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  • Designated senior recruiters Responsible for developing recruiting strategy for each positionDirect Sourcing and filtering the incoming unsolicited resumes for fitDesignated direct & indirect channels for developing talent pipelineThe three primary direct channelsEmployee referralsTargeted sourcing for experienced candidatesUniversity The primary indirect channel is their career website____________________________________________________________________Three teams : Direct sourcing teamUniversity Relations teamLead recruitersEmployee referrals- offer very average cash bonusbut do several things to keep the program alive in our employees’ mind.Send out new postings every week to all employees encouraging referralsMonthly or quarterly prize drawing in which anyone who makes a referral who is hired is entered into ( thoughtful referrals v/s warm bodies)Followup with references provided by new hires as potential sources of additional referrals.Foundation for all the recruiting efforts is the quarterly “workforce & organizational plan” which translates any new or changing business priorities into the resulting HR implications for staffing and deployment needs. _______________________________________________________________________________What makes someone eligible for an internship?Answer:Interns are students who are currently enrolled in an accredited academic program. If you have graduated from college and are no longer pursuing a degree, you are not eligible for an internship; however, you should check out our full time opportunities by clicking on the Find Your Big Job button on the home page.. Does Yahoo! hire students who are on visas?Answer:Yes, Yahoo! does hire select students on visas.. Are internships only offered in the summer? Or does Yahoo! hire all year round?Answer:Yes. Our primary program is the summer program, but we do hire interns throughout the year.. Does Yahoo! offer part-time internships?Answer:Yes. Most of our interns are full time, but we do hire part time interns when the need exists.. 
  • Ready to apply? First it's time to create a Yahoo! worthy portfolio. Your portfolio is the best way to flaunt both your talent and experience. That's why we've put together the following tips and tricks sure to help you cook-up a down right tasty portfolio.Make your portfolio user friendly:The people reviewing your portfolio are busy, so make sure your design is clean, easy to navigate, and highlights your best work. Don't let your portfolio be the one project that ignores your user's needs. Give us all the goods:Final products are great, but we'd love to see how you got there. Wireframes on napkins, mood boards, personas, and rejected directions are our favorite things to look at. And may actually reveal more about you as a designer than the final piece. Check those expiration dates:Although we'd like to look at your design archives all the way back to crayon drawings on momma's fridge, your most recent work is most likely indicative of your current skill. So don't leave that out. Even if your brainchild was born out of wedlock, he's still cute:Include any and all projects that demonstrate your abilities, whether they were for an employer or just for yourself. If you don't have a lot of professional experience, take on some pro bono work on the side. Local charities and local coffee shops alike will be more than happy to accept some free web design work. Hey 007. Back away from the intellectual property:Remember to remove confidential and proprietary information. We're looking for ethical employees, not spies. If you're not proud of it, we won't be either:We've all had projects where we slapped "lipstick on a pig." In your portfolio, however, you should highlight projects where design was the competitive advantage that made it succeed. And what if you only have primped-up piglets? Then Yahoo! UED is the perfect place to take your portfolio from sty to stylin. 
