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Examende adelantode ingles2bd

  1. 1. PRUEBA NACIONAL DE INGLÉS DE ADELANTO DE 2do BD PERIODO - MARZO 2011Liceo Nº: MARKSGroup: WRITTEN TEST: / 55Name: ORAL EXAM:Date: FINAL MARK: Hooray for Bollywood Veteran film director Yash Chopra is directing a scene from the movie Veer-Zaara. In this scene, Veer is taking Zaara to meet his relatives in his village during a folk festival. Yash Chopras half century filmmaking career has produced many popular movies, and his film company, Yash Raj Films, is the most successful in Bollywood. Yash is filming in Film City, a 500-acre wonderland just outside of Mumbai (Bombay).Born in Lahore, in what is now Pakistan, Yash moved with his family to India when he was a boy. He startedworking in the film industry in 1951. After decades in the city, Yash still prefers the food of his native region,Punjab, and speaks with a thick Punjabi accent. He is a rustic man in a glamorous world.During the 1960s and 70s, Yash introduced many elements now widely used in Bollywood films: romanticplots, beautiful costumes and sets, and great songs sung in exotic places like the Swiss Alps.Indian films draw a global audience estimated at 3.6 billion annually - a billionmore than Hollywood. The secret to Bollywoods worldwide appeal, says Yash, isthat its films are wholesome - his favourite word. The Indian government has givenhim four national awards in the category of “Best Film for Providing Popular andWholesome Entertainment.” He wont allow kissing in his movies. “If a boy loves agirl in India,” he says, “they feel shy of kissing in public.”In Veer-Zaara, a story of romance between Veer, an Indian army officer, and Zaara, a Pakistani woman, thehero and heroine never even touch each other, except in a fantasy song scene. But the audience loves it.Yash tries to make sure they are moved by his love stories: “The audience should leave with tears or asmile.” 1. Choose the best answer for each question. 0) Chopra is filming a story about a) suspense b) love c) adventure 1) Despite his present daily life Yash keeps a) his family in Pakistan b) his preferences for Punjab food c) living in his hometownExamen de Inglés de adelanto de 2º B.D - Inspección de Inglés 1
  2. 2. 2) Although there’s no kissing in Chopra’s movies a) he has a large audience b) he has a small audience c) he has not audience at all 3) What is this text mainly about? a) the career of Yash Chopra b) the movie Veer-Zaara c) the film industry in Hollywood 3 marks 2. Complete the summary below filling each blank with no more than 3 words from the text. The most successful film - making company in Bollywood is 0)Yash Raj Films .Yash was not born in India, but 1) _________________. Although he has adapted to the Indian way of life well, even now his favourite food is from 2) ________________. Yash has set his films in different parts of the world, for example, 3)________________. In his long and successful career he has received recognition from the 4) _________________. In Yash’s movies lovers can’t 5)_______________. In this romantic film, Veera is from 6)____________ and Zaara 7) _______________. 7 marks 3. All the words in the bubble appear in the text. Write the words which match each definition on the corresponding blank. Be careful, there’s an extra one. widely used - thick accent - beautiful costumes folk festival - national award - worldwide appeal love stories 0. Traditional celebration from a particular region or country. (folk festival) 1. Something commonly done in a lot of different places or liked by a lot of people. _______ 2. An attractive set of clothes worn by actors and actresses. ________ 3. A singular prize or money presented to someone who has done something special in his/her country. ________ 4. Something which is attractive and interesting everywhere. ________ 5. It shows clearly which particular place or part of a country someone comes from. _______ 5 marksExamen de Inglés de adelanto de 2º B.D - Inspección de Inglés 2
  3. 3. 4. Continue reading about Bollywood superstars and write the correct comparative or superlative form for each of the adjectives between brackets.In Mumbai, a crew of hundreds works through the night to complete the scene in which Veerbrings his sweetheart home. Next to Yash on the set is Amitabh Bachman, the actor who is playingVeers uncle who has been a prominent star in Bollywood for decades, Amitabh was ranked0) _the greatest_ (great) star of stage or screen in a BBC online vote in 1999, winning out over1) __________ (famous) Hollywood stars of all time. The part of Veer is played by Shah Rukh Khan, who is two years 2) ___________ (young) than Amitabh, but has already made 49 films. Shah Rukh is a Muslim. Though Muslims make up only 12 percent of Indias population, three of the five 3) ___________ (good) male stars have the same Muslim last name - Khan. These three male stars have become 4) _________ (popular) as some male Hollywood stars in the USA. Although Hollywood has been in the movie market 5)_________ (long) than Bollywood, the Indian film industry is developing very fast. 5 marks 5. Now, match each of these statements with (1) Yash Chopra, (2) Shah Rukh Khan or (3) both. Write the corresponding number on the space provided. 0. (1) has got a successful film company. 1. ____ works for the film industry. 2. ____ has acted in more than 40 films. 3. ____ works for the film Veer-Zaara. 4. ____ is Pakistani. 5. ____ is a film director. 5 marks 6. Finish these conditional sentences with logical ideas 0. If an actor wins the Oscar he will become more famous. 1. Who would you like to meet if ………………………………………………………...........................? 2. If your last name is Khan in Bollywood, ………………..….................................................. 3. If I were a famous film star, …………………….................................................................... 4. If Yosh Chopra ever came to Uruguay, I …………………………………………………………………… 5. The Uruguayan film industry will develop more if ………………………………………………….. 10 marks (2 each)Examen de Inglés de adelanto de 2º B.D - Inspección de Inglés 3
  4. 4. 7. Read the passage below and choose the correct word in the grid (a, b, c) for each space.A young boy 0) practices flips at the Shaolin Temple, a famousmartial arts school in Henan, China.In recent years, Chinese films 1) ________ growing success inoverseas markets, and, in 2000, the film Crouching Tiger, HiddenDragon 2) ___________ immense success worldwide. In Europeand the United States, where many people had never seena wuxia movie, stories which 3) ___________ in China’s distant past, the film presented viewerswith a fascinating and exotic fantasy, of a kind they may never have experienced before. In thesestories, fighting always 4) ________ using wushu techniques - the many amazing fighting styleswhich 5) __________ in Chinas long history. 0. a. practice b. practiced c. practices √ 1 a. has had b. have had c. had had 2 a. achieved b. has achieved c. was achieved 3 a. is set b. are set c. will be set 4 a. occur b. has occurred c. occurs 5 a. developed b. were developed c. are developed 5 marksWriting 8. Write an email (around 60 words) to your favourite actor/actress asking him/her about: • career • interests • recent film / film(s) in progress • best film he/she has been part of • personal life 8 marks 9. Read what Cameron Diaz has said about her career. Write a reflection about the quote expressing your personal opinion. (Write about 60 words). “You never know what movie I will be in next, but lets just hope it sells (for my sake at least)”. Cameron Diaz 7 marksExamen de Inglés de adelanto de 2º B.D - Inspección de Inglés 4