Traffic Meetup Presentation 03/20/2013


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  • Hungary is an incredible opportunity for entrepreneurs, the work force and life is relatively cheap, london is 2h away, people are well educated.
  • Traffic Meetup Presentation 03/20/2013

    1. 1. The Future of SEO Gael Breton @gaelbreton
    2. 2. Who I Am• True nerd since 1986• In SEO for over 4 years• Started Higher Click 2(ish) years ago in Hungary• Worked on over 300 campaigns including Macy’s, Nigella Lawson, 99Designs and other big players.
    3. 3. My impression of the crowd after Andras’s talk.
    4. 4. SEO is getting hardSince 2012, Google’s been coming hard after us, algorithm gamblers.
    5. 5. SEO is getting hardThis kind of stuff is becoming less and less credible to your bosses, clients & other stakeholders.
    6. 6. Everybody Panic!(some) SEO is in crisis.
    7. 7. “Just do great content”The build it and they will come approach isn’t really working either, we need something morefail proof.
    8. 8. Inbound Marketing evangelism We need to leverage the other sources of “Free” traffic that will also help SEO in the long term.
    9. 9. Case study 1: Meet Jim • Gets hundreds of referral traffic from Pinterest • Earned hundreds of links from repins and pin embeds to his site • Had some bloggers cover him and his site, linking naturally to him. • Ranks highly for dozens of terms and gets hundreds of organic visits daily • Now makes over $1500/month from his blog, quitting his job at the end of year, living the life ;).Superfoods related blog, monetizes with amazon affiliate
    10. 10. Case study 2: Meet John Lee Dumas • Started his Podcast blog last October • Voted #1 Business podcast on itunes 2 months later • Hottest podcast on itunes in the business category ever since • Ranks for every guest name + interview (including Tim Ferris etc) • Makes 5 figures from his blog monthly in 5 months.Entrepreneur podcast blog, monetizes with banner ads & sponsoring
    11. 11. Case study 3: Meet Matthew Woodward • SEO Blog about link building without link building • Posts 1-5x/month • Lots of affiliate reviews • Great video tutorials • Super active on SEO Forums • Works on providing valueSEO / Link Building blog, monetizes with product reviews
    12. 12. Conclusion & Learnings• SEO’s need to evolve revolutionize the way they traditionally acquired traffic to the sites they’re working on.• We need to embrace marketing and real people, not just search robots.• Work on new medias and share the budget with PR / Social• We need to understand the rankings themselves will be longer to come by if we want them to stick and avoid black and white animals.• Every website needs to become a content publisher to be worthy of earning the links that won’t hurt them (or deliver an exceptional product)
    13. 13. That’s all folks @gaelbreton