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Speidel brew master brewing system

  1. 1. In i Ed te tio rn at . n Brew Your Own Beer at Home Using the Braumeister Braumeister Braumeister · Ingredients · Fermenting Barrels Maturing Barrels · Brewing Accessories ic tomat ol ly Au Contr Ful ing Brew 20 litres + 50 litres
  2. 2. Brew your own beer Brew your own beer in a natural way. Take care of variety instead of naivety. Drink against the stream. Serve your friends and mates your own beer. Create a new sort of beer which you alone can offer your guests. This will make a great surprise at any celebration or party. The Braumeister is designed for a brewing process of approx. 20 l or 50 l of beer. The addition of hop, malt and water and the individual steps of the brewing process are variable. This way, all sorts of beer such as light top-fermented, dark and dark top-fermented beer etc. may be brewed. Due to its small size and simple handling, the Braumeister is ideal for being used at home. Brew on your balcony, in the garden or in the kitchen - and brewing will turn out to be a genuine leisure time event in a friendly get-together. The “Braumeister”- developed for the home brewer The Braumeister has been developed especially for the hobby and home brewer. Its particular advantage is the possibility to use it without any dripping and spilling and at the same time very comfortably and easily compared to other home brewing procedures. The main difference is the effect of washing-out of the malt not being achieved by an agitator, but by a gentle reverse pumping of the wort. The purifying process (separating the washed-out malt from the wort in the Braumeister) is simply per-formed by lifting-up and taking out the malt pipe with its contents and hanging it up in the supporting bow for dropping off. This process, which normally takes quite a lot of time and efforts, only lasts a few minutes and can be realized without any additional recipient in the Braumeister. Hop - details the home brewer needs to know Hop even assumes quite a number of functions in beer production: its bitterns give beer its bitter taste and the hop oil provides it with its typical aroma. Tanning substances contained in the hop precipitate proteins and, thus, have a purifying effect. Nevertheless, hop even has foam improving properties and is considered as a natural “preservation means” of the beer. Hop is a climbing perennial and climbs up to 7 meters high, before the hop harvesting takes place from the end of August to the middle of September. The brewer is only interested in the umbel or the cone of the female hop plant. The umbel itself consists of the steam, the leaves and – on the inside – countless small, yellowish, sticky small balls, which make up the so-called “hop flour” or “lupeline”. Lupeline is the hop’s virtually precious ingredient, for it carries its aroma and its bitterness. 120 g to 150 g of hop per hl have to be added to produce a normally hopped beer. Nevertheless, the amount of hop actually added varies considerably according to the sort of beer. A light top-fermented beer for instance requires lesser amounts of hops to be added, whereas the Pils beer is much stronger in hops, it needs roughly the double amount of hops than a light top fermented beer. 2
  3. 3. The Brewing Process Using SPEIDEL´s Braumeister 1 Programming The Braumeister is programmed for the corresponding brewing times according to the specific beer recipe. The brewing process is started upon switching over to the brewing automatics. The control system guides the user through the various work steps and runs through the four brewing phases fully automatically. 2 Initial Mashing The amount of e.g. 23 l of water is filled in and heated up to 38°C depending on the recipe and the specific procedure. Then the malt pipe including its filter inserts is put in. 4 to 5 kg of malt is shed between the filter inserts. The malt pipe is fixed with a bow and a tie-rod. 3 Mashing / Brewing The pump switches on. The starch is washed out of the malt by the water and by the wort cycle that is created. The four brewing phases are realized according to the control programme entered in the following order, as an example: 1st phase: protein rest at 55°C - approx. 5 min 2nd phase: maltose rest at 63°C - approx. 30 min rd 3 phase: saccharification rest at 72°C - approx. 20 min 4th phase: saccharification rest at 78°C - approx. 10 min 4 Purify A signal tone will be heard upon termination of the four phases*. Now the purifying process takes place simply and quickly just by taking out the malt pipe. Let it drain a few minutes and remove it – if necessary, pour some additional water through the malt to obtain still a better yield. 5 Boiling Hop The beer wort is boiled for 80 minutes with an open lid and while adding hop several times. The vaporized water has to be replaced by adding fresh brewing water and / or by adding or not adding water, it is possible to adjust the original extract content subsequently. The Braumeister’s tie rod serves as a filling level indicator at the same time. Another signal tone will be heard upon termination of the boiling phase. 6 Fermenting / Maturing After the wort boiling process, the wort fermenting temperature is increased to 15 to 22°C as quickly as possible using a wort cooler, is mixed with yeast and is fermented in a sufficiently sized cask (accessory). The well cooled beer can finally be sampled after several weeks of storage in bottles or in a maturing cask (accessory). *also five phases may be programmed. 3
