Test de technology


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Test de technology

  1. 1. 1. LISTENING:Listen to people talking about essential gadgets. Listen again and tick  the phrases that you hear. Write them under the correct column. MOBILE PHONE MP3 PLAYER 1. That’s essential. TV DIGITAL CAMARA LAPTOP 2. It’s very useful. 3. I love it. Speaker ESSENTIAL NOT ESSENTIAL 4. I couldn’t live without… 5. It’s good because… 1 6. I don’t go anywhere without… 7. I definitely need… 8. I would die without it… 2 9. I suppose I don’t need that…2. READING: Read the texts again and write the correct name for each idea.Complete the chart with the 3 essential elements for each person. Who… Sarah Tyson Andy Cooper  Needs a particular gadget for his/her hobby? ___________  Isn’t crazy about technology? ___________ MP3 player  Considers he/she wouldn’t have a social life without a particular gadget? ____________  Feels embarrassed about something he/she likes? ___________  Uses a particular device for educational purposes? ___________ embarrassed  avergonzado
  2. 2. 3. VOCABULARY: Read the opinions below. Do you agree with them? Write short responses agreeing and disagreeing.4. LANGUAGE: Is technology a good or a bad thing? Read the opinions from an internet blog and complete with a correct word from the box. PROBLEM MACHINES FAST SEEMS REALLY5. WRITING: Think about 3 gadgets that are essential for you at home. Write them on the chart below. Now, choose three adjectives that describe your essential gadgets. There are some in the list to help you. PRACTICAL 1 EXITING CHEAP 2 TIME-SAVING 3 USEFUL LABOR-SAVING COMFORTABLE Finally, choose two of the gadgets and describe them. Explain why they are important/essential to you. EASY-TO-USE EFFICIENT HIGH TECH