Prueba de adelanto de inglés 5º feb 2013 answer key(6)


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Prueba de adelanto de inglés 5º feb 2013 answer key(6)

  1. 1. Prueba Nacional de Adelanto de Inglés 2º BD - Feb. 2013 ANSWER KEYSECTION A1. Read the whole passage thoroughly and answer these questions, supporting your ideas. 0. What does Pamela Douglas write? She writes books and scripts for TV series.1. The fact that the plot has many different stories (developed from one).2. No, it shouldn’t. It should stop when viewers can predict the end.3. They are two: to change the set to avoid boredom, and not to concentrate on only one star. All the characters should be interesting.4. It has created two additional programmes set in other cities (New York & Miami).5. It seems to be only to arrest the suspects. / 10 marks (2 each) *Any other logical answer should be accepted.2. Read this passage very carefully and fill each blank with only ONE word.(0)__about___1. of 6. in2. artists / poets / composers (or similar) 7. first3. show/demonstrate/know 8. one4. we 9. is5. the 10. been / 10 marks (1 each)3. Look into this bubble for words which belong to the same topic and write them below the corresponding heading. The words in bold type are examples. There are three words you will not use. CINEMA SCULPTURE MUSIC actor model melodyscene stone rhythmscreen marble lyricsplot shape composersubtitles exhibit notes / 6 marks (1/2 each)4. Write a short article for your school magazine describing an artistic event you have recently attended. Use 80 - 100 words. It must be ONE of the three types mentioned in the previous activity. You must use at least THREE of the words included in that particular category. / 9 marks Inspección de Inglés 1 CES - ANEP
  2. 2. Prueba Nacional de Adelanto de Inglés 2º BD - Feb. 2013SECTION B1. Read the text and complete the following sentences. 0. There is a Young Designers competition ________ every year _________.1. her job.2. she wanted to help students practice Spanish.3. students aged 13 to 16 / teenagers / young people.4. to use a computer mouse / mouse.5. to help other old people use technology. / 5 marks (1each) *Any other logical answer should be accepted.2. Match both columns to form meaningful expressions. There is an extra one on the left column. 0. take ____C____1. b2. f3. d4. --5. e6. a / 5 marks (1 each)3. You have just received an e mail from a friend of yours including this comment: “If I buy a new pair of jeans, they don´t fit me after a few months. So now, I buy all my jeans one size too big. That way they last twice as long.”Write an email back to your friend giving her/him advice to solve that problem.Use between 80 and 100 words and include no less than THREE of theexpressions you have matched in the previous task. / 10 marks Inspección de Inglés 2 CES - ANEP
  3. 3. Prueba Nacional de Adelanto de Inglés 2º BD - Feb. 2013Rubrics for both pieces of writing: Writing-(article) Writing-(email) • Compliance to task. 1 1 • Layout and number of words. 1 2 • Cohesion. 2 2 • Use of vocabulary and register. 1 1 • Punctuation, spelling and grammar. 3 3 Inspección de Inglés 3 CES - ANEP