Prueba de adelanto 6o answer key


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Prueba de adelanto 6o answer key

  1. 1. Prueba Nacional de Adelanto de Inglés 3º BD - Feb. 2013Liceo Nº: MARKSGroup: Written Test: /55Name: Oral Exam:Date: Final Mark:SECTION A 1. Read the text and answer the following questions supporting your ideas. 0. In the USA, what do teens have to consider when they obtain their drivers license? They must decide if they want to become organ and / or tissue donors.1. No, they can’t. Their families have to give permission in the event of a tragedy.2. It refers to helping others through organ donation.3. No, it isn’t. One can choose the organs or tissues they want to donate.4. No, there isn’t. You only benefit other people./ There are no costs to the family5. Because it is seen as a final act of love and generosity to others. / 10 marks (2 each) *Any other logical answer should be accepted.2. Match both columns to form meaningful expressions. There is an extra one on the left column. 0. financial d. support1. f 4. --2. e 5. a3. b 6. c / 5 marks (1 each)3. One of the responsibilities of The National Bank of Organs and Tissues(BNOT) in Uruguay is to keep the National Register of Donors through signedinformed consent. A new law has recently been passed in Uruguay for obligatory 1
  2. 2. Prueba Nacional de Adelanto de Inglés 3º BD - Feb. 2013organ donation, but if a person does not want to be a donor, they must registertheir negative willingness.Express your opinion about this issue in terms of human values, using between100 and 120 words and include no less than THREE of the expressions you havematched in the previous task. / 10 marksSECTION B 1. Read the text and complete the following sentences. 0. Constance Billard School is ... an exclusive academy in Manhattan.1. ... scandalous life of Manhattans elite.2. ... girls.3. ... now she lives in Connecticut.4. ... Serena had sex with Balir’s boyfriend.5. ... eventually they reconciled. / 5 marks (1 each) *Any other logical answer should be accepted.2. Read the following passage very carefully and fill each blank with only ONE word.(0) which1. time 6. also2. as 7. in3. for 8. the 2
  3. 3. Prueba Nacional de Adelanto de Inglés 3º BD - Feb. 20134. called 9. was5. a 10. had / both / 10 marks (1 each)3. Look into this bubble for words / phrases which belong to the same topic and write them below the corresponding heading. The words in bold type are examples. There are three words you will not use. The Media Working Life Values newspaper salary trustworthinessinternet letter of application reliabilitymagazine qualifications honestyradio curriculum vitae tolerancetelevision employee loyalty / 6 marks (1/2 each)4. Write an email to a friend telling him / her you are looking for a job. Mention what kind of job you prefer or would like to have including at least FOUR of the words/expressions from the previous activity. Use 80-100 words. / 9 marksRubrics for both pieces of writing: Writing-(essay) Writing-(email) • Compliance to task. 1 1 • Layout and number of words. 1 2 • Cohesion. 2 2 • Use of vocabulary and register. 1 1 • Punctuation, spelling and grammar. 3 3 3