  • Some of the jobs yahoo needs to fill do exist in other industries( e.g engineering & business development) and therefore are more competitive to attract. So the need is always to identify & select people who want to be a part of the industry and YAHOO! Specifically, for the right reasonsWho are comfortable in a very organic environment e.g Yahoo! Doesn’t have traditional product lifecycles and the associated processes, but rather ongoing, organic adaptation on a daily basis with higher risk/ higher reward potential_______________________________________________________________________Written test3 Sections :: Duration: 90 min1.What is the output of the following code?x=0;y=1;for(j=1;j<4;j++){x=x+j;y*=j;}2.There is a 200 miles long tunnel. one train enters the tunnel at a speed of 200mph while the other trains enter the tunnel in the opposite direction at a speed of 1000 mph. A bee travels at a speed of 1500 mph enters the tunnel goes to and back until it reaches the train. What is the distance covered by the bee when the two train collides (the bee survives)3.List the two advantages of views.4.Which layer is encryption and decryption done5.What are the various modes used to send data over the network6.Write a query to display the name of the students whose total marks is divisible by 25 (total marks may be 175, 200, 150...)7.P(S1)a++;P(S2)v++;V(S2)V(S1)P-wait, V-signal, S1 and S2 are semaphores. Consider two threads running. Is there a deadlock .If yes in which situation does the deadlock occur.8.How do you find the port number of the remote host?9. (Date; who)>logfileDate; who>logfileWhat is the difference between the two statements.10.How do you find the machine MAC address11.Write the set operators that are used for select.12.Write a single command to find and delete all the files that are older than 1 day (modification time)13.A is a 3*4 matrix and B is 4*5 matrix. What is the number of additions and multiplications performed to obtain the resultant matrix14.What is the output#!/bin/perlkill -0 pid15.#!/bin/perlecho $_16. #!/bin/perlkill $$echo “hello world”17.List different schema/database objects18.Randomization is good for which algorithm(quick sort, heap sort, selection sort, hashed table, …)19.Descride the language in the following regular expression (a*a) b+b20.In an I-node what is not there (file type, file name, size, owner)21.If the probability of work done by three persons are 1/3, 2/5, 5/12. Then what is the probability that the work is completed.22.Given Id, author, creation time, size, links, web page, descriptionBring it in 2nd normal form23.Consider a heap containing numbers 10, 20, 30, 40, 80, 60, 70 such that numbers are in ascending order from the leaf to the root. If 25 is to be inserted what is the position.(A[1], A[2], A[3], A[4])24. #!/bin/perlvar=///aaaaecho ‘$var’25.Krishna tosses a one-rupee coin and a rupee coin. He announces that one is head. But the result is not announced. What is the probability that the other coin is head?26.In database sort the student id and the course id for each student. Which is the best possible solution.- Sort the student id using a stable algorithm and then sort the course id using unstable algorithm- Sort the student id using a unstable algorithm and then sort the course id using stable algorithm- Sort the course id using a stable algorithm and then sort the student id using unstable algori
  • 2006- Published Guidelines for managers of transgender employees to address delicate issues like “which bathroom to use”____________________________Over the past few years, Yahoo! has solidified our position as an employer of choice in the LGBT community: Did you know that it is still legal in 31 states to fire someone simply because they are gay or lesbian? In 2004, Yahoo! was among the first public companies to support federal legislation that would prohibit employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. This month, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which also includes protection for transgender employees, is expected to reach Congress for a vote. Yahoo! and more than 45 other major corporations have called on Congress to pass this legislation.In 2006, Yahoo! added “gender identity” to our global non-discrimination policy to protect Transgender employees. We also published guidelines for managers of Transgender employees, to help address some delicate issues like, “which bathroom should I use?” or “when can I change the name and photo on my company badge?”In 2007, Yahoo! featured a beloved organization, Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) on our LGBT Pride site and we will make a $10,472 donation to the Point Foundation, in the name of our audience, who submitted 10,472 Worldwide Pride photos to our site.What’s next? We’ll continue our annual tradition of handing out National Coming Out Day pins on our campuses, this October 11. These pins have become a collectors’ item over the years. We’re also sponsoring the annual Reaching Out LGBT MBA Conference for the 4th consecutive year, this October.
