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Intro to inbound marketing


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Intro to inbound marketing

  1. 1. Introduction to inbound marketing @gaelbreton
  2. 2. What CEO’s and Entrepreneurs want:People with money with spend it on you if you help them achieve these things or get closer to it.
  3. 3. Most Imers sell it that way to them:Most people will make these promises without even understanding the industry they’re in.
  4. 4. So most decision makers think: = =And decision makers get tricked into thinking the IM way and want spectacular campaigns.
  5. 5. What really ends up happening: You indeed get traffic and even some leads but you’re not tracking them all the way and they end up spending almost nothing with you. People got tricked to like your page, the likes were bought on fiverr, they liked an unrelated meme you promoted and couldn’t be careless of your brand.Sadly, to deliver on their promises, internet marketers end up in this kind of situation.
  6. 6. Sadly, this is the standardAnd this is NOT what I’m going to teach you tonight.
  7. 7. Understanding the sales funnel @gaelbreton
  8. 8. Introducing the funnel:You goal is simply to give people what they need to go to the next stage or simply enter it.
  9. 9. Introducing the funnel:You goal is simply to give people what they need to go to the next stage or simply enter it.
  10. 10. Case study: WistiaLet’s look at Wistia to illustrate the example. They’re a great video hosting company.
  11. 11. Awareness @gaelbreton
  12. 12. AwarenessAwareness is anything that gets people to know you and on your site.
  13. 13. Wistia case study: AwarenessThey’ve got a ton of stuff going on inside their company and around their products. This produces a greatamount of chatter on Twitter.
  14. 14. Wistia case study: AwarenessThey’ve also partnered with like minded companies and offer special discounts to each other’sclients (SEOmoz Pro perks in this case).
  15. 15. Wistia case study: AwarenessA lot of the members of their teams have personal blogs where they relate to their experience at Wistia.This allows their followers for a deeper more intimate feeling towards the company.
  16. 16. Wistia case study: AwarenessThey’re getting interviewed and guest contributing left and right in the tech community (Mixergy here). Notcrapy guest posts but real traffic driving pieces.
  17. 17. Wistia case study: AwarenessTheir content also ranks for a lot of correlated industry terms on Google, raising the awareness people haveof Wistia.
  18. 18. Wistia case study: AwarenessThe free version of their products also advertises to everyone at the right time: when they’re watchingvideos. Smart.
  19. 19. Wistia case study: AwarenessThey not only blog. They “Get” it and show off a cool company attitude there.
  20. 20. Wistia case study: AwarenessAnd well, youtube shows they’re at conferences, both as speakers and attendees.
  21. 21. Interest @gaelbreton
  22. 22. Wistia case study: InterestThey’ve built up a relationship with their best resellers: video producers by bringing them leads
  23. 23. Wistia case study: InterestThey also have a fantastic learning center so anyone can learn how to create amazing videos.
  24. 24. Wistia case study: InterestOn top of their video tutorials, they also have a ton of written resources on how to create videos.
  25. 25. Evaluation @gaelbreton
  26. 26. Wistia case study: EvaluationTheir product is EASY to understand. You don’t need to read too much to “get” it.
  27. 27. Wistia case study: EvaluationThey produce beautiful videos and pages for all their features that just make you want them.
  28. 28. Wistia case study: EvaluationThey went to meet businesses using them to make beautiful case studies.
  29. 29. Wistia case study: EvaluationThey also address the biggest objections via video and specific landing pages.
  30. 30. Commitment @gaelbreton
  31. 31. Wistia case study: CommitmentThe pricing is super clear and you have 2 ways to try to product for free depending on your needs.
  32. 32. Wistia case study: CommitmentSame as with the directory, they thought of resellers and crafted something just for them.
  33. 33. Referal @gaelbreton
  34. 34. Wistia case study: ReferalNow they’re bringing even more of their personality inside their product. And now im sharing it!
  35. 35. Wistia case study: ReferalThey also share awesome insights with their customers to make their videos better.
  36. 36. Wistia case study: ReferalAnd of course, the people that stuck to the free plan promote them on their player.
  37. 37. Conclusion @gaelbreton
  38. 38. Traffic isn’t everything.Inbound marketing isnt just about getting traffic. It’s about converting it.
  39. 39. Permission marketingPeople give you the permission to market more to them through these stages.
  40. 40. Introducing the funnel:You goal is simply to give people what they need to go to the next stage or simply enter it.
  41. 41. You will need a lot of AnalyticsIf content is said to be king. The real king for you should be analytics, and GA isnt enough.
  42. 42. And your content is a big dealThe queen then would be content. The more content, the less sales people you need.
  43. 43. Investing in visibilityBusinesses should only invest in eyeballs once they’ve figured all this out. Not before.
  44. 44. The end @gaelbreton