2012 diagnostic test 5th - march, 2012


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Ready to download 5th grade diagnostic test

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2012 diagnostic test 5th - march, 2012

  1. 1. DIAGNOSTIC TEST – 5th GRADE – March, 2012. Name:______________________________________ Group:______________________Where is the city of love?Which is the most romantic city in the world? Which is the cheapest? We´ve travelledaround the world to find the cheapest, most romantic and safest cities. Can you find yourperfect destination?The world´s most romantic cityParis is the city of love. Most Europeans think Paris is the most romantic city in Europe,although Vienna, Prague and Venice are popular too. So what´s the most romantic thingyou can do in Paris? Well, it´s not go to the top of the Eiffel tower – that´s too crowded. Buysome bread and cheese and enjoy a picnic near the river. Or spend the afternoon sittingoutside a pavement café, sipping champagne, laughing, and just watching the people go by.Paris is perfect for lovers.The cheapest city in the worldAsunción is Paraguay´s capital and has won the title of “least expensivecity in the world” five times. Every year there is a list made of the mostexpensive cities in the world to live in. They look at the prices of thingslike food, bills and public transport and cities like Moscow, London andTokyo are always on the top. However, for five years Asunción has beennumber 143 on the list, giving it the title of the cheapest place in theworld to live.The safest cityDid you know that New York is now one of America´s safest big cities?There is less crime now, and what was once one of the most dangerouscities in the world is not any more. This is good news for the 40 millionvisitors who come to New York every year for the great shopping, themuseums, some of the best restaurants in the world, and of course to seethe Statue of Liberty, Times Square and other famous sights. Extracted from “Speakout Pre-Intermediate – Workbook” Unit 10.1, p.60.1.Read the text and answer these questions.a) Which city is called “the most romantic” by more than 50 percent of Europeans?b) Which is the cheapest city to live in?c) What´s the problem with going to the Eiffel Tower?d) What´s special about the restaurants in New York?e) Is New York a dangerous city?
  2. 2. 2. Say if the following statements are TRUE or FALSE. Underline the evidence in the text.a) Vienna is considered a romantic city.b) Moscow, London and Tokyo are the most expensive cities to live in.c) Food and public transport are expensive in Asunción.d) New York has always been a safe city.3. Find 4 words related to each category in the text. ADJECTIVES VERBS PLACES cheapest travelled Eiffel Tower4. a) Complete the following sentences with the appropriate form of the adjectives.Argentina is _______________________(big) than Uruguay, but Brazil is ________________________ (big)country in South America.Buenos Aires is _________________________________(populated) than Montevideo.4. b) Choose the correct options to complete these sentences.I has lived / have lived / was living in Montevideo since I was born.We used to live in Prado but last year we move / moves / moved to Cordón.5. You will hear two different opinions about the same town. Choose the correct options.Wendy, 70.“Boreton is small but it´s great! There´s a park and there´s a/an interesting/ boring /expensive museum. Thechurch is seventeen / seven / seventy hundred years old! There´s also a hospital and the nurses / dentists /doctors are very good!”Jan, 16.“Boreton is a sad place! There are a lot of hotels / schools / cafés and that´s it! There is only onepub / club / shop in town. It´s terrible!” Adapted from “Success Beginner – Student´s book” Unit 4, p.27.6. Choose one of these topics to write:a)Write a text describing and giving your opinion about the city where you live.b) Write an e-mail to a friend telling him about your last holidays.