Sony smartwatch 2


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Sony smartwatch 2

  1. 1. Sony Smartwatch 2 is second step towards wearable category from the Sony Company.This is android based wristwatch has the similar features as in first version of Sony Smartwatch but also has more advanced features.These features include click photos,read message,read emails,answer calls etc.but Sony Smartwatch 2 is much more than that.It also holds features like NFC feature,Bluetooth v3.0 which lacks in its predecessor.This smartwatch has one more feature that it is Water and dust Resistant similar like Sony Xperia Z Line. Sony Smartwatch 2 will be availabe soon,you do not have to wait for a long time. Now Its time to talk about the Cool Refreshing features of Sony Smartwatch 2 in detail. Sony Smartwatch 2 Sony Smartwatch 2 also provide stainless steel Wristband for users that want little variety.In Future Sony Company also plans to offer Straps. Cool Features of Sony Smartwatch 2 1. NFC Technology NFC stands for Near Field Communication,It allow you to transfer from your Sony Smartwatch 2 to other device that also have feature of NFC.This feature is activated when two device brings together such as maximum distance between two device should not be greater than one or two centimeter. Sony Smartwatch 2 2. Water Resistant
  2. 2. This is another important feature of Sony Smartwatch 2. Smartwatch 2 resisting IP57 which means that it can resist water up-to the depth of one meter and also resisted from dust. 3. Other Cool Features Sony Smartwatch 2 can access large collection of other applications by pairing of Android Smartphone.This Smartwatch can also access to various applications such as facebook,read message,read emails etc.You can also use Sony SmartWatch 2 as remote for Media Player and Walkman. Below are the List of feature of Sony Smartwatch 2 Remotely you can click photo from your Smartwatch 2 Can control your presentation remotely. you can check your Route by using mapping app in Sony Smartwatch 2 Quickly adjustable Specifications of Sony SmartWatch 2 1. Display Sony Smartwatch 2 packs with 1.6 inch trans-reflective LCD screen which is larger than its predecessor and have higher resolution that is 220 X 176 pixels,previous version holds resolution 128 X 128 pixels.So It is advanced from its predecessor. 2. Design It is just 0.3 inch thinner and smarter than average watch.Weight of Sony Smartwatch is 15.5
  3. 3. grams and 26 grams of its wristband. 3. Battery As concern with battery of this Smartwatch,Company declared that on moderate use of this Smartwatch battery life will be 4 days.On the other side,on low usage it can be up-to a week.This means that it provide a longer lifetime of battery. 4.Price and Availability Sony Smartwatch 2 will be available in month of September,2013 with no word of pricing yet.But According to experts,It may be available in $100. Sony Smartwatch 2 Features and technical specifications NFC technology with smartphones having Android 4.0 or later Dust and Water resistant( resist IP57) Battery life is 4 days on moderate use Bluetooth v3.0 Charging by micro USB LCD trans-reflective 1.6 inch screen and 220 X 176 pixels Android 4.0 and later Support languages like English,Danish,French,German,Japaneses,Russian,Spanish and many more. Built-in app such as Email,Facebook,Twitter,Camera app,Google+,Missed calls,Music Player etc. Very soon,you will be updates by using Sony Smartwatch 2,you do not need to bother the android phone all the time.Wristband of this Smartwatch 2 will be available in many different colors such as pink,black,white,blue,grey etc.