  • Googleyahoo

    1. 1. Recruitment & Selection<br />Azhar<br />Gagan<br />Rohan<br />Shagoon<br />vinay<br />
    2. 2. Recruitment - Definition<br />According to Edwin B. Flippo, recruitment is the process of searching the candidates for employment and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organization”.  <br />The recruitment trends like- Outsourcing, E-Recruitment, Poaching/Raiding are catching everyone’s attention.<br />
    3. 3. What Do Google & Yahoo value?<br />The Hare &<br /> The Tortoise<br />Jai<br />Veeru<br />
    4. 4. Poor guy! Even if I take a nap, he can’t catch up with me.<br />
    5. 5. The Story Continues !!<br />
    6. 6. Why did I lose the race?<br /><ul><li>Fast & Consistent
    7. 7. Relentless pursuit of the goal</li></li></ul><li>How to beat the hare? Hmm… a different route<br />What to do ?!<br />Changing the rules of the game !!<br />
    8. 8. I have an idea !!<br />I desperately Need One <br />Ye dosti….<br />…terasaathnachodenge<br />Team Spirit !!<br />
    9. 9. YAHOO<br />RECRUITMENT<br />POLICIES<br />
    10. 10. Challenges in recruiting<br /><ul><li>One of the Largest global Internet companies
    11. 11. So not many places to find ppl with bigger or better experience
    12. 12. Need to identify & hire foundation skills & attributes
    13. 13. Train People on specifics of surfing & production
    14. 14. Fun & Cool Place brand recognition
    15. 15. Lots of Unsolicited Resumes which don’t fit
    16. 16. Higher Risk/Higher Reward environment
    17. 17. Cultural fit
    18. 18. Hiring needs are vast
    19. 19. Ranging from a Kindergarten teacher for Yahooligans to a very technical qualification like PHD for Research </li></li></ul><li>Yahoo! Staffing Pipeline<br />Source: Kirk Froggratt, VP - HR, Yahoo! <br />Book : “Hiring the best & the brightest” <br />
    20. 20. Clock Wise or <br />Anti- Clockwise ??<br />
    21. 21. If u see it moving<br />Clockwise – u r right brained<br />Anti-clockwise – u r left brained<br />At Yahoo ! .. .Soon u start using ur whole brain !!<br />
    22. 22. The Right Fit<br />Yahoo feels - <br />Engineering students generally make good:<br /><ul><li>Technical Yahoos (Engineers)
    23. 23. Quality Assurance Yahoos (Engineers)
    24. 24. Research Scientists
    25. 25. Web Developers</li></ul>MBAs are generally a good match for: <br /><ul><li>Marketing
    26. 26. Product Management
    27. 27. Business Development</li></ul>New college graduates are generally a good fit in: <br /><ul><li>User Experience Design
    28. 28. Product Management
    29. 29. Customer Care
    30. 30. Sales Operations
    31. 31. Surfing</li></ul>Selection Process<br />Techies:<br /><ul><li>Written test (MCQ)
    32. 32. Technical personal interviews (2-4 rounds)
    33. 33. Programming test (online)
    34. 34. HR Interview</li></ul>Non –Techies:<br /><ul><li>Written Test (MCQ)
    35. 35. Technical interviews
    36. 36. HR interview</li></li></ul><li>Making Strides With Pride !!<br />Top Priority<br />Global non-discrimination Policy<br />Pioneering efforts<br />Taking it to the Next Level !!<br />2004- Prohibits employee discrimination on basis of Sexual Orientation<br />2006- Added “gender identity” to global non-discrimination policy to protect Transgender Employees<br />2006 onwards – Leveraging GLBT sites to market products to this valuable consumer segment<br />2008 – Scores 100% in Corporate Equality Index <br />GLBT- Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Transgender<br />
    37. 37. Google<br />RECRUITMENT<br />POLICIES<br />
    38. 38. Google core Strategy<br />Google’s hiring policy is aggressively non-discriminatory and favors ability over experience.”<br />Lake WobegonStrategy <br />No hiring manager strategy<br /> “Have a PhD? Front of the line. Masters? Next. Bachelor’s? Go to the end.”<br />“Boldly go where no one has gone before.”<br />
    39. 39. Google hiring Strategy<br />“Disruptive Technology” and Strategic “Disruptive Recruiting”<br />Google Has Changed Work Itself With “20% Time”<br />“The need for information crosses all borders”<br />The World’s Largest Recruiting Budge(14:1)<br />
    40. 40. Google Recruitment Approach<br />Working with 20 percent time<br />Recruiting structure<br />Standard recruiting tools<br />Data-driven approach to candidate assessment<br />
    41. 41. Weaknesses in Google’s recruitment system<br />On the Job performance metrics<br />Recruiting strategy<br />Slow process<br />Contingent labor<br />Emphasis on youth<br />
    42. 42. Top 10 Reasons to Work at Google<br />Flexible hours for nearly every professional employee<br />Casual dress everyday <br />Employees can bring their dogs to work, everyday<br />Work and play are not mutually exclusive<br />Onsite physician and dental care<br />Innovation is our bloodline<br />Stock options everywhere<br />Free recreation everywhere, including video games, foosball, volleyball and pool tables<br />
    43. 43. Thank u !!!!<br /><ul><li>References:
    44. 44.
    45. 45.
    46. 46.
    47. 47.
    48. 48.</li>