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Camp beyond: The American Experience - Summer 2014


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Camp beyond: The American Experience - Summer 2014

  1. 1. The American Experience A tour of individual empowerment Session 1 ~ June 14 – July 4 ) Session 2 ~ July 8 – July 28 Session 3 ~ – Aug 1 – August 21 Home Valley, Washington State, United States of America
  2. 2. What is Camp Beyond? Camp Beyond is a place where students grow in confidence and character through understanding and purpose of oneself. Camp Beyond builds focused purpose and confidence through goal setting.
  3. 3. The Basics WHO: Young adults, ages 12-16, in small groups that are limited to twenty students. WHAT: A unique and tailored combination of education and adventure with expert and trained facilitators. See our website for pricing. WHEN: Several programs are scheduled throughout the year. WHERE: Summer sessions in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of the United States and winter in the warm and tropical paradise of southern Taiwan. WHY: Because we believe your child deserves every opportunity to build their potential and our curriculum has already shown amazing results in our graduates. Camp Beyond is that unique addition to a college application showing that you seek a well-rounded educational experience. Camp Beyond builds focused purpose and confidence through goal setting.
  4. 4. Our Vision Our mission is to deliver students a unique, exceptional, and challenging educational experience via a natural outdoor setting that combines purpose and confidence to strengthen character, overall effectiveness, and spiritual understanding. Preparing students to successfully integrate, contribute, and transfer their learning both academically and socially - is at the heart of all we do. Camp Beyond builds focused purpose and confidence through goal setting.
  5. 5. Education Experience The building blocks for academic success are: 1. Sense of PURPOSE created through goal setting. 2. Sense of CONFIDENCE built by facing challenges and overcoming obstacles. We chart a course for our students to build the foundation that leads to a successful future through repetition, challenge, and accomplishment. Trained minds need great character for a profitable future. Camp Beyond builds focused purpose and confidence through goal setting.
  6. 6. What Sets Us Apart? Safe Sound Method Quality Academics Cultural Experiences Access to U.S. Schools Unparalleled Experience Valuable Educational Investment Competent & Experienced Leadership Camp Beyond builds focused purpose and confidence through goal setting.
  7. 7. U.S.A. Highlights What better way to spend your summer break …  Campers explore nature’s bounty in the states of Washington and Oregon from rivers to mountaintops. than exploring the Pacific  Daily challenges that build Northwest? confidence and character.  Unique curriculum designed to improve thinking and conversations that explore worldviews.  Lifelong friendships formed through a one-of-a-kind experience.  Workshop to build teenage decision making skills. Camp Beyond builds focused purpose and confidence through goal setting.
  8. 8. A Day at Camp Beyond – U.S.A. 7:00 – 8:00: 8:00 – 8:30: 8:30 – noon: Noon – 1:00: 1:00 – 5:30: 5:30 – 6:30: 6:30 – 7:00: 7:00 –8:00: 8:00 – 9:30: 9:30 – 10:00: Wake up and breakfast. Activity and safety briefing. First daily activity. Lunch. Second daily activity. Free time. Dinner. Conversations in critical thinking. The 6 Most Important Decision You’ll Ever Make Workshop. Showers and lights out. Camp Beyond builds focused purpose and confidence through goal setting.
  9. 9. Weekly Breakdown– U.S.A. Week 1: Nature. Campers explore and learn about natural resources. Activities may include fishing, picking berries or foraging for mushrooms, tracking animals like deer or elk, and exploring snow covered Mt. Hood or the ice caves of Mt. Adams. Week 2: People. Campers will meet and speak with a variety of local residents, including interviewing old-timers and mountain men, farmers, orchardist and foresters. Week 3: Culture. The final week includes participating in a local rodeo, having dinner with an American Indian community, experiencing local festivals, and learning about local heritage – students see how the use of nature by various cultures has defined the Pacific Northwest. Camp Beyond builds focused purpose and confidence through goal setting.
  10. 10. The 6 Decisions Workshop The 6 Most Important Decisions You’ll Ever Make by Sean Covey is the basis for an evening workshop series. These lessons will give our daily activities meaning and purpose and build decision-making skills for our campers. 1. School. What are you going to do about your education? 2. Friends. What type of friends will you choose and what type of a friend will you be? 3. Parents. Are you going to get along with your parents? 4. Dating and Sex. Who will you date and what will you do about sex? 5. Addictions. What will you do about smoking, drinking, drugs, and other addictive stuff (including dealing with college peer pressure)? 6. Self-worth. Will you chose to like yourself? Camp Beyond builds focused purpose and confidence through goal setting.
  11. 11. Building Blocks Through interaction with nature and local citizens, students will reflect on how they are a part of and can influence nature and society in and through their own lives. The unique combination of education and experience is designed for one goal… Camp Beyond builds focused purpose and confidence through goal setting.
  12. 12. Where Will My Kid Stay? The unique experience will take place in Washington State, with Oregon just across the Columbia River. Campers will live in a small community called Home Valley. Campers will:  Stay in traditional American Indian tepees.  Experience a two day adventure living in a tent outdoors.  Be exposed to local cuisine and and immersed in the daily life of the local American community. Camp Beyond builds focused purpose and confidence through goal setting.
