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Movie review


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Movie review

  1. 1. Movie Review JAIT RE JAIT INTRODUTION: Jait re Jait it was a Marathi film which was released in1977th the movie was directed by ‘Mr. Jabbar Patel’.The movie was won the best feature film awardThe movie was also considered as one of the best or greatestmusical hits of all time in the Marathi cinema This movie was produced by usha mangeshkar andhriduynath mangeshkar under the banner of mahalakshmichitra the story of this movie is based on the book which waswritten by G.N. dandekar though the music was achieved alltime hit status the film was a box-office disaster
  2. 2. In the movie there was so many actors will be involvedlike Mohan Agashe, Smita Patil, Sulabha deshpande, Niluphule, Seema and Shriram ranadeThe story revolves around the tribal caste which called asTHAKER the THE songs from this film are popular in Maharashtra.The file earned actress smita patil and jabbar patil film fareawards. A Maharashtra state film award for best directionwas also presented to Patel. The 25th national film awardsheld in April 1978 honoured the film with president’s Silvermedal for best feature Film in Marathi for; “Consistently transferring to the film medium asuccessful fictional work (Thakurwadi by G.N. Danekar); forhigh lightening the mutual inconsistencies of love, of the fearof God and of superstition in a simple innocent community oftribal, for the memorable use of the drum in evoking presenceof the god expressing the inexorable demands of love for acinematic form which captures the lyricism, the cadence andthe lilt of folk culture Story: This story revolves around the tribal caste called the‘thakar’ according to the cast the name of village is alsocalled thakarwadi. In the movie there was Mohan agashe inthe lead role with Smita Patil in the film and in the film therewas also involved the garret actors Sulabha deshpande, Niluphule, Seema and Shriram ranade
  3. 3. In the movie the all characters was played a commonman of village. Review : This movie is directed by Jabbar Patel, and the starcast isMohan agashi, smita patil, nilu phule, seemaand shriramranade. This movie released in the year 1977. It was a smallbudget film but it was a blockbuster. The story is about how the hero tries hard to get to thenecklace of the lord Shiva on Lingoba Mountain and heroinhelps him till her death. What we get from this film? This movie teach us that if you want to achieve goals soyou should take efforts for it, you should never give-up Written by Mr. Rahul Gadre (F.Y.B.FM.) Roll no.120