227, 08439884146-7, 9999736797, and 9911679700 Fax: NAWeb:
    12. 12. Gagan Joshi(00-91-9808012646)