Mid term 5th grade alumnos xime nov'12


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Mid term 5th grade alumnos xime nov'12

  1. 1. 1. LISTENING: Listen to the interview to a Doctor talking about health issues.a. Choose the correct option to answer b. Decide if the following statements are True or False. both questions. a) The Doctor works with children and adults. 1) What is the name of the program? A People and Teenage Life b) Young people worry a lot about their looks and weight. B Teenage Home and Health C Teenage Health and Fitness c) The world of entertainment influences the way people see themselves.2) What is the Doctor’s name? d) Crash diets are a good idea to lose weight. A Claire Martin e) Vitamins are nutrients aren’t important when you are a teenager. B John Martin C Sandra Martinez f) Small changes in the eating habits are better than radical diets.3) 2. READING: Read the text and complete the activities below: A D B E 3. VOCABULARY: Cross out the word or phrase that has a different meaning from the others. C You have an example ready. F a. Identify the color of food mentioned b. Read the text again. Decide what color food is better in each situation. in each paragraph. b.1) You have a difficult exam to study for. Food Color Paragraph Red A b.2) You are feeling very nervous about meeting someone. Purple b.3) You are worried about getting lines and wrinkles. Orange Green b.4) You have been feeling sad lately. Blue b.5) You are taking part in a swimming competition. Yellow
  2. 2. 3. VOCABULARY: Cross out the word or phrase that has a different meaning from the others. You have an example ready. 0. milk bread cheese 1. chicken beef jam 2. sausage sardin salmon 3. potato pumpkin strawberry 4. tuna tangerine peach 5. pork butter bacon Answer: Which are the different food categories that appear in the previous activity? Can you mention the benefits of some of the food in the lists? Choose 3.4. LANGUAGE: Read the excerpt about healthy tips and complete the spaces with a correct word from the boxes below.There is an extra word you do not need. If you are overweight and ____________ of the scale, then you need to re- think your ____________. Don’t do it when you are eating. Eat ___________ fruits and vegetables; buy milk and yoghurt which are fat free. Also, don’t overcook your ________________. Take the necessary vitamins to make sure you have all the nutrients, and finally and more important, don’t forget to _____________ your body!! DIET TERRIFIED HAPPY FRESH EXERCISE VEGETABLES5. WRITING: Look at the lifestyle chart of an overweight teenager.A) Choose 3 of the 5 categories in the chart B) Now, for the 3 categories you chose, decide which are the things the does that are that you consider more important. OK and the things he should change. CATEGORY CATEGORY GOOD THINGS BAD THINGS 1 2 3 EXERCISE: Not much. Walking the dog in the mornings. C) Now, write about the teenager using the 3 categories you chose. Mention the Member of a club but good things he does, the bad ones and give him advice on how to improve his habits. doesn’t go. DIET: A lot of sweets, pizza and hamburgers. Some fruit. A lot of bread and coke. LIFESTYLE: Always rides a bike to school or walks. Smokes a lot. Goes to bed late at night. Enjoys visits to the park. PERSONALITY: Usually in a bad mood in the morning. Has a lot of friends. SOCIAL LIFE: Spends 4 hours a day in front of the computer. Spends 4 hours with friends at school.