GALILEO and Common Core Standards - Social Studies (Handout)


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GALILEO is the perfect resource for the new challenges posed by CCGPS. Includes a look at content and tools to help support educators and students. Presented at GaCOMO12 (GALILEO Mini-Conference) by Karen Minton.

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GALILEO and Common Core Standards - Social Studies (Handout)

  1. 1. GALILEO Resources Meet the Social Studies Georgia Performance StandardsKindergarten GPS GALILEO ResourcesSymbols of America Britannica Learning ZoneIntroduction to United States history Britannica Elementary - American holidays and symbols NoveList K-8 - Character traits of good citizens EBSCO ImagesGrade One GPS GALILEO ResourcesAmerican Heroes Britannica ElementaryUnited States history through historical figures SIRS Discoverer - Where they lived NoveList K-8 - Their positive character traits SearchasaurusGrade Two GPS GALILEO ResourcesGeorgia, My State Digital Library of GeorgiaHistorical figures in Georgia; Creek and Cherokee cultures in Georgia New Georgia Encyclopedia - Georgia geography Many other collections - Historical figures’ positive character traitsGrade Three GPS GALILEO ResourcesOur Democratic Heritage Britannica ElementaryOrigins of American democracy SIRS Discoverer - Ancient Greek democracy; Republican form of government Searchasaurus - American historical figures Kids SearchGrade Four GPS GALILEO ResourcesUnited States History to 1860 Britannica ElementaryFour strands of history, geography, civics, & economics fully integrated. SIRS Discoverer - Native American cultures Searchasaurus - Revolutionary and antebellum periods Kids Search - Government: Concepts and rights development Book Collection: NonfictionGrade Five GPS GALILEO ResourcesUnited States History since 1860 Britannica ElementaryContinued formal study of U.S. history SIRS Discoverer - Civil War to present Kids Search - Government: Constitution and amendments Annals of American History Book Collection: NonfictionGrade Six GPS GALILEO ResourcesLatin America, the Caribbean and Canada, Europe, and Australia Compton’s EncyclopediaFirst year of a two-year World Area Studies course SIRS Discoverer Kids SearchGrade Seven GPS GALILEO ResourcesAfrica, Southwest Asia (Middle East), Southern and Eastern Asia Compton’s EncyclopediaSecond year of a two-year World Area Studies course SIRS Discoverer Kids Search Book Collection: NonfictionGrade Eight GPS GALILEO ResourcesGeorgia Studies Digital Library of GeorgiaGeorgia geography, history, government, and economics. New Georgia Encyclopedia Many other collections9/7/12
  2. 2. Grades 9-12 GPS GALILEO ResourcesAmerican Government/Civics SIRS Interactive CitizenshipEconomics Encyclopaedia Britannica (HS)World Geography World Data AnalystU.S. History History Reference CenterWorld HistoryBest choices for Social Studies topics:Annals of American History—Primary source documents and year-by-year documentary of Americanthought and actionBook Collection: Nonfiction—More than 3,800 popular nonfiction books for youth on core subjectareas, as well as information on careers, health, sports, adventure, technology, life skills, and more.Britannica Elementary / Compton’s Encyclopedia (Middle School / Encyclopaedia Britannics (HS)—Encyclopedia articles give essential information on historical figures, events, movements, governments,and places. Includes interactive learning materials, timeline, and world atlas.Britannica Learning Zone—PreK-2 learning environment that includes developmentally-appropriateactivities for young learners, including an interactive atlas, learning games, engaging audio and video,and effective vocabulary builders.Digital Library of Georgia—Databases include primary source documents, such as diaries, treaties, andletters; historical books; and historical photographs relating to the state of Georgia, including theVanishing Georgia collection of photographs.History Reference Center – Find full-text articles from history reference books, encyclopedias, non-fiction books, and periodicals as well as historical documents, photos, maps, and videosKids Search—Includes magazine articles and excerpts from reference books, such as Monkeyshines onAncient Cultures, Discovering America, Events of the Middle Ages, and the Our States series. Includes anEncyclopedia of Animals database.New Georgia Encyclopedia—Authoritative information on people, places, events, history, and othertopics about the state of Georgia.NoveList K-8—Fiction readers advisory tool that includes tools for finding read-alikes; lists of books inseries, award-winning books; and lists of books on certain topics, geographic areas, or periods of time.SIRS Discoverer—Search for magazine and newspaper articles. Features include “Country Facts” foressential information on each nation’s government structure, biographies, learning activities, maps, and aspecial section for help with research papers.SIRS Interactive Citizenship—Interactive book on What Citizens Need to Know About GovernmentStudent Research Center—Find magazines and newspaper articles on most topics, biographies,country reports, film & video. Searches all EBSCO databases appropriate for this age group.World Data Analyst— Statistical data on countries, including tools for comparisons and creating chartsand tables • Visit GALILEO at • Get the password from your media specialist to use GALILEO resources at home • Social Studies Georgia Performance Standards: • Social Studies Subject Areas for High School Students: studies/&view=high-school • Social Studies Resources for Middle School: path=/topics/social-studies/&view=teen9/7/12