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Great Wall China Adoption | Great Wall China Adoption Reviews

Great Wall China Adoption operates many other adoption programs such as Children of All Nations (CAN). Great Wall China Adoption (GWCA) is a leading and the most recognized adoption agency and non-profit organization based in Austin, Texas.

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Great Wall China Adoption | Great Wall China Adoption Reviews

  1. 1. Great Wall China AdoptionA Non-Profit Adoption Agency
  2. 2. Great Wall China Adoption, a non-profit adoptionagency based out of Austin, Texas, is a highlyrecognized organization for its exceptional servicesin helping children find permanent homes. Theagency was first established in 1996 as Chinaestablished The China Center for Children’s Welfareand Adoption (CCCWA) to facilitate the adoption oforphaned and abandoned children in the country.The organization is headquartered in Austin, alongwith an office in Beijing, and organizes variousinternational programs in countries like Bulgaria, TheDRC, The Dominican Republic, Poland, Ghana,Latvia, and many others. Beyond adoption, they offerfamilies an opportunity to visit and understand theadopted child’s home country and first culture.
  3. 3. Great Wall China Adoption has been operating for thelast 16 years, and has tremendous experience inplacing children, advocating for improved legislationand international relations. Through this experience,Great Wall China Adoption launched a sister division,Children of All Nations in 2009. The organization hasinitiated many charity programs, which focuses onchildren’s welfare. Recognizing the need to buildfamilies through adoption, CAN helps in improvingthe lives of children all over the world and thus,helping to improve indigenous and ruralcommunities.
  4. 4. Great Wall China Adoption operates manyother adoption programs such as Children ofAll Nations (CAN). CAN is one of the leadingadoption agencies America and is dedicatedto improving the lives of children by placingthem with eligible families from all over theworld. CAN, in association with GWCA, placeschildren, advocates for improved legislationand international relations, and initiatescharity programs focused on child welfare.
  5. 5. The adoption agency along with its sister divisionCAN, is dedicated to helping the adoption of “WaitingChildren” with special needs. The organizationbelieves that waiting children are vulnerable andneed love and care. They have placed more than 700waiting children so far, and look forward to placingmany more. Due to their special contribution towardsthe placement of waiting children, GWCA was invitedby the Chinese government to host and sponsor aHope Trip camp for children with special needs. Ateam of doctors, therapists, and social workersattended the camp to evaluate the children. As per afew Great Wall China Adoption reviews, the servicesand contributions made by GWCA and CAN areremarkable and commendable.
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