B1 2nd term test september 2010


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B1 2nd term test september 2010

  1. 1. A.N.E.P CONSEJO DE EDUCACIÓN SECUNDARIA INSPECCIÓN DE INGLÉS PROGRAMA DE ACREDITACIÓN DE INGLÉS (PAI) 2nd term test - Level B1 September 2010Student’s name: ......................................Highschool : ……………………………….Final mark: / 1
  2. 2. WRITE ONLY ON THE ANSWER SHEETListening Comprehension I. Listen to three friends discuss what makes the film Citizen Kane so exceptional. Fill in the chart on the answer sheet with the words and phrases in the box. a. complex b. a lot of new ideas c. believable d. awesome e. incredible camera work f. fantastic g. good use of light and shadow h. full of suspense story direction acting photography a II. Listen again and answer True or False. 0. The girl is taking a cinema course. False 1. The course that the girls’ friends are taking is fantastic. ______ 2. Citizen Kane is a new film. ______ 3. The girl only paid attention to the acting when she saw the film. ______ 4. She doesn’t want to take the class. ______ 2
  3. 3. Reading Comprehension and VocabularyRead the following passages and do the activities belowA) Theme park attraction On February 7, 2008, The Walt Disney Company announced the development of "The American Idol Experience", a live attraction based on American Idol to be built at its Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park at the Walt Disney Resort in Florida. The show is co-produced by 19 Entertainment. The attraction opened on February 14, 2009, with many of the former Idol contestants present for the event. Park guests choose from a list of songs and audition privately for Disney cast members. Those selected then perform on a stage in a 1000 seat theatrereplicating the American Idol set used during later rounds of recent seasons for an audience of parkguests. Three judges (usually including an African American man, a woman and a British man) critiquethe performances. Audience members vote for their favourite. There are numerous shows each day withthe last show combining the winners of previous shows to select the overall winner that day. Winnersare selected by a combination of audience vote and input from a panel of judges. Winners each day aregiven a "Dream Ticket" which grants them front of the line privileges at any American Idol audition forthe real TV series. I. After reading the article, say if the following sentences are RIGHT, WRONG or NOT MENTIONED. Write on the answer sheet. 0. "The American Idol Experience" is a recorded show. Wrong 1. All former Idol contestants attended the opening on February 14, 2009. _______ 2. Disney cast members choose their songs. _______ 3. Their performances take place in a modern theatre. _______ 4. The members of the jury belong to different nations. _______ 5. Winners are voted only by the judges. _______ 6. The "Dream Ticket" gives the winners the opportunity to sing in any _______ American idol audition. II. Look at the words in the bubble taken from the text. Copy on the answer sheet the ones that do not refer to people. 0. performances 1. privileges 2. audience 3. judges - 4.guests 5. members 6. auditions 7. idol 8. resort 9. entertainment - 10. theatre 11. contestants 12.winners 3
  4. 4. B) YouTube Symphony Orchestra CompetitionIn December, 2007, Google and YouTube decided to use the Internet to encourage classical music andhelp online communities by bringing together musicians from outside the professional orchestra circuit.The YouTube Symphony Orchestra project and Web site were born with a competition launched online.It was a grand opportunity; winners of first-prize for their chosen instrument would be brought to NewYork to play in a 3-hour concert in April, 2008, at the renowned Carnegie Hall- with Maestro MichaelTilson Thomas of the San Francisco Symphony conducting. III. Choose the correct answer (a -b -c) and write the letter on the answer sheet.0. What is this article about? a) A sports competition. b) A general culture competition. c) An internet competition ( )1. Why did Google and YouTube get together in December 2007? a) To create a new website. b) To favour classical music on the net. c) To join all professional musicians.2. What did participants win? a) The opportunity to play in a famous concert. b) To perform in a TV show. c) To play and sing in a film. IV. Read the passage again and copy 6 words related to music on the answer sheet.0. musicians1. ________________2. ________________3. ________________4. ________________5. ________________6. ________________ 4
  5. 5. English in use I. Fill in the blanks in the following passage using some of the words in the bubble. Write them on the answer sheet. with - they - he - most - more - of - the - a - an - but - and - in -Maestro Michael Tilson Thomas, the music director 0) ....of.... the San Francisco Symphony, conducted1)................... concert itself. One of the 2) ...................prominent figures in the classical music world,Maestro Thomas has long been involved 3) ................... using media to spread classical music. OnAmerica live TV, 4) ................... was the conductor of the New York Philharmonic Young People’sConcerts. Tilson Thomas has produced a DVD as well as television 5) …………………. online teachingprograms under the title "Keeping Score" 6) ................... the San Francisco Symphony. II. Complete the following passage choosing the correct form of the verbs given in brackets and write them on the answer sheet.Example from around the world The world’s most famous talent show 0) ...is... (are- is- am)"America’s got a talent". The show 1) ............. (gives-give-gave) unknown performers a chance to show the nation what they 2) ............. (can do-should do- must do). In Britain, Susan Boyle, a 47 year-old woman, 3) .............. (become- becomes- became) the nation’s darling when she sang "I dreamed a dream". Susan says she 4) ............... (is going to have - had - has) a very happy childhood, she 5) ................ (was nevermarried – will never be married - has never been married) and she lives alone in a small Scottish townwith her cat. She 6) .............. (have - has -had) an incredible singing voice. Her YouTube video 7) ..............(has topped - will top - tops) 5 million hits and actress Demi Moore 8) ............ (thought - has thought -thinks) she is wonderful. 5
  6. 6. Writing activities (You must do both pieces of writings)I. Imagine you have just bought a music cd online. It doesn’t work. Write an email to the company saying: why you are writing the problems the cd has what you would like the company to doII. Write your profile for a website. Include all personal information to start chatting with a virtual friend. Use about 70 words. 6