Semestral 5° julio 2012


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Semestral 5° julio 2012

  1. 1. 1. LISTENING:You will listen to two people talking. Decide what the topic is and mark it. Listen again and circle the correct option. SMART PHONES VIDEO GAMES TECHNOLOGY AND TEENAGERS 2. READING: Read the text on the left. Answer YES or NO: Is this text…  …a story? ___  …related to technology? ___  …explaining how emoticons started to be used? ___  …giving a negative opinion about something? ___  …describing a new kind of language? ___ Read the text again and tick the correct answer. Right , Wrong  or Doesn’t Say (?) Right Wrong Doesn’t   Say ( ) We don’t know for sure who invented emoticons. The first emoticons were not very funny. Everyone knew that emoticons would be a success. There are no dictionaries of smileys. You can express many ideas using emoticons
  2. 2. 3. VOCABULARY: a) Complete the sentence with the correct word from the box. b) Then match each sentence to one of the pictures. Unique F 0. This biro is UNIQUE. It is made of diamonds! I would never wear them! Efficient 1. The design is really _________. Revolutionary 2. It uses the latest technology. It’s a ______________ machine that washes and dries clothes in an hour. Wacky 3. I don’t think anyone in the world uses them anymore, they are so _________! Cutting – edge 4. It is so ______________ that it reduces 50% of your electricity costs. Low – tech 5. When it was created, it was _____________. Some women did not want to wear it. 6.4. LANGUAGE: Read the excerpt about “Complaining Online” and complete the spaces with a correct word from the box. AND SITES If you _____________________ a Web site designed especially for complaining sounds ____________________, then think again. If you INCLUDING WEB have a complaint, there are hundreds of _____________________ that allow you to get it off your chest. Sites exist for UNIQUE THINK complaining about such things as _______________________ products, government inefficiency and offensive advertising. LOOK DEFECTIVE There are even sites where you can complain about anything that bugs you, ____________________ love, family, or just the weather. These ____________________ sites won’t actually do anything about your problem, they just let you say what you think and release your anger. ______________________ at these examples: “I hate pencils and having to sharpen them”; “I can’t stand going to school” __________________ “I hate my neighbors!!”5. WRITING: Think about products that use electronic technology and complete the chart with some that you use. AT HOME AT SCHOOL My N° 1 product is… Now, list the 4 products in order of importance to you. (1 = very important) 1) _________________________ 2) _________________________ 3) _________________________ 4) _________________________ Finally, look at the product you listed as more important. Write about it, using these questions as a guide:  What is the product and what do you use it for?  Was this product invented before you were born?  When did you begin using it?  How would your life be different without it?  How could this product be better?