  13. 13. Camp Staff Camp Founder and Director John is a successful entrepreneur and avid outdoorsman who speaks Chinese and has been living and working in China for over 20 years. Having grown up in Washington’s Columbia River Gorge, John developed a love for the outdoors at an early age. Since then John has gone on to start several companies and become a pioneer in the burgeoning retail market in China. He’s also dedicated himself to helping children develop through his involvement with various organization. Aside from establishing Camp Beyond, John was the founder of Boy Scouts troop 23, he’s acted as director at TYPA in Taiwan, and he founded the Sluggers Baseball Program while living in Shanghai. John is also a father two fantastic children and husband to the Camp Mother, Mei Lien. Camp Mother Mei Lien is a native of Taiwan and has lived and worked in both the East and the West. She is a caring mother of two great children and wife to the director of Camp Beyond. She is soft spoken, yet strong, and she is always there when you need her. Mei Lien is also an excellent cook, an empathetic listener, and a comfort to all who she spends time with. She plays a vital role in our camps as a loving and patient listener when campers are in need of a motherly figure. Mei Lien is an experienced camp counselor and will certainly be the one to make sure all campers and staff live up to their commitments. Camp Beyond is fortunate to have has as our camp mother!
  14. 14. Camp Staff Counselor Ray Kempf has a degree in Literature from Washington State University, a graduate degree in Philosophy from Southern Illinois University, and a teaching license from the State of Massachusetts. He has nearly twenty years teaching experience and has taught classes in English, History, Mathematics, Speech, Philosophy and Religion and teaching experience at the Junior High, High School and College Level. He currently teaches Geometry, Religion, Speech and Logic classes at a small private school in Hood River Oregon. Mr. Kempf also brings seven previous summers of experience in a camp setting working with children. Counselor Faith Kempf is an experienced, licensed American teacher entering her 23rd year of teaching Junior High and High School students. She received her teaching and Biology degree from Washington State University. She is currently teaching at a small but academically rigorous private school in Hood River, Oregon. Faith has prior experience in working with Chinese students and in teaching English as a second language. Faith lives on a 5 acre farm in Husum, Washington with her husband and 3 children. They work the farm together to raising much of their own food in a healthy and sustainable way.
  15. 15. Testimonial: Changing Attitudes October 5, 2013 Dear Camp Beyond, I never thought any camp can change teens this much!!! I can tell the change in Andrew: he is more willing to communicate with us – and with more patience - has become more understanding, and takes initiative. He acts like a mature young adult now!! In the camp, he was asked to think about his future, including college, a job, and even his future family!! He was taught how to set up his goals (short-term, mid-term) and the actions to reach his goals. And now, he is doing what he promised in the letter he wrote to us - EVERYDAY!!! I don't think any other organization can do what Camp Beyond did for Andrew. It's not only about the skills Camp Beyond teaches these teens, but the whole heart and goodwill they pour onto these teens!!! Our children learn through daily activities, writing, and reflections - and without knowing, they grow physically and mentally stronger. This is a camp I will highly recommend to my friends! Best, Rita Chang Rita and her son Andrew Chang. Andrew is a 2013 Camp Beyond alum. Camp Beyond builds focused purpose and confidence through goal setting.
  16. 16. Testimonial: Fostering Leadership Camp Beyond Summer Camp – 2013 Personal Experience by John Cho This is a specially designed camp for a group of teenagers (age 13 to 17) who attended International schools in Shanghai and Taipei. We have known Camp Organizer John Stephen for over a decade. We know that John excels in fostering teen leadership development and is a gifted coach who encourages teamwork. We have encouraged John to run this specially designed summer camp for our teen-age children. John took our advice and organized a successful Camp Beyond in the summer of 2013,which my daughter attended. Overall, John has designed this 3 week summer camp to focus on life experiences for leadership development, comprehension and reasoning, crossculture thinking, goal setting, and teamwork. Over this three-week camp experience, both my daughters Martina and Melissa - have grown in many areas while also exploring the Columbia River Gorge. The experience of participating in a rodeo in Goldendale, Washington, and the true U.S. Western cowboy culture was a life changing experience for these Chinese students. My older daughter, Martina, has improved in crosscultural thinking, confidence and her ability to work in teams. My second daughter, Melissa, has grown in confidence, leadership, goal-setting and teamwork skills. Both of them told me that this is the best summer camp they have ever attended. They would love to return to the camp in the future to be the camp leaders or assistants to help out other young students learn and grow. My wife and I have both visited the town of Stevenson in Washington State and the camp on the third week. We have enjoyed the beautiful country and views in the Columbia River Gorge. We could see the real growth in our teenage children and their peers during the summer camp. It was really the best quality summer camp that we have experienced over the years. I would recommend other parents register your children to attend future Camp Beyond sessions organized by Mr. John Stephenson and his team in the U.S. or other parts of the World. John Cho Johnhcho88@hotmail com Camp Beyond builds focused purpose and confidence through goal setting.
  17. 17. Contact Info Please visit our website at Or find us on Facebook at You can feel free to email our director, John Stephenson, at Camp Beyond builds focused purpose and confidence through goal setting.