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Brucut pitch1


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Brucut pitch1

  1. 1. Brucut @miquelcamps ¿WTF is brucut? It´s a social network focused on hairdress and makeup, where users can share their photos, videos and tips. Our services are aimed at 3 different profiles: 1- We offer a directory to businesses where they can register and disclose their services and products on internet. 2- We offer a job board to professional make up artists and hairstylists as well as a space to create their cv online. 3- Finally we give the users information about services and promotions around them, and also we provide a simple way to buy some products related with the photos, videos and tips published on the web. For example, with a photo of Lady Gaga we can sell to the user: hair dye, dryer and also a lipstick to get the same look as the artist.