  4. 4. The Braumeister Traditional Home Brewing, Perfectly in Form and Functio Lifting bolt Lid Hold-down bow Filter plates Valve Fully automatic brewing control Kettle without Kettle malt pipe malt p 4
  5. 5. Protected Design: Patent DE 101 50 395 B4 Technical Data - 20l Braumeister Designation: Braumeister 20 litres on.. Item No.: 47070 Material: Stainless steel We i g h t : 15 kg with elements built-in and lifting bows Heating spiral: 2000 Watt heating capacity Pump: 2 3 Wa t t Power connection: 230 V Malt pipe Contents: Brewing quantity 20 l of finished beer (normal beer) = approx. 25 l of beer wort Height: 600 mm Diameter: 400 mm Handles Cardboard box: 740 x 600 x 610 mm Control: Fully automatic brewing control (temperature, time, pump) Brewer’s kettle Technical Data - 50l Braumeister Designation: Braumeister 50 litres Item No.: 45050 Tie-rod / Material: Stainless steel filling level indicator Weight: Approx. 24 kg with elements built-in and lifting bows Heating spiral: 3200 Watt heating capacity Pump: 2 x 2 3 Wa t t Power connection: 230V Heating spiral Contents: Brewing quantity 50 l of finished beer (normal beer) = approx. 55 l of beer wort Height: 700 mm Diameter: 500 mm Pump Cardboard box: 950 x 760 x 700 mm Control: Fully automatic brewing control (temperature, time, pump) Feet Braumeister Movie ww w.s peid els 5MB -brau - 10 mei min ster .d e with Kettle with ipe malt pipe taken out (purifying process) 5
  6. 6. Braumeister Braumeister 20l Braumeister 50l Cardboard box: Cardboard box: 740x600x610 mm 950x760x700 mm Item No.: 47070 Item No.: 45050 Accessories For the brewing process: Stainless steel Stainless steel wort cooler 20l wort cooler 50l Item No.: 72899 Item No.: 72900 Static cylinder Big malt ladle fitting the beer spindle Item No.: 72898 Item No.: 72897 Malt mill Item No.: 72903 Beer spindle with temperature corrector to measure the contents of original wort Item No.: 72896 For the fermentation process: Fermenting cask 30l Fermenting cask 60l Item No.: 21006 Item No.: 21007 Drain cock Fermentation for the fermenting barrel bung + plug Item No.: 21043 for the fermenting barrel Item No.: 21010 For the maturing process: Maturing cask 5l Incl. ventilation plug Item No.: 72904 You may purchase brewing ingredients and accessories also in the hobby brewer’s specialist shop at your location or in the Internet. 6
  7. 7. Starter Sets Starter set 20 litres: Starter set 50 litres: 1 Braumeister 20 l 1 Braumeister 50 l 1 Wort cooler 20 l 1 Wort cooler 50 l 1 Malt mill 1 Malt mill 1 Fermenting cask 30 l 1 Fermenting cask 60 l 1 Drain cock 1 Drain cock 1 Fermentation bung / plug 1 Fermentation bung / plug 1 Malt ladle 1 Malt ladle 1 Malt pack Kölner 2 Malt packs Kölner Item No.: 45051 Item No.: 47071 Ingredients Brewing set for 20 litres Consisting of malt (not ground), hop and yeast Brewing pack Kölner Brewing pack Wheat Item No.: 72901 Item No.: 72902 You may purchase brewing ingredients and accessories also in the hobby brewer’s specialist shop at your location or in the Internet. Example of a recipe of 20 litres of light top fermentation beer Ingredients 4.5 kg of ground brewing malt 30 l of middle-hard brewing water 40-45 g of hop with 3% of alpha acid 7 g of top-fermented dry yeast Brewing process with 20 litres in the Brewing Master Brewing water 25l Wort content 11% Plato Initial mashing 38°C Cooking wort 80-90min Protein rest 55°C 5min Hop addition ¾ after 10min Maltose rest 63°C 30min ¼ 10min before cooking end 1. saccharification 72°C 20min Cooling down to 20°C 2. saccharification 78°C 10min Main fermentation 3 to 7 days Maturing time 4 to 6 weeks Juridical details According to the “Official regulation for the implementation of the beer tax law”, the home and hobby brewer may brew up to 200 l of beer per year free of tax for his own use in his own household (regulation in Germany - for other countries please contact your local authorities). Simply take the liberty of doing this! For further information, please refer to the instruction manual which is included in the delivery when you have bought a Braumeister. 7
  8. 8. Other Products from our Interesting Programme: Speidel´s Musting Supplies: Stainless steel bins: Everything for your home must production ... Wine, beverages, cellar equipments … You will find further information also in the Internet (address below): Speidel Tank- und Behälterbau GmbH Krummentr. 2 72131 Ofterdingen Germany Tel.: +49 (0) 7473 9462-0 Fax: +49 (0) 7473 9462-99 11-2007 Internet: www.speidel-behaelter.de e-mail: verkauf@speidel-behaelter.de The technical design of theAusführung der aufgeführten Produkte sind freibleibend. Preise und technische products listed are without